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Get Ready to Meet the Cutest Pets in Town – Tamagotchi’s Latest (and Upcoming) Releases Will Steal Your Heart

Original and Nano and Pix, oh my!

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New Tamagotchi May 2024

Because everything old is new again.  Welcome back, 1990’s, welcome back.

New Tamagotchi Fan Favorites

Grogu Tamagotchi

Star Wars Grogu x Tamagotchi Nano

Jurassic Park x Tamagotchi

Jurassic Park x Tamagotchi Nano

Toy Story x Tamagotchi Nano

Toy Story Friends x Tamagotchi Nano

If you remember how much you loved  your Tamagotchi from yesteryear,  well, your kiddos are going to love some of these new releases especially this month – plus, some may have even made our ultimate toy guide this year too.

In the past, this article covered the Tamagotchi On, but since that’s officially been discontinued (sad face), we got a lot of emails from our readers asking us to cover all the new releases, upcoming releases, and some of the most sought after pre-order Tamagotchi’s of the month.

Tamagotchi Table of Contents

What's Tamagotchi Actually All About?

If you’re completely new to this (and slept through the 90s), Tamagotchi is actually a really fun handheld digital pet that was first released by the Japanese toy company Bandai way back in 1996 (pre Y2K!). 

The Tamagotchi is a small, egg-shaped device that has a small monochrome screen and typically just three buttons. When you turn it on, an egg appears on the screen, which hatches into a virtual pet.  Yes, that virtual pet.  

Your cute little pet needs to be fully taken care of, like needing to be fed, cleaned, and played with in order to keep it healthy and happy. If the pet is neglected or mistreated, it will become sick and eventually die.  Yep, that’s a real thing.

There are various types of Tamagotchi pets, each with their own unique look and personality. For example, there are pets that look like cats, dogs, birds, and even dinosaurs. Some Tamagotchis also have special abilities or features, such as the ability to connect to other Tamagotchi devices and play games or exchange items.

The Tamagotchi craze was so popular in the late 1990s that it led to a variety of merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and even a cartoon series. The toy was also updated over the years, with new versions featuring color screens, more advanced gameplay, and additional features.  We’re going to get into all the newbies below.

Today, the Tamagotchi is still available for purchase and remains a popular toy among children and adults alike. It is considered a classic toy of the 1990s and is often viewed as a nostalgic item by those who grew up with it.

New Tamagotchi Releases & Pre Order Options 2024

There are still plenty of new Tamagotchi pets being released each and every month.  Some are more popular than others, of course, and some are almost impossible to get your hands on.  

We’ve rounded up some of the latest releases this month, including the ones you can pre order right now so that when they’re released you’ll be guaranteed to get it and at the regular pre order price (no price gouging here!).

July - 2024 Releases

Tamagotchi Nano x Jujutsu Kaisen 0 - Geto

Nano x Jujutsu Kaisen 0 - Geto

Pre Order For: July 6

Nano x Jujutsu Kaisen 0 - Gojo

Pre Order For: July 6

Nano x Harry Potter - Magical Creatures

Pre Order For: July 17

May - 2024 Releases

New World

Nano x One Piece - New World

Pre Order For: May 6

Tamagotchi Nano x Tokyo Revengers - Takemichi, HugmyTamagotchi

Nano x Tokyo Revengers - Takemichi

Pre Order For: May 23

Tamagotchi Nano x Tokyo Revengers - Draken

Nano x Tokyo Revengers - Draken

Pre Order For: May 23

March Releases

Tamagotchi Original Garden Poppies

Original Garden Poppies

Pre Order For: March 12

Original Tama Universe

Original Tama Universe

Pre Order For: March 12

Original Memphis

Original Memphis

Pre Order For: March 12

Nano Spy Family

Nano x Spy x Family

Pre Order For: March 23

Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Cyber Miku

Pre Order For:: March 23

Cute Miku

Nano x Hatsune Cute Miku

Pre Order For: March 23

Most Popular Tamagotchi Pix

Tamagotchi Pix is a newer version of the popular Tamagotchi virtual pet toy that has several features that distinguish it from previous versions, including a built-in camera, allowing you to take pictures with your cute virtual pet / BFF.

The Tamagotchi Pix also features a touch screen display and voice recognition, allowing you to interact with your pet in new and exciting ways. It has various games and activities for you to play with your pet, as well as the ability to connect with other Tamagotchi Pix devices to play and share items!

Perhaps our personal fave, it has a unique feature called “My Tama: Space” where you can connect to other Tamagotchi Pix owners all over the world and send your virtual pet to space and explore a virtual galaxy together.

Some of the most popular at this time include:

Tamagotchi Pix Party Balloons

Tamagotchi Pix Party Balloons

Pix Ocean Blue

Tamagotchi Pix Ocean Blue

Pix Sky Purple

Tamagotchi Pix Sky Purple