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UGG So Comfy! The 8 Best Slippers For Stylish Men in 2024

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Best Men's Slippers 2024 - Comfy UGG Slipper For Men

There’s nothing better than a comfy pair of slippers to wake up to each and every day.  Ok, well there’s a few things better.  But starting your day by treating your feet to the most comfortable, soft, and usually shearling-lined slippers is pretty much the best. Whether you’re a guy who likes a traditional moccasin-style slipper, a cozy scuff to roam around the house in, or are looking for something that has more of a secure fit like a shoe, we’ve got you covered.  Take a look at some of the best slippers for men (so far) in 2024.

1.  Best Slippers for Men in 2024:  UGG Ascot Suede Slipper in Charcoal Grey – Buy Now

Best Mens Slippers 2017: Cheap Ugg Ascot Suede Slipper for Man 2018

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These are the most comfortable slippers we’ve tried on (so far) this year.  The outside is a soft and rich suede and the bottom has a rubber sole that provides traction and safety (especially on stairs!).  While we love the charcoal grey color, these also come in black, chestnut, espresso, and navy blue.  Tip: If you take a half-size normally, go for the next whole size up.

2.  Deer Stags ‘Wherever’ Black Tweed Slippers – Buy Now

Best Mens Slippers 2017: Comfy Deer Stags Slipper for Men 2018

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Not only do these look cool, but we loved how these are actually designed and geared towards those of us who sometimes have a little foot pain.  They provide total cushioned comfort, support, and come in other cool color and pattern options like brown tweed, chestnut, and grey.

3.  Classic Minnetonka Shearling Lined Slippers in Tan – Buy Now

Best Mens Slippers 2017: Comfy Minnetonka Classic Slipper for Men 2018

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More of the traditional slipper we’ve been used to over the years, you can’t go wrong with Minnetonka.  These are such great suede slippers for men that are durable, can be worn indoors or outdoors, and have a super comfy soft pile fleece lining.  They also come in other color options like chocolate, black, grey, brown, dark tan, and more.

4.  Men’s UGG ‘Scuff Romeo II’ Slippers in Espresso – Buy Now

Best Mens Slippers 2017: UGG Slipper 2018

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These will keep your feet super cozy and warm.  The interior features a plush shearling lining that helps keep away moisture so that your feet stay at the perfect temperature (and they won’t stink up the slippers over time!).  These come in espresso and a traditional chestnut brown that we’re used to seeing from UGG.

5.  RockDove Memory Foam Slippers – Buy Now

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We love these less-than-traditional house slippers.  Not only do they look cool in grey and blue (they also come in black and electric lime green), but they are comfortable AF thanks to the memory foam cushioned insoles.  It’s like walking on the most comfortable bed ever.  These are currently the #1 best seller on Amazon right now!

6.  Classic Smart Suede UGG Slippers for Men in Chestnut Brown – Buy Now

Best Mens Slippers 2017: Classic Comfortable Ugg Slippers for Men 2018

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The traditional men’s slipper from UGG, this one has the shearling lining that keeps your feet at the right temperature, which makes these the perfect ‘all year round’ slipper.  Get them in black and espresso too!

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7.  LB Evans ‘Aristocrat’ Scuff Leather Slippers in Black – Buy Now

Best Mens Slippers 2017: Leather Slipper for Men 2018

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If you’re looking for a classic leather slipper (instead of suede) these are the ones for you! The black leather is super buttery soft and perfectly padded to make some of the most comfortable leather house slippers we’ve experienced in a while. We felt like royalty and, clearly, we’re not.

8.  Acorn ‘Rambler’ Mule Men’s Slipper – Buy Now

Best Mens Slippers 2017: Acorn Rambler Mule Slipper for Men 2018

Buy Now: $95

These are out favorite when you just want you feet to be nice and warm, especially in the colder winter months. Plus, they don’t look like your traditional slipper so if you (or the guy you’re buying them for) is a little iffy when it comes to actually wearing slippers, introduce him to these bad boys.

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