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The 5 Coolest Men’s Suits That are Officially Wedding Approved

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It’s officially time to retire your dad’s suit and get something that’s totally on-trend, but still a classic look you can wear year-after-year and to that upcoming wedding you were just invited to.  Check out some of my favorite suits of the season!

Designer Men's Suits 2024 - Cheap Suits for Men Wedding, Work, Formal Event

Is it just me or is there nothing worse than having to wear a suit?  I always feel like such a little kid trying to pull off “adult” attire.  The real trick is all in the actual fit of the suit.  You don’t need anything that makes you look like you’re trying to fit into your dad’s suit.  Been there, done that.  And you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard to capture the latest trend (hello super skinny suits).  Find a balance that works for you.

When it comes to trends, they always come and go. And let’s face it, suits are pretty expensive so you might as well find one that looks great, fits like a glove, and won’t entirely break the bank.  So when you’re looking at the proper fit, this could mean going the trim-to-slim fitting option.  Once you have that down, now’s the time to think of the color and the fabric you’re looking for in a suit.

For the spring, summer, and early fall go with breathable fabrics like linen, seersucker, and some kinds of wool (yes, really).  In the warmer months, colors we typically see are light blues, creams, tans, and the like.  In the cooler months you can’t realyl go wrong with classic black, grey, and darker patterns.  However, truth be told, there really aren’t rules when it comes to what color you can wear in which season.  You do you!  There’s nothing wrong with a classic black or blue suit any time of year.

Check out my official picks for some of the coolest suits (so far) in 2024.

1. The Italian Cashmere Sutton Suit in Navy Blue

Todd Snyder Designer Suit in Navy Blue

$1,846 |

The Fit: Tailored Fit
The Material:  100% Italian Cashmere
The Colors:  Navy Blue

If you’re looking for the perfect suit that’ll turn heads, impress, and feel amazing this is the one.  From designer Todd Snyder, it’s made of 100% Italian cashmere and is cut in a modern, yet tailored fit.  Meaning, it’s going to sit right in all the right place without looking like it’s too small or hugging you in all the wrong places.

The trousers are more of a slimmer fit, flat front, and modern.  They even have a bit of a rise to them so if you want to show off a little ankle you just may be able to putt it off.

Overall you can match this with your favorite black or brown dress shoes and shirts that are either white, blue, pink, or light purple.  It’s nice to add a pop of color when you’re going all navy.

 Savings + Deals:  While this one is definitely the most expensive on my list, Todd Snyder does have some promo codes and offers you can use.  For example, by signing up for their emails you’ll get an extra 15% off and free shipping too.

2. The Ludlow Slim Fit Suit


$326 | J. Crew

The Fit: Slim Fit (True to Size)
The Material:  Irish Cotton-Linen
The Colors:  Deep Water (pictured above), Cream, and Navy Blue

I actually own this suit and can say it fits amazingly well and I get compliments on it all the time.  A nice little go boost!  Their Ludlow series has been around since 2008, but has been updated over the years, especially when it comes to the fit.  Don’t freak out, it’s more of a slim-fit, but not skinny.

The Irish-Cotton Linen feels great (not too heavy) and can really be worn almost any season.  I’ve worn mine to a a fall wedding, a spring Communion, and a summer dinner in Nantucket (you can dress it down with a crips tee and a clean pair of Converse sneakers).

My only gripe is that is can get wrinkled by the time you’re done wearing it but, hey, that’s what linen is all about.  Use a steam iron and those wrinkles will just fall out quickly.  Plus, the cotton blend makes it wrinkle must less than if it were strictly linen.

 Savings + Deals:  J. Crew is known for having tons of great coupons and ways to save.  For example, teachers, students, military, first responders, and healthcare workers can get an extra 15% off.  Plus, sign up for their emails to get an extra 10% off.

3. The Jetsetter Stretch Suit in Steel Blue


$650 | Bonobos

The Fit: Slim/Tailored Fit
The Material:  97% Wool, 3% Stretch
The Colors:  Steel Blue, Grey, Light Grey, Brown, Navy, Charcoal, and Dark Navy

Like to slim-to-trim look, but could use a little extra stretch in the fabric so that it’s forgiving when you go a bit up and down weight-wise?  It’s like I wrote that last sentence strictly for myself.  From one of our favorite men’s brands Bonobos, this suit really fits perfectly and comes in so many colors from standard darks to bright and light eye-catching hues like the one pictured above.

The suit jacket also comes in a lot of different sizes, starting as small as a 36-S and up to a 46-L.  If you don’t want that slim look, no worries – they also offer it in a standard fit too.

 Savings + Deals:  The folks at Bonobos have recently been incorporating some pretty great discounts and personal offers on their site where you can even get an extra 15% off for signing up for their newsletter, teachers and the military get an extra 20% off, and if you refer a friend you can get an extra 25% off on top of that!

4. The BOSS Trim Fit Wool Suit in Black


$895 | Nordstrom

The Fit: Slim to Trim
The Material:  100% Italian Virgin Wool
The Colors:  Black, Dark Grey, and Blue

You really can’t ever go wrong with a designer suit, especially when it’s from BOSS.  I’m not always a fan of a black suit because sometimes it feels too traditional for me.  Plus, if you wear it to a wedding sometimes people mistake you for either being one of the groomsmen or part of the waitstaff.

Regardless, classic black is always in style and this option from BOSS is sleek, stylish, and fits great.  The only issue with this one (especially if you’re shopping totally last minute) is that the trousers come unhemmed.  Meaning, you gotta get those bad-boys hemmed.  The good news?  Nordstrom can do it for you.  Plus, if you want to make them a bit more on-trend you can have them hemmed a little higher so that it sits at your ankle if you wanted to wear these sockless.  Yep, really.

 Savings + Deals:  Nordstrom usually doesn’t have coupons and discount codes (like, ever), but they are currently offering free shipping and free returns.  You can also get a $60 bonus note if you use your Nordstrom card.

5. The Trim-Fit Wool Tuxedo

Ted Baker London Men's Tuxedo

$1,098 | Nordstrom

The Fit: Trim Fit (runs small, so order a size up)
The Material:  100% Wool
The Colors:  Classic Black

Ok, here’s the deal.  If you’re invited to a black tie event (like a super fancy wedding) you’re pretty much going to need a tux.  It’s always a great idea to have a classic tux in your closet anyway because you never know when you’re going to need one.

From designer Ted Baker, this slim-to-trim fitting tuxedo comes in classic black and actually runs a bit on the small side, so it’s recommended to go a size up.  You’re also have to get these trousers hemmed but, again, Nordstrom can do that for your for free.  Get ready to totally pull off that James Bond look!

 Savings + Deals:  Currently Nordstrom is offering free shipping, free hemming on this tux, and free returns.

Now that you’re basically all ready for that wedding or just fancy-pants event, make sure you have the proper fragrance, pair your suit with a sleek wristwatch that won’t break the bank, and if your event is outside don’t forget your sunglasses.  You’re now officially good to go!  Now go crash that wedding!