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It’s the luxury bedding brand that we all aspire to purchase.  Yes, I’m talking about Frette and if you haven’t heard of them your bedroom is about to get an extreme home makeover that you never knew you needed.


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In this article we’ll cover who Frette is as a major luxury brand, some of their current best sellers, new sales and promo offers, the deal with their discount codes, and their newest partnership with Bloomingdale’s for the ultimate mattress of your dreams.  Feel free to click on any of the links below to go direct to where you’re most interested in right away, or just keep scrolling to take it all in!


The Frette Overview

Frette is the luxury linens and bedding brand that was founded way back in 1860 (in Italy) and still going strong to this day.

They’re mainly known for their high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail in the crafting of its sheets, duvets, pillowcases, towels, bathrobes, and home decor items.

Frette’s signature fabric is its long-staple Egyptian cotton Giza 45, which is woven into a variety of patterns and designs that are both elegant, timeless and, yes, expensive.

Some of Frette’s best-selling products include their Hotel Classic sheets, which are made from 100% Egyptian cotton and have a classic, crisp feel. The Hotel Collection is also a popular choice, featuring high-quality linens used in luxury hotels around the world. Frette’s bath towels are also super popular and have created lots of buzz due to their plushness, absorbency, and comfy/cozy feel.

Other popular Frette products include their decorative pillows, throws, and home fragrances. They also have some amazing customization options, allowing you to personalize the bedding and towels you choose with monograms and other cool design elements.

We recently reviewed   Frette’s Ultimate Sheet Set to see if it was worth it,  check it out!

Frette Coupon & Sale Situation

Of course most of Frette’s luxury items are hella-expensive (that’s a technical term in the bedding world).  

The good news is that, believe it or not, there are not only sales on some of their top selling essentials directly on their site, but they also offer some great deals at various points in the year.

Right now directly on the Frette site, you can get up to an additional 40% of some best sellers like:

  • Luxe Percalle Sheet Set
  • Embroidered Duvet Cover
  • Livia Down Duvet Filler
  • One Bourdon Pillowcase Set
  • Famous Bath Towel Set
  • A Variety of Pajamas for Men & Women


Check out the 40% sale right here on their site.

Historically Frette has had a pretty amazing Black Friday into Cyber Monday sale where you could get up to 70% off select bedding and bath essentials (towels, bath sheets, robes, etc). It’s not a site-wide sale, but still worth preparing for because getting upwards of 70% off is really unheard of just about any other time of year except…

Except when it comes to their online outlet.  This is where older colors and items that are on their way out are heavily discounted once and for all.  The online outlet is where you can find sales of up to 80% off.  It’s definitely worth checking out.  See all their online outlet discounts and deals here.

When it comes to coupons or promo codes at Frette, we’re not so lucky in finding much there.  Being a major luxury brand they typically don’t hand out discount codes like they’re Target (no offense to Target).  So outside of their sales, that’s basically the only place you’re going to find major discounts.  

Regardless, it’s always recommended to sign up for their email newsletter because any promo offers are going to come directly from Frette.  It’s also a great way to be in the know when it comes to new inventory, old inventory back in stock, new colors, upcoming sales events – you name it.

We’ve listed out some of the best promotions we’ve found below so you can jump right to some really interesting things going on a Frette right now.

Frette's Latest Promo Offers - July 2024


Now’s officially the best time to splurge on some major luxury bedding and bath essentials at Frette. You can get up to an extra 40% off during their sale and be in the loop on any additional promo discounts they have. P.S., for the 40% off you don’t need a coupon code at all!

10% Coupon

Basically the only promo code you’ll be able to get is their official 10% discount code when you subscribe to their emails.  Enter in your email address and they’ll shoot over your own 10% code to use at checkout.


Getting an extra 40% off your Frette order is nothing to sneeze at. Today you can score up to 40% off some of their best sellers like their famous sheet sets, bath towels, duvet covers, embroidered essentials and more.


With what you’re about to spend, it’s really helpful to score some free shipping.  Frette makes it easy (and you don’t need a code) – all you have to do is spend just $250 and they’ll provide you with free ground shipping on your order.


If there was ever a time to get an amazing deal on their bed sheets, now’s the time.  Score up to 50% off select sheets and embroidered options too. 


Frette has officially partnered up with Bloomingdale’s to sell their famous mattresses and right now they’re giving an extra 30% off select options. Check it all out direct at Bloomingdale’s. Reveal more here!

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