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So, Gaming Gloves are a Thing You Never Knew You Needed!

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Gaming Gloves 2024 - Best Gloves for Gamers

We may be old school gamers around here (read:  Super Mario Brothers and Mike Tyson’s Punch Out), but one thing we can all agree on, no matter what level we’re at, our hands get sweaty.  Like, really sweaty.  Like, you’ll drop your controller.  Not to mention random wrist and main and future carpal tunnel.  Ugh, the life of a gamer!  Well now, gloves for gamers are on the uptick so we thought we’d check them out!

We love a trend.  Clearly.  But pro gamers informed us that gaming gloves have been around for a while.  We get it.  We’re not cool.  Alas, here we are as amateur gamers who just want to have some fun, kick some butt, win some games, and keep our hands in good shape.  So, if you’re like us – this will hopefully help you out.

Stats Time!  According to a recent study, 90% of gamers lose focus due to sweaty hands and even cold hands.  Once we made it to that final board of Ghost-n-Goblins and accidentally dropped the control when jumping to the next platform (you remember the one) and died.  Our sister didn’t talk to us for 8 days.  Literally.  So, basically, we can relate.

Believe it or not there aren’t a ton of choices out there, yet.  And due to the increased popularity of the kiddos being obsessed with games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, etc and more kids staying at home these days (thanks Pandemic!) they’re even harder to come by.

Overall, there are a few benefits when gloving it.  It includes things like:

  • Helps to decrease sweat when playing (on your hands, of course).
  • Helps with overall grip, especially needed during those split-second decisions.
  • Depending on your choice, it can help with arthritis and carpal tunnel (including prevention).
  • Helps keep colder hands warm (but not too warm!).

You can usually choose from a full-on glove (sometimes better for PC games) or fingerless options (sometimes better for when you need precise fingertip action).

We have a 10 year old nephew who recommended we try out the fingerless option because we’re just an average everyday type of player.  Was that an insult?  Nevertheless, we were able to get our hands on a pair of fingerless gloves and while we felt a bit odd wearing them (like we were in a costume) we got adjusted pretty quickly.  So what’s the verdict?

Ok, so, for us we’re going to say screw it!  But wait, there’s more!  The fingerless ones we chose (you’ll find them below) actually did help.  We, for sure, had a better grip on the controller and didn’t find our palms all sweaty, nasty, and gross.  Plus, having access to our fingers made us feel less confined.  So, did it work?  Yes.  Would we wear them on the regular?  No.  But that’s mainly because we’re really not a serious (or even legit) gamer.

But if you are a gamer and want a little more security and help playing the best game of your life, we say do it!  Right now you may have a hard time finding some in stock, but we’ll try to help you with that.

If you’re looking to give this a go, check out our picks for some of the best gaming gloves (so far) in 2024.


EPG Gamer Gloves
Amazon Ratings: +280

Foamy Lizard Gaming Gloves

Buy at Amazon

For the Serious Gamer

Comfortable moisture wicking material will help keep your palms sweat-free (or at least less sweaty) and even has rubber grips to help reduce slippage and dropping!  These are decent even if you’re playing on your mobile device.  Learn more here!


Foamy Lizard Fingerless Grip Gloves
Foamy Lizard
Amazon Ratings: +340

EPG Gamer Gloves


Buy at Amazon

For the Regular Player

These are the ones that we tried and liked, for sure.  They’re comfortable, anti-sweat, flexible, and breathable.  You can’t really beat the price either.  Learn more here!


Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves
Copper Compression Gear
Amazon Ratings: +2,300

Arthritis Gloves


Buy at Amazon

For Arthritis/Carpal Tunnel

We added these top sellers into the buying guide because many players either currently experience carpal tunnel or are trying to prevent it and, well, these can help.  They’re really comfortable to wear, can help with joint pain, provides support you need, and can even help increase muscle performance. Learn more here!


Sparco HyperGrip Gloves


Buy at Amazon

For Additional Grip

A great pick if you’re in need for some extra grip to help with slipping and dropping. They can even help with cooling your hands while playing too! Learn more here!

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