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The Ultimate Lawn Mower Sale is Happening this Amazon Prime Day!

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Best Lawnmower Sale Presidents Day 2024

Does your lawn need a little extra love this season? Save some cash with these killer lawn mower sales happening right now this Amazon Prime Day 2024!

We’re already seeing some really great deals on a bunch of different mowers from electric to gas powered and even some robot ones that you have to see to believe!


BEST of the BEST

Ryobi Lawnmower Sale Labor Day 2024

Ryobi Self-Propelled Mower

GET $100 OFF


Greenworks Mower

Greenworks Electric Lawn Mower



Milwaukee LAwn Mower

Milwaukee Bundle Lawn Mower

GET $200 OFF


From your backyard to your front yard, cutting your grass is typically a weekend commitment.  While it may take up most of your time, it doesn’t have to.  Maybe you need a major upgrade to your lawn mower this season?  You’ve come to the right place.

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You don’t have to wait until the winter or the end of fall to save some cash on a mower.  Most of the major home improvement retailers (yes, we’re talking The Home Depot, Lowes and even Walmart) are running killer sales all throughout the year.  But, alas, we’re seeing some really amazing options right now during the Prime Day sale event!

If you’ve been staying out of the stores and want to stick to the safety and comfort of online, don’t stress.  Many of the top retailers are offering free delivery and most mowers will basically arrive already set up.  While there are a lot to choose from, we’re most comfortable with these:

Trusted Retailer Deals This Month

 Get up to an Extra 25% Off + Free Shipping on Best Selling Lawn Mowers Amazon Preview on Amazon

• Get Extra $250 Off + Free Delivery on Walk Behind Lawn Mowers at Lowe’s – Preview on Lowe’s

• Take 20% Off + Free Delivery on Gas Powered Lawn Mower Brands at Home Depot – Preview on Home Depot

• Get 30% Off Top Selling Mowers at Walmart – Preview on Walmart

 Take $100 Off Self-Propelled Lawnmower at Lowes Preview on Lowes

In the meantime, check out some of your best bets happening right now!

Amazing Sales & Deals!!


While they may not have the top brands ever, they’re your best-bet when you’re looking for some of the lowest prices around, especially during this time of year.  See more deals here!


Big property deserves a big ride-on mower!  Check out some of the best sellers now at really amazing prices.  See more deals here!


The perfect options for those of us who want to stay on the deck and drink a beer while the robot does all the work.  We feel like the Jetson’s!  See more sales here!


Greenworks G-Max Lawn Mower

$219.00 (27% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

It’s one of the most popular (and affordable) on Amazon with currently more than 3,700 ratings!

Adjust it to 5 different heights based on your lawn, bag the clippings, or use the mulching option!  Not too shabby!

Honda 3-in-1 Walk Behind Lawn Mower
Home Depot
Now Under $450 + Free Shipping!

Buy at Home Depot

One of the best sellers from Home Depot, this Honda mower is self-propelled (so you don’t have to work as hard), gas powered, and has 5 adjustable positions.

Enjoy free shipping right now too!

Troy-Built Walk Behind
Home Depot
Now Under $280 + Free Shipping!

Buy at Home Depot

You can never go wrong with Troy-Built!  It’s one of the most trusted lawn-care brands and this walk-behind mower has 21″ height so you can cut even the most awkward grass in your yard.

This one even comes fully assembled in the box when you have it delivered.  Speaking of delivery…it’s currently free!

Worx Power Share 4.0

$219.99 (27% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

This super affordable 2-in-1 option lets you mulch your grass or bag it up and toss it away.  It has a 6-level height adjustment so you can easily and quickly adjust the height you’d like your grass cut.

Plus, if you have Amazon Prime you can get free delivery on this one too!

PowerSmart Gas Walk Behind Mower
Home Depot
$189  $169 (11% Off!)

Buy at Home Depot

Gas powered, this 2-in-1 allows you to either bag or mulch depending on your preference.  If you have a smaller yard (like us) and basically don’t need to mow a football field, this is probably the best choice for you!

Choose from 5 different height options based on the season/preference and enjoy free shipping now too!

Toro Self-Propelled
Home Depot
Now Under $330 + Free Shipping!

Buy at Home Depot

This is a newbie this season, but already getting a lot of buzz due to its price and performance.

It’s self propelled, so you won’t have to work as hard.  And it has great traction even on the toughest terrain.  Plus, you’ll never have to take it for an oil change.  Ever.  Just add oil when needed!

