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Here’s Where and When to Pre Order the New Wordle Party Board Game

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Put down your smartphone, gather your friends, and get ready to play Wordle in real life.  That’s right, the world famous Wordle obsession is about to be a party game!

Just like everyone else in the world, my life most certainly revolves around playing Wordle each and every day.  I either play first thing when I wake up or as my last “brain task” before I got to bed at night.  So, needless to say I was more than psyched when I heard the news that Wordle has teamed up with the toy and game geniuses at Hasbro to come up with a “real life” party game.  Some call it a board game, but I just call it the dorkiest fun you and your friends can have on a Friday night.

As if you don’t know the online Wordle game can only be played once per day and you have to guess the secret 5-letter word in only 6 tries.  According to the rules, every letter you guess correctly turns yellow (if it’s in the puzzle itself).  If the letter(s) you guessed are in the exact spot of the secret word, your letter(s) turn green.


Similar to the online version, you still have to guess the secret 5-letter word, but this time you get to play with anywhere from 2 to 4 players using dry-erase boards and erasable markers.  Whoever guesses the word first, wins!  But the fun doesn’t really end there because there are three ways in total you can play:

  • First player to guess the word first wins!
  • Beat the clock!
  • Compete with others in team mode!

I mean, I’d probably turn it into a Wordle drinking game where you take a shot every time you guess the wrong letter, but that’s just me and certainly not part of the official rules from Hasbro!


The new Wordle party game is actually pretty decently priced, coming in at just under $20 ($19.99).


Wordle is officially being released online and in approved store shelves starting on October 1st.  It will be sold by major trusted retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target – among others.


The good news is that you can actually pre-order the Wordle board game starting…now!  The official pre-order date kicked off on July 15th.  If you pre order from places like Amazon or Walmart you can typically lock in the current price.  In the event this because the must-have game of the season, don’t be surprised if it sells out and some places start jacking up the price.  Here’s where you can pre-order from trusted online retailers:


You may be scratching your head a bit on the “need” for the Wordle Party Game.  I hear ya.  So here are some pros and cons to think about before deciding if you want to make the purchase.


  • It’s a great way for all of us to get off our devices and play with other people in real life.
  • Additional ways to play (as mentioned above) can make things less stale over time.
  • Unlike the online version, with the board game you can play more than once per day.
  • The price is pretty decent, making it a great last minute gift idea, eventual stocking stuffer, or even white elephant gift this holiday season.


  • You aren’t able to play it as fast as the online version.
  • Someone has to be in charge or looking at everyones guesses and letting them know which letter(s) are correct – which can get a little tedious.
  • The “host” is coming up with the secret word so it’s only as challenging as your friend’s vocab.


Life is short, so go for it.  Oh wait, about the game.  Honestly, for the low price of just $19.99 – you really can’t go wrong.  There’s still some strong buzz around the game so it can still be fun – before we all move on to the next big thing.  I think the release prior to Christmas is genius because this can really be a quick and inexpensive gift for just about anyone on your list.