The New Hatchimals WOW is the Best Re-Hatching Surprise This Year!

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Stop. Everything.  The Hatchimals Wow is officially here! Here’s what we know (so far).

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As you know, we are the biggest fans of all things Hatchimals.  That’s why we’re super pumped when we were tipped off that Hatchimals WOW were going to be “a thing.”  But what thing is this?  We couldn’t be more excited!

What Exactly is a Hatchimal Wow?

Hatchimals WOW are a total dream come true.  From our favorite toy company, Spin Master, it’s the latest Hatchimal with a brand new twist you won’t believe.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • The HatchiWow is a cross between a unicorn and a llama.  Ok, we’re going to repeat that.  A cross between a unicorn and  a llama.  If you’ve followed us here you know we called llama toys as the new trend this year!
  • It’s officially being named Llalacorn and, well, we’re obsessed.
  • They’ll be able to hatch out of their pink or purple egg over and over again as many times as you want thanks to this new re-hatchable egg technology!  That’s right, they’re re-hatching!
  • It’ll continue to grow (you’ll see its neck grow taller and taller) up to 2.5 feet tall (31-inches) in about 5-minutes.
  • Hatchimals WOW has over 250 different reactions and sounds so you’ll never get bored or feel like things are getting repetitive.
  • Once you start over it’ll grow again and again for you and each time can have 10 different moods!  It’s like getting a new HatchiWow 10 times over.
  • When she’s out of the egg, playing music will help her grow tall!

New Hatchimals Wow 2023

What’s Inside That WOW Egg?!

Before you know what’s inside that egg you’ll have to hatch it!  Do do so, you’ll simply move the egg back and forth in a tilt-like motion until you see a change start to happen.  That change is that eventually you’ll see some pretty rainbow colored eyes through the shell itself.  When this happens LLalacorn will start to grow (literally) until her head breaks through the top of the egg and starts singing “Happy Birthday.”  Well, technically, she’s singing “Hatchy Birthday” but you get the point!

She even comes with a fun little fruit accessory that she can chase and, yes, you can even tickle her and she’s let you the cutest little laugh and move up and down. We can’t wait!

What’s the Price Going to Be?

Ok so this isn’t totally the worst.  The suggested retail price is $79.99, which isn’t too bad for how big this how, how tall it can grow, and all the different interactive things it can do.  At least that’s how we justify it.

When is the Actual Release Date?

They’re officially being released on October 1, 2019.  And, trust us, they will eventually be possible to find so get yours as soon as you can.  The good news is that the pre-order is starting on September 17, 2019.  Click here to pre order yours today!

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