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The 22 Best Travel Gifts for Travelers Who are Always on the Go

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Because we all have that picky traveler we have to shop for each year and, well, we’re not buying them actual luggage.  Instead, we’ve come up with some fun gift ideas perfect for even the pickiest of travelers!

Best Gifts for Travelers 2024 - Christmas Travel Gift Ideas 2024

Let’s tell some truths, shall we?  It’s so tough to figure out what to gift anybody at at anytime of year let alone travelers at Christmas.  Sure you can get them the stand-by gifts that they probably already have, but why not get them something cool and new that they don’t already own so you can help to make their travels more comfortable, more fun, and not overly looking like the tourist that they are.

There are a ton of great travel gift options out there to choose from any time of year.  Plus, anything you can do to make their flight more enjoyable and less horrific (as it typically is) will surely put a smile on their face.  Shop our picks for some of the coolest and best gifts for travelers (so far) this year. Wheels up!

For The Buzzed Traveler

The Carry On Cocktail Kit (2 Moscow Mule Drinks) – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Travelers 2017: Carry On Travel Cocktail Kit 2018

Buy on Amazon

Because who doesn’t want to drink on a plane anyway?  It’s the best part of flying!  Plus, the price of a cocktail on your flight it through the roof and you have to wait forever to get the flight attendants attention.  Now you can make your own Moscow Mule right at your seat and it’s all TSA approved because it’s under the ounces needed.  Check out some of their other drinking options too like:  Bloody Mary, Champagne Cocktail, Old Fashioned, Gin & Tonic, and more!  Learn more here!

The Organized Choice

The Pro Packing Cubes and Compression Pouches – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Travelers 2017: Packing Cubes for Luggage 2018

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Because this really is the best way to keep your luggage organized, with easy access to everything, whether you’re packing yourself or have to share you prized luggage space with your significant other, kids, or mistress.  People swear by these online!  Learn more here!

The Comfy Choice

The Pillow Bar Travel Neck Pillow – Buy It Here

Buy on Amazon

The Chic Choice

The Ban.Do Travel Passport Holder & Luggage Tag – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Travelers 2017: Passport & Luggage Tag 2018

Buy on Amazon

Because this is just a chic and fun way to carry your passport and luggage tag.  I’m outta here…so….bye!  Learn more here!

The Tech Choice

The Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earbuds – Buy Now

Gift Ideas for Travelers in 2018: Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earbuds

Buy on Amazon

Perfect for those who really want their wireless earbuds to actually be wireless!  These little guys have been chosen by countless publications as the Best Truly Wireless Earbuds of 2018.  We love how comfortable they are, how they totally stay in your ear (even when running or at the gym), and how the battery life is for 5-hours or 15-hours when in the charging case that comes with it.  Pop them into your ears and tune out everyone else on that busy (and loud) flight.  Learn more here!

The OCD Choice

Knock Knock ‘Pack This!’ Travel Checklist – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Travelers 2017: Travel Check List 2018

Buy on Amazon

Because there’s so much stuff to remember to pack and you always forget something.  This exhaustive list will do the trick and keep you less paranoid as you head to the airport.   Don’t forget your anxiety meds!  Learn more here!

The Compact Choice

The Que Travel & Collapsible Water Bottle – Buy It Here

Buy on Amazon

Because this collapsable water bottle is just cool AF.  You gotta see how it works!  And it comes in a ton of other cool and vibrant colors too like lime green, ice blue, white, purple, orange and more.  Check out more colors here!

The Genius Choice

The Paravel Travel Fold Up Bag – Buy It Here

Buy on Amazon

Finally super lightweight and easy to carry travel bags!  It’s extremely light and zips completely flat. You can then easily slide it over the handles of your wheeled luggage or just place it in your carry-on bag if needed!  Learn more here!

The Music Choice

The JBL Clip 3 Portable Wireless (and Waterproof) Travel Speaker – Buy It Here

Buy on Amazon

This is the perfect gift for the traveler who loves their music!  It’s super small and mighty powerful, easily clips onto things like their travel bags, backpacks, luggage, and more.  Plus, it’s totally wireless, has a charge life of up to 10-hours, is totally waterproof so it’s perfect to bring to the beach, the pool, camping, hiking, and more, and has wireless bluetooth streaming.  We love the color of this one, but it also comes in black, blue, teal, pink, grey, green, red, white and more.  See more color options here.

The Safe Choice

The Official Anti-Theft Travel Backpack – Buy It Here


Now you can travel with some safety measures!  Now only does it have its own USB charging port (hello dead phones!), the exterior is designed in a way where most things are hidden from those behind you like hidden zippers to slash-proof materials and everything in between. It also has places where you can store your cash, plane tickets (in more) that pretty much only you’ll have access to.  Learn more about all the other amazing features here.