Enjoy free delivery on this one right now!

Ryobi Cordless Battery Lawn Mower
Home Depot
Now Under $300 + Free Shipping!

Buy at Home Depot

If you’re looking for a cordless battery powered walk-behind, you can’t go wrong with Ryobi.  Plus, right now the price is pretty amazing.

Adjust the height, easily, with 7 different options making your lawn look exactly how you want it.  You can even fold it up for compact storage.  Perfect for those of us without  a ton of space!

Get free shipping right now too!  If you’re looking for strictly electric, we found some amazing sales on electric lawn mowers this Prime Day 2024!!

Worx Robot Lawnmower


Buy at Amazon

We tossed this robot mower in the mix for all the tech dorks like us!  It’s just cool to see it in action.  Still on the expensive side, it’s now priced under $1,200, which is actually pretty decent!

You can schedule this tough little robot to cut your lawn whenever you’d like and it can even detect rain and will scurry back to the changing base until it stops raining.  Watch it go!


Sunday Smart Lawn Plan

Now Under $120!

Buy at Sunday

Ok, so for a bonus we needed to let you know about our favorite lawn-care brand, Sunday.

This must-have box for your lawn comes with 10 different nutrient pouches that you attach to your hose when you water the lawn.  There are ones specifically that give you that deep green look, that lush look, to prep it for winter, ready for spring and more.  It’s always the right time to start preparing!  Learn more here!

Plus, you get get an extra 10% off Sunday Lawn here!

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In-Depth Reviews

– The Best Lawn Mower of 2024 –

Best Lawn Mower 2024 - Honda Walk Behind 3-in-1 Gas Mower

– The Honda 3-in-1 Walk Behind Mower –

Buy Now

Whether you’re looking for a simple push mower, the ultimate riding lawn mower, an electric option, the standard gas powered option, we’ve got you covered.  Bookmark this page because we’re updating sales and deals on a regular basis all throughout the month!  Happy lawn, happy wallet, happy you!

– The Best Walk Behind Push Mowers –

The Best Overall

The Honda HRX217K5VKA Walk Behind Lawn Mower – Buy It Here

Buy Now

It’s currently one of the best-sellers on Amazon today (and who doesn’t love free shipping!?).  We love that this one has rear wheel drive, which will totally come in handy when you’re trying to mow down tall grass/weeds or trying to tackle hills.  You can bag the clippings if you’d like with this mower or even mulch it (don’t worry it can still toss it out the side if you don’t want to bag or mulch, you rebel!).  Learn more here!

Best Compact Option

The Toro ‘Recycler’ Gas Powered Mower – Buy It Here

Buy Now

This option is perfect for those of us who don’t have ton of space for storage.  It takes up 70% less space than most other comparable mowers because you can store it upright with a simple fold, lock, and store option (see below).

Beyond how amazingly compact this one is, it also packs a punch for your grass too.  It has both rear wheel drive and self-propel so you can let this beast do the majority of the work instead of you (and your back!)  Currently Toro is America’s #1 selling mower brand!  Learn more here!

Best Robot Option

The Husqvarna Automower Robot Lawn Mower – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Why cut the grass yourself, you know, like an animal?  Let this efficient robot do it for you!  It has smart navigation and will stay within the setup boundaries, can work even in rain (unlike us), will return back to its charing station when it knows it’s time for a charge, and can work on slopes and inlines of up to 40%! At first it will have to go through its “Get To Know Your Yard” phase, but then you’ll be good to go.  Learn more here!

Best Battery Operated

The EGO Battery Powered Walk-Behind – Buy It Here

Buy Now

This is one of our favorite cost effective (read: cheap) options this season.  It doesn’t skimp on quality either, which is the most important part.  It’s cordless, battery charged, and has around 45-minutes of total run time on a full-charge so it’s perfect for those of us who have an average-sized yard and not acres upon acres (read: Oprah).  Plus, it folds up easily for compact storage too, which is so nice.  Learn more here!

Best Cheap Pick

The Troy Bilt Gas Push Mower – Buy It Here

Buy Now

If you’re looking for a high-quality multi-function option that’ll run you less than $250 (currently) this just may be the best option for you.  It’s gas powered, can bag, mulch, or just shoot out the clippings, and has 6 position height options so you can decide if you want your grass cut super short, a but longer, or whatever your preferences are.  This one currently has been rated 4.6 out of 5 stars by customers who recently purchased it.  Learn more here!