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Moscow Mule Approved Deals on Copper Mugs Happening this Memorial Day!

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Anytime is the right time to make yourself the most refreshing Moscow Mule.  And right now is the perfect time to score an amazing deal on some best-selling copper mugs happening this Memorial Day 2024!

Copper Mug Deals on Memorial Day 2024! - Sale on Moscow Mule Mugs Set 2024

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The Top 3 Deals

We were first turned on to all things “Moscow Mule” thanks to it being one of Oprah’s favorite drinks of all time.  We were also introduced to the importance of finding the proper copper mug to take your Mule to the total next level.  While so many of them can be oddly expensive, we found some top-notch deals on some of the top-selling Moscow Mule mugs during the current Memorial Day sale event!

One of the things you want to be cautious of when choosing the right copper mug is how much of that cup is actually made up of actual copper.  Many of them (sadly, the cheaper ones) may only be coated with copper.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you won’t get the full experience.  Plus, they typically don’t keep your Mule as cold and, let’s be honest, that’s one of the biggest perks!

Believe it or not there are actually a lot of options out there.  Many come in different sizes (we actually prefer the smaller ones vs. the oversize ones), some are lined with nickel to help keep things colder longer, and many even come as gift packages of 2-to-4 and will even come with copper straws and tumblers.  You can typically save anywhere from an extra 10% – 25% off the original price, especially this Memorial Day 2024!   It’s really a great time to pick up some for yourself and plan out your gift list because those birthday, house-warming parties and, of course, the holiday season is always right around the corner.

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The Best Copper Mugs:  (see more deals here!)

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