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So, Mushroom Lamps are Making a Huge Comeback!

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Everything old is new again and the same goes for the fungi-approved mushroom lamp trend.  You may think it’s just a randomly shaped lamp, but they’re actually so much more.

Best Mushroom Lamps 2024 - Cool Fungi Lights

While mushroom lamps may have been around since the 1960’s and 1970’s, they’ve made a huge return to the home decor space this year thanks to – you guessed it – TikTok.  These fungi inspired fixtures have racked up more than 3 billion video view on TikTok at last look.  Are we late to the game?!

Outside of simply looking cool and slightly psychedelic, mushroom lamps are shaped in a way that add a bit of sculptural look and feel to your room, especially ones that come in metallic options like silver, gold, brass, and stainless.

Their dome-like shade shape casts the light down which adds a calming ambiance no matter where you place them.  Many use these as their nightstand light, which makes them perfect for providing just enough light when you’re trying to read in bed – but now there are even floor lamps with this design too.

Outside of “the kids on TikTok” blowing up this trend, it was recently reported that Etsy stated that searches on their platform for “mushroom lamps” have increased by over 370% recently.

It’s not even just lamps, actually.  The mushroom trend, overall, has really been on the uptick lately.  In fact, people searching for mushroom decor has increased by 230% in the last few years.  We’re talking about things like mushroom wall art, tables, tapestries and so much more.  Even kids are getting in on the action with a wide variety of cute and colorful little mushroom nightlights.

When it comes to decor trends, it’s hard to convince someone to do it or not.  It’s really all subjective.  But, when it comes to these lamps, since are so many different styles and brands to choose from you can dip your toe in the water if you’re looking to try adding it to just about any room in your home without it looking too cartoony. However, if you have kids (or tweens on TikTok) these really are a must have for their bedroom.  They add such a fun vibe to your room whether you’re looking for something artsy and sophisticated or whimsical and mysterious.  So, overall, I say do it!  

If you’re looking to give this a go, check out my picks for some of the best mushroom lamps and lights (so far) in 2024.

1. The Ansel Mushroom Table Lamp

Ansel Mushroom Table Lamp

$89 | UrbanOutfitters

My personal favorite and top-rated from Urban Outfitters home decor section, this glass table light emits a super soft glow that brings a calming zen vibe to any room.  They also have a bunch of amazing color choices too like sky blue, pearl, clear glass, rust, green, and brown.

2. The Carson Blush Mushroom

All Modern

$190 | AllModern

This metal beauty is more of a modern (and sleek) take on the retro trend.  It’s a minimalist dream with a pretty neutral blush shade that adds a little art-vibe to your table.

3. The Wooden Mushroom Night-Light

Mushroom Night Light

$26 | Amazon

Don’t let the picture fool you, this wooden night-light is totally dimmable and can change into 16 different amazing colors.  It’s definitely more for kids but, hey, if you like the vibe just go for it.  It also has 4 different modes to choose from: flash, fade, strobe, and smooth, which makes it the perfect party pick that also doubles as functional decor.

4. The Gerlak Gold Lamp

Mercer Gold + Clear Mushroom Light

$170 | Wayfair

The perfect fungi inspired tabletop option that brilliantly mixes modern with vintage all at the same time.  It also looks great with a classic Edison bulb and truly makes a statement.

5. The 2-Pack Neon Mushroom Nightlight

Neon NightLight Mushroom

$18 | Amazon

Another favorite for the kids, this two-pack neon colorful nightlight set is one of the top sellers in this space on Amazon right now.  It’s actually has built in sensors so it’ll also light-up when you walk past it, so it’s a great option to put in your hallway too.  It has 7 different colors to choose from and you can also set it so that it goes on right before sunset and goes off right before sunrise.

6. The Luna Gold + Blue Dome Lamp

$70 | Wayfair

This 15-inch beauty comes in blue and gold and classic black and gold – the choice is yours! It has a stylish mushroom shade that helps project the soft light downward, a brilliant matte finish, and a brass arm and base.  Very sophisticated.

1. The Gold Metal Mushroom

Gold Metal Mushroom Table Lamp

$215 | Wayfair

A bit of a taller option for your table, coming in at 25-inches, this contemporary light has a stunning gold finish and dome-shaped shade head that brings an extra touch of class and style to just about any room you place it in.

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