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The LOL Surprise Party Cruiser Car is a Total Party on Wheels!

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If you thought the LOL Surprise Party Cruiser Car was just a car, you’ll be in for quite the fun surprise.  This 3-in-1 has everything.

LOL Surprise 3 in 1 Party Cruiser Car for 2024

The folks at LOL upgrade their cars more than we do!  This year it’s all about the 3-in-1 Party Cruiser Car which, coincidentally, can also easily park in the new 2024 LOL Doll House (go figure).  Here’s everything you need to know what, including where to find it now!

What’s LOL Surprise 3-in-1 Party Cruiser Car All About Anyway?!

You didn’t think they were going to come up with a car that was just a car, right?  This year they’ve created the ultimate party cruiser, which is a 3-in-1 transformable party on wheels (literally).  Here’s everything it can turn into:

  • A Super Fun Car with Wheels That Move
  • A Dance Floor Where Your LOL’s Can Bust a Move
  • A Pool Because…We’re Not Entirely Sure Why

The point is, while this fun vehicle will get your dolls from A-to-B, there’s so much more they really can do with it.  Even better?  This car will fit any of your LOL dolls regardless of their size.

Overall it can fit up to 4 OMG-sized dolls (plenty of leg room) and it even comes with four black light flashlights so your kiddos can discover even more hidden surprises.

One thing to note is that the dolls do not come with the car.  Isn’t that always the way?!  But you’ll still have fun with your existing dolls and transforming this car into the pool and dance floor is really easy to do.  Your kids will love the rose gold finish and pink interior that really keeps this totally on-trend this year.  Let the fun begin!

When is the Official Release Date:

Clean out your garage because the Party Cruiser is being released on July 30th.  The good news is that you can pre order yours today and lock in the existing lower price.  Pre-order yours here on Amazon.

What’s the Price Supposed to Be?

A bit pricy in our opinion, the suggested retail price comes in at $62.99.  You may want to snag this one now and keep it until the upcoming Christmas season…if you can wait!

The LOL Surprise 3-in-1 Party Cruiser Car

Party Cruiser Car, Dance Floor + Pool

$25.00 (60% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

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