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Desktop to Portable Pens: The Best Weed Vaporizers For All Your Marijuana Needs

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Because sometimes you want an alternative to smoking and, well, vaping may just be the winner. But which weed vaporizer do you really need?

Best Weed Vaporizers & Vaporizer Pens 2024 - Reviews of Desktop & Portable Vapes for Marijuana

Some people claim that, allegedly, vaping might just actually be better for you than traditional smoking because you’re not inhaling carcinogens while lighting up.  We’re not doctors or scientists so we’ll leave the medical benefits up to them, but one thing we know for sure is that vaping is a multi-million dollar industry that really isn’t going anywhere thanks to more and more states legalizing marijuana.  #Hooray

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There are a ton of weed vaporizers out there and, well, it can be somewhat confusing especially if you’re new in this space.  Are you looking for a desktop vaporizer, one that’s portable, a high-tech option, the right vape pen, one that’s concentrate, or a variety of other options?  Like we said, it can be confusing so we’ve rounded up some of the best options out there based on all your marijuana loving needs.  Whether you’re a newbie, an old pro, or looking to just gift one to someone you love, we’ve got you covered.  Shop our picks for some of the best weed vaporizers and pens (so far) in 2024.

1.  The High Tech Weed Vaporizer:  Herbalizer Vaporizer – Buy It Here

Best Weed Vaporizer 2017: Desktop Herb Vaporizer 2018

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This vaporizer for weed is one of our actual favorites.  Not only was it designed by ex-NASA engineers, but it also has an LCD touch screen that lets you see the device temperature and more.  The Herbalizer also comes with vape storage balloons so you don’t have to worry about that.  Plus, it has super important smart features like temperature memory and automatic shut off.


2.  The Best Pen:  Boss Vaporizer Pen in Stainless Steel – Buy It Here

Best Weed Vaporizer 2017: Boss Vaporizer Pen For Cheap 2018

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The heat-up time on this sleek AF vape pen is super quick and can get you there in about 30 to 40 seconds.  We loved that it was stainless steel and came with a bunch of cool accessories like a wall charger, lithium ion battery, a cleaning brush, small dabber tool, a mesh filter, ceramic filter, and more.  Plus, it’s made in the USA so that’s always awesome.

3.  The Best Desktop Vaporizer:  Arizer Extreme Q Weed Vaporizer – Buy It Here

Best Weed Vaporizer 2017: Desktop Weed Vaporizer by Arizer Extreme 2018

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Sure this desktop vaporizer is a bit on the pricer side, but totally worth it.  So far it’s the only vaporizer out there that has an actual remote control activation system.  Hello #Technology!  Now you have quick and easy remote controlled access to your vape and the ability to set the desired temp pre-vaping action.  It’s like pre-heating your oven.  Who knew?!

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4.  The Best Colorful Pens:  KandyPens Donuts Vaporizer Pen – Buy It Here

Best Weed Vaporizer 2017: Donuts Colorful Vape Pens 2018

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Sometimes we just want our vape pens to be a little more fun and less, well, clinical.  Donuts came out with a variety of super cool pen colors like purple, pink, red, aqua blue and more.  This is like when Apple came out with all those colored monitors back in the day!  Kind of.  Well, not really, but you get the point.

5.  The Best High-End Weed Vaporizer:  Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel – Buy It Here

Best Weed Vaporizer 2017: Mighty Vape Review 2018

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This is one of the best dry herb vapes in terms of quality mixed with price.  This guy has a super useful LED display screen so you can check out the temperature and even adjust it by one-degree at a time (as opposed to others that make you jump by 5-degrees at a time). And we loved that it’s a combination of hot air convection and conduction.  Plus, like your phone, it gently vibrates to let you know when your desired temp has been achieved.

6.  Best Portable Vape Pen:  Dr. Dabber ‘Auora’ Vaporizer Pen in Black – Buy It Here

Best Weed Vaporizer 2017: Auora Best Vape Pen 2018

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This is the portable pen that’s perfect for sharing with a friend, as it comes with two mouthpieces.  We love this because we’re germ freaks and it’s nice to not have to use the same mouthpiece as everyone else!  It also has 3 calibrated heat settings and 3 different atomizers so it’ll suit your needs and your friends needs all at the same time.