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You never know when an emergency is going to strike and you can never be more prepared than when you have your own personal Judy Kit.  From some of their top sellers, to some great bundled savings, and even the deal with their 10% coupon – I’m covering it all!


Right now you can score an extra 10% off your order, which will be discounted when you checkout. Click through to learn more and find the right survival kit for you!

Never did I think I’d have to cover this type of product, but thanks to the world we live in now, I wanted to take a minute to let you know about an emergency kit that everyone really should get behind.  Introducing, Judy Kits!


The Judy emergency kits were recently created as a way for the average person (read:  all of us) to take the guesswork out of the proper survival gear we would all need in a variety of situations. The creators even consulted with fire departments, FEMA and, of course, The Red Cross to help determine what the most essential items needed.  And you may think you’d never need a true survival kit, but we all really need to be prepared.  In fact, everyone lately has been buzzing about this space with the TikTok hashtag surrounding how to prepare for an emergency garnering more than 36 million video views!

If you’re not too sure what should go in your survival kit, Judy has made it super easy (and they’ve even incentivized you with a 10% off promo code on your order).  Some of the kits to choose from include things like:

  • The Judy Safe:  Contains 24 Life-Saving Essentials
  • The Mover Max:  Contains 21 Life-Saving Essentials For 4 People
  • The Mover:  Perfect For 2 People
  • The Starter:  Perfect For Apartment Living or Cars

Overall, some of these kits come with must-haves like tools, items to stay warm, items to stay safe, must-have first-aid, emergency food, and emergency drinking water.

I know what you’re thinking.  But do you really need this?  Honestly, if this was a year ago I may have rolled my eyes at all of this.  Now, I think it’s vital to find the right kit for you and your family to stay safe and comfortable during things as simple as storms and as scary as pandemics (and who knows what else).  And don’t just take my word for it – they’ve even been named as one of the top emergency preparedness brands by the folks at Insider and even NY Mag.  So check these guys out to see what suits you and your family best.  Totally worth it!

JUDY Kit Promo Codes & Sales - May 2024

Ever since I published this review a little while back, I’ve received more emails from people asking us about ways to save at Judy since some folks felt like some of the kits were a bit expensive.  As times change, so did Judy – meaning they’ve added more ways to save both with and without things like promo codes.

I’ll tackle their coupon policy first.  Judy does accept coupons that you can enter in when you’re checking out.  They don’t really give them away, but any valid offer that they’d accept will come directly from them and not other websites.  One coupon offer they’re currently promoting is getting an extra 10% off your order when you subscribe to their newsletter.  Just enter in your email address and they’ll inbox you a 10% discount code to use on their site.  Pretty easy and totally worth it!

And right now for a limited time they’re offering an extra 20% off with a code they’ll provide you right at the top of their homepage.  Check it out and get all those details here.

If you’re looking to see some major sales on a variety of the Judy emergency kits they typically have their best sales event during Black Friday and Cyber Monday where last year it was reported they gave an extra 25% off sitewide, which is pretty amazing.  But don’t forget that if you’re looking for some deals on a daily basis check out their bundled section where you can get up to $340 off select bundled emergency kit options and the best part is that you don’t even need a coupon code to take part in that savings!

Check out some of the best of Judy, including new arrivals, best sellers, and any coupon offer happening (so far) this month!


Check out all your survival essentials from Judy this month, including additional ways to save with a 10% promo code to put towards your order at check out.  Be sure to sign up for their text alerts, too, which are super helpful!


Right now you can score an extra 10% off your order, which will be discounted when you checkout. Click through to learn more and find the right survival kit for you!


Take up to an extra 25% off some of their top selling emergency essentials – perfect for a variety of emergency situations.  Take a look at things like their signature emergency kit,  prepper system, the evacuator system, the protector and more.  

$50 OFF

The Mover Max comes with more than 53 different life-saving survival essentials, designed to sustain a family of 4 for up to 72 hours.  And now you can get an extra $50 off their top seller.  The best part?  No discount code is needed!


The most cost effective option, perfect to toss into your car, store in your apartment, or bring with you on your outings.  Now you can get it for as low as $60!

GET $200 OFF

Toss out your old gas powered generators because now it’s all about the much safer Judy Power and now you can get it for an extra $200 off (an all-time low).  It’s noise free, maintenance free, pollution free and is safe to use inside your home.

If you’re now totally digging Judy the way we do, check out some additional brands we’re in love with that are currently offering some really decent discount codes like Backcountry (10% Off), Moosejaw (Extra 10% Coupon), Solo Stove ($50 Coupon), Breeo (5% Coupon), Zappos (20% Off), and even StubHub (10% Promo Code).  There’s something for just about everyone and most will provide deals where you can save, on average, anywhere from an extra 10% – 20% off.  Give them a look to see what they’ve got going on today!