The Readers Choice

The Kindle Paperwhite e-Reader in Blue – Buy It Here

Buy on Amazon

We still love an e-Reader and this one from Kindle is pretty amazing.  It comes in blue or black, has a really nice high resolution, and even has an adjustable built-in light so you can read at night or on the plane where the lighting isn’t always the best.  Plus, it has a no-glare screen so reading at the beach or by the pool is just as easy as reading indoors.  Even better, when fully charged it can last you for weeks without having to recharge. Learn more here!

The Sleepers Choice

The Trtl Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow in Black – Buy It Here

Buy on Amazon

This one may look a little silly, but it totally works especially on those long flights where you need to get a little shut-eye.  It helps keep your neck and head in the ultimate position to be comfortable and get some sleep.  It also comes in a variety of other color options like light grey, red, coral, and black.  See more colors here!

The Amazing Choice

The PortoVino Functional Wine Purse – Buy It Here

Portovino Wine Bag Gift 2018 - 2024

Buy on Amazon

That’s right traveling wine lovers!  This is the perfect gift for you!  It’s a fully functional and super stylish purse that can hold up to 2 bottles of wine that can be dispersed via the little hidden pouch.  Bring the party with you wherever you travel.  This one comes in other colors like black, navy blue, red, gold and more.  See more colors here!

The Comfortable Choice

The HoodiePillow Travel (Inflatable) Pillow With Hood  – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Travelers 2017: Travel Hoodie & Pillow 2018

Buy on Amazon

Because flying is the worst thing in the world, next to how uncomfortable it is to try to sneak in some z’s.  You can quickly inflate this compact travel pillow and it has a comfy hood attached so your head doesn’t have to touch that nasty seat-back at all.  #Clean  Learn more here!

The Adventurous Choice

The New GoPro Hero7 Action Cam – Buy It Here

Buy on Amazon

Because some people want to actually document their adventures and this little action cam is the one to do that for you.  Plus, it’s waterproof so enjoy!  Learn more here!

The Weekender Choice

The ‘First Class’ Travel Duffle Bag – Buy It Here

Buy on Amazon

Because it’s perfect for a long weekend or when your bags come down that dreaded baggage claim conveyor belt and you need to spot yours right away (especially when it’s just sitting in a sea of all black luggage).  It says ‘First Class’ even if, well, you’re not there.  This one comes in a really soft blue, but there are other travel bag options that say things like ‘Available For Weekends’ or ‘Traveling Party’ and more!  See more options and colors here!

The Cool Tech Choice

The Ricoh Theta 360° Video and Still Camera – Buy It Here

Buy on Amazon

Who’s ready to take the coolest 360-degree photos and videos ever!?  It’s super high resolution and comes in a bunch of really cool colors like blue, white, salmon, and sand.  The perfect little camera to toss in your travel bag, stat.  Learn more here!

The Beauty Choice

The Chanel ‘Chance’ Mini Travel Perfume Set – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Travelers 2017: Travel Perfume

Buy on Nordstrom

Because you want to smell nice (and hide the gross airplane smells) and not get your perfume bottle confiscated by the TSA. Learn more here!

The Pet Choice

Highwave Dog Water Bottle/Travel Bowl on the Go – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Travelers 2017: Travel Dog Bowl Water Bottle

Buy on Amazon

Because your dog needs a travel gift too!  This is a genius water bottle/water bottle you can bring with you on the go! Learn more here!

The Classic Choice

The Steamfast Mini Travel Iron – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Travelers 2017: Mini Travel Iron 2018

Buy on Amazon

Because no matter how neatly you packed, your clothes are a wrinkled mess.  Plus, who wants to use the hotel iron that everyone else uses.  You know, the one that leaks rust?  Gross.  This mini steam iron will take up virtually no room in your luggage and your clothes will end up looking great. Learn more here!

The Wine Lovers Choice

The Compact Travel Wine Wipes For Your Teeth – Buy It Here

Buy on Amazon

These little travel wine wipes come in handy more than we care to admit.  These come 15 to a compact case (with mirror) and will help you get those wine stains off your teeth, lips, and mouth!  Don’t fall victim to Merlot Mouth like we have!  Learn more here!

The Everywhere Choice

The ‘Everyone Loves Starbucks’ Gift Card You Can Email to Them – Buy It Here

Choose Amount

How great that you can now email your gift to that special someone!  This one is perfect for travelers who still need to get their coffee no matter where they’re off to!  Click through here and select the amount you’d like to gift and then it’ll simply get emailed to them. Perfect for the last minute gift givers like us!  If you’d rather send them an actual gift card you can choose that option here.

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