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14 Ways to Gift Any of the 10 Year Old Boys in Your Life

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Trying to gift that special 10 year old boy on your list is much different from when we were 10!  So, we’ve come up with some really fun and unique ideas they’re sure to love – hopefully!

Best Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys 2024 - Gift Ideas For Ten Year Olds

They’re technically not little kids anymore, but they’re not quite teenagers.  This middle-of-the-road age can be tricky to shop for and while we consulted the experts on what to buy, the best expert we decided to go with was an actual 10 year old…our nephew.  He’s totally well-rounded, likes a mix of video games, reading, sports, tech gadgets, fun games for both indoor and outdoors, and even likes some (some) clothes too.  Go figure!

Now if we left it strictly up to our nephew, all the gift ideas would just be video games and junk food.  That does sum up this age, but we wanted to make sure there was a perfect mix for the boy who’s into all different sorts of things.  And while he may not still be into all kinds of toys, there are still some on the list that are totally age-appropriate.

Shop some of the best gifts (and toys) perfect for 10 year old boys (so far) in 2024!


The Best 10 Year Old’s Choice

The New Playstation 5
Amazon Ratings: +7,000


Buy at Amazon

For the Gamer

If there was, literally, just one gift you could get your 10 year old, it’s definitely the new PlayStation 5.  It’s been on their list since last Christmas and still really hard to come by.  It may be more of a splurge purchase, but totally worth it. Learn more here!


The On-Trend Choice

The Champion Hoodie Sweatshirt
Amazon Ratings: +9,000

$22.99 (12% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

For the Stylish, Yet Comfy

They’re at the age where they’re kind of starting to care about what they wear, but one thing is for sure – the trend of the hoodie is still in full effect.  Especially when it comes to anything from Champion.  This one comes in a bunch of different colors and patterns, but our favorite is the hint of camo. Learn more here!


The Skateboarders Choice

The Retro Quip Skateboard
Amazon Ratings: +6,800

Buy at Amazon

For the Cool Kid

Everything old is new again and they all want that retro skateboard vibe that they can actually easily bring to school with them (in case they want to skip the bus). Choose from their favorite color too.  Learn more here!


The Fun Choice

The Throw Burrito Game
Exploding Kittens
Amazon Ratings: +14,000


Buy at Amazon

For the Quirky

The only way we can describe this is that’s it’s basically a dodgeball card game all while throwing and dodging these squishy burritos.  Right up their alley!  Learn more here!


The Tech Choice

The Chromebook Spin
Amazon Ratings: +3,800

$248.00 (14% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

For the Tech Lover

With all the time they’ve been learning (and playing) from home, you can’t go wrong with an upgrade Chromebook, especially one that spins/flips into a touch-screen.  Hey, whatever it take for them to get their schoolwork done and have some fun all at the same time.  Learn more here!


The Book Choice

The Trapped in a Video Game Book
Dustin Brady
Amazon Ratings: +6,800

$5.50 (45% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

For the Reader

He may be spending most of his time playing his video games, but if you can get him off his devices for a bit, well, this is one of the best ways to do it.  An old-fashioned book!  Don’t worry, it’s still about a boy who’s trapped in his video game so it’ll keep his attention. Learn more here!


The Room Trend Choice

The WiFi LED Strip Lights
Amazon Ratings: +2,000


Buy at Amazon

For the Trendsetter

They’ve been begging your for these strip lights for the past 6-months because all their friends have them in their room! This new and improved version is WiFi controlled via the app and they can choose the color they want based on the mood they’re in.  Learn more here!


The Fun-at-Home Choice

The ‘Escape the Room’ Game
Amazon Ratings: +1,600


Buy at Amazon

For the Problem Solver

It may have been a while since you’ve actually been to an Escape Room, so now you can bring the fun home with you and set up your very own “Escape the Room.”  This one has already sold more than 50 million times! Learn more here!


The Active Choice

The Nerf Elite Blaster
Amazon Ratings: +16,000


Buy at Amazon

For the Tactical

They’re still at the age where they’re sort of playing with toys, but ones that are a bit more age appropriate.  Enter Nerf.  This Elite version is currently the top seller, super affordable, has a 6 dart rotating drum, and can fire its Nerf darts up to 90-feet away.  Duck! Learn more here!


The Gamers Choice

The HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset
Amazon Ratings: +41,000

$84.99 (15% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

For the Ultimate Gamer

Since they’re always playing video games (sense the theme yet?) it’s officially time to upgrade their gaming headset to one of the top sellers this year.  The ear cups are super comfy so they’ll be able to chat with their friends as they take over all the gaming worlds they’re into. Learn more here!


The Funny Choice

The ‘Not Parent Approved’ Game
Not Parent Approved
Amazon Ratings: +7,800

$28.45 (26% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

For the Hysterical

It’s like ‘Cards Against Humanity’ but for kid-appropriate and 100% family friendly. Everyone will be laughing with this one. Learn more here!


The Beat the Clock Choice

The Flipslide Game of Speed
Moose Racing
Amazon Ratings: +3,400


$17.59 (12% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

For the Competitive

It’s like the Rubix Cube of 2024!  This time around you gotta quickly flip to find the color and slide to match the lights all while trying to beat the clock.  The pressure is on!  Learn more here.


The Handheld Choice

The Nintendo Switch Lite
Amazon Ratings: +37,000


Buy at Amazon

For the On the Go

They can play all their favorite Nintendo Switch games on it, but this one is handheld so they can play just about anywhere and everywhere Perfect for car trips, in their room, or anywhere really.  Plus, Super Mario Brothers is officially back and, well, we can’t wait to play too. Learn more here!


The Sports Choice

The ESPN EZ Fold Indoor Basketball Game
Amazon Ratings: +750

Buy at Amazon

For the Sporty

This indoor foldable basketball arcade game by ESPN even has a LED light-up scoring and 4 basketballs.  You can play 8 different games with this one, either head-to-head or by yourself.  Let the games begin. Learn more here!

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