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Don’t Sleep on These PlayStation 5 Sales & Deals this Memorial Day!

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It’s not often that you can find a sale on just about anything from Playstation, let alone their PS5.  The good news is that we’ve found some decent Playstation 5 sales and ways to save this Memorial Day 2024!

PlayStation 5 on Sale Memorial Day 2024!


You know we love a challenge around here when it comes to finding deals on things that pretty much never go on sale.  We’ve done it with YETI coolers and even La Mer, so this time around we’ve decided to tackle all things “Playstation” including that – almost impossible to find – PlayStation 5 or “PS5” as the kids are calling it these days.

Look, we’re not going to say there are deals all over the place with Sony’s latest console, but there are still some ways to save.  Sometimes it can include a free gift with purchase, free shipping, taking an extra 10% off when you bundle your PS5 with game controllers, etc.  You get the point.  We have found some deals on all things Playstation during the Memorial Day sale event!  We’ve included some additional top retailers outside of just Amazon when deals are to be had.  Let’s do this!

Trusted Retailer Deals This Month

 Get 15% Off Official PlayStation 5 at Amazon Preview on Amazon

 Get 20% Off PS5 Games at Game Stop Preview on Game Stop

• Get 15% Off PlayStation 5 Console (and In-Stock) on eBay – Preview on eBay

• Get Extra 15% Off With These Playstation 5 Bundles at Walmart – Preview on Walmart

• Get Extra 10% Off Select PS5 Gaming Controllers at Amazon – Preview on Amazon

 Get PS5 Now Under $500 With Amazon Invite at Amazon  – Preview on Amazon

Look, we all want to find a sale price (duh!), but let’s be honest – even finding PlayStation 5 in stock and available to buy is more of a challenge than find a deal on it.  The folks at Tom’s Guide have come up with a really helpful “in-stock” inventory checker on PS5 from a variety of top trusted retailers.  It’s a great way to check the last time they were stocked and when the next re-stocking is scheduled.

Outside of the actual PS5 console, we’re putting together a list of some of the best selling gaming controllers for the PS5, wireless gaming headsets, charging stations, HD cameras and, of course, all the best selling games right now – many of which are on sale this Memorial Day 2024!   So, we’re all in this together.  Bear with us as these deals are moving targets and we’re doing our best to update this page as new deals come in and expired deals are removed.  Fingers crossed!

Amazing Deals Today!!

Best of PlayStation 5 (Overall) on Sale (and In Stock):

PS5 Video Games on Sale:

PlayStation 4 On Sale & In Stock:

PS4 Games In Stock:

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