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Sunday Lawn

Sunday Lawn Promo Codes May 2024

Run, don’t walk to Sunday Lawn Care.  They have everything you need to get your lawn in tip-top shape, even if you’re a total beginner.  I’ll walk you through the brand, some of their best sellers, and even the deal with (and without) their coupons.


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The above offers are, of course, subject to change, but they’re the latest promotions I’ve used direct from Sunday themselves.  

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 Sunday has been around for a few years now, based out of Colorado, and has a complete lawn care system that’s catered to specifically where in the United States you live.  They’ve been  independently reviewed and tested, highly  recommended by other publishers, and have become more affordable than ever (even without a prized coupon, although I’ll get to that in a minute)


Sunday Lawn is kicking off the savings this season with their own exclusive promo code:  KICKOFF20

This will get you 20% off and even a free gift! Reveal more here!

Believe it or not, the first place I heard about Sunday was from TikTok.  Go figure!  Apparently they can read my mind because they knew I was about ready to figure out what in the hell to do with my lawn.  And I’m not alone in that.  They almost have a cult-like following of folks from all over the country who are calling their system a complete grass game-changer.  In fact, at last look, their videos on  TikTok have received more than  4.5 million views, which is impressive to say the least.

What’s great about Sunday is that they’ll tailor what you need based on where in the country you live and what you’re trying ti accomplish.  If you sign up for their complete plan, they’ll send you around 4 different nutrient pouches to use on your lawn throughout the year.  It’s really perfect for beginners who may not know a ton of how to get their lawn going.

If you don’t want to go with their subscription box, you can even buy one-off products directly from them based on a variety of different needs you have.  And they continue to increase what they offer like:

  • Grass seed
  • Pest control solutions
  • Weed control solutions
  • Pet (bare spots) solutions
  • Garden essentials

The key piece to note, is that they’ll help you with what you need based on your location – which becomes really helpful.  So, for example, if you get full sun or partial shade there will be solutions for you based on that.  It’s a total win.

Most of their reviews on their site are positive and most reviewers claim they were able to turn their lawns around within the season.  Of course, it can take multiple seasons to get you to where you ideally want to be, but Sunday helps speed up that process.


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When it comes to sales and deals, Sunday actually has a few major ones during specific times per year.  If you’re looking for a coupon, well, that may be another story.  Over the course of the past year the one promo code they do offer from time to time is their 10% off coupon for new customers.  Supply them with your email and you’ll usually get a “welcome” 10% offer to use on your order, or a future order.

They’ve also had a decent referral program where if you referred a friend to Sunday and they placed an order with a minimum spend of $69 (giggity) you’d get $25 off your next order.  As always, I recommend signing up for their emails and checking direct with them on any offers they may be running.

As a far as major sales go, there have been a few times during the year where they’ll run some pretty great deals.  For example,  last year they were running  a sale during the Fourth of July where you could take an extra $20 off your subscription. And a similar sale leading up to Father’s Day where you could take an extra $20 off too.  Speaking of which, I’ve covered  some great sales on lawn mowers this season  so, you know, two birds with one stone.

Check out some of the best Sunday deals, sales, new arrivals, and even a coupon or two (so far) in this month.



Run, don’t walk to Sunday. They have everything essential you need to get your lawn growing back, thriving, and surviving. Check out their latest lawn care plans and packages, individual seeds and weed killers and even a coupon for 10% off when you subscribe to their emails. They’re so worth it. Reveal more here!


Sunday Lawn is kicking off the savings this season with their own exclusive promo code:  KICKOFF20

This will get you 20% off and even a free gift! Reveal more here!


Sunday is Offering a 10% Coupon Today!
They typically don’t have coupons and the like, but your best bet is to subscribe to their emails by opening up a free account. Once completed they’ll send you a 10% “welcome” promo code you can use on a future purchase. Reveal more here!


Why bother guessing on what you should be using? Sunday will provide you with a customized lawn plan based on your specific geographic location. Plans are starting at just $129 right now. Hop on while you can! Reveal more here!


If you’re not ready for a full on plan and just want to try out seed(s) based on you own lawn and knowledge, check out some of their best selling grass seed for just $20. They have a lot to choose from based on your needs. Reveal more here!


Weeds are the worst. But you can finally take care of them the right way. Check out their variety of weed controllers for just $22. Choose from options for regular weeds, dandelion, clovers, and more. Reveal more here!


We all have those spots on our lawn thanks to our furry little friends. Take care of them once and for all! The sports, not your dog. Check out their pet patch repair for just $20.. Reveal more here!

If you loved all things Sunday above including their deals, take a look at some of the other retailers we’ve covered, many of which have coupon codes to help you save a bit like  Solo Stove (10% Off)Ooni (20% Off)YardbirdFast Growing Trees (10% Off), and even  YETI (25% Off).  They all have that outdoor vibe and really compliment each other.  There’s something for everyone and for just about all your outdoor needs this season.