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All of TikTok’s Latest Picks From BookTok, the World’s Largest Book Club!

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Watch out Oprah, because TikTok is coming for your book club!  Introducing #BookTok, the world’s largest online book club that’s getting millions of people of all ages reading (again). Check out their complete list – with updates made monthly.

New TikTok BookTok Book Pick June 2024 - Complete List

I’m a total bookworm.  And proud of it.  It’s common for me to have a few different books going all at the same time.  That can’t just be me, right?  Well now I have an entire pile of new books to read thanks to my other favorite thing; TikTok.

Right now the BookTok hashtag on TikTok has more than – are you ready for it – 40 billion views.  40 billion!  Can you even imagine?  This new and improved way to get amazing book recommendations from regular people (I still love my Reese Witherspoon books and, of course, anything that Jenna Bush recommends) is becoming so huge that it’s even helping both new (and seasoned) authors climb to the top of the book charts (similar to when a song goes viral on TikTok you see it trending on iTunes and Spotify).  What a time to be alive…and reading!

Everyone is taking notice, especially retailers like Barnes and Noble (who have their own book club).  They’re even marketing a lot of the highest reviewed and recommended BookTok’s on their app and their website!

Now, TikTok’s book club is different than other ones you may be used to (like Oprah’s) where each month there’ll be a new release of the month.  This one is a bit different because new books (or even old ones) can bubble up to the most trending at any point within the month.  However, I’ll sort everything by genre and update throughout the month so you can make this a one-stop-shop, browse through the official list, find out where to buy it, check the price, and even see if it’s on sale.

I’ll start with the three most popular picks (overall) this month and then you can browse/scroll by genre.  If you think I can sort this better, just drop me an email to let me know.  Happy reading!

 #BOOKTOK NEW PICKS / June 2024 

Some are already best sellers, while others you can pre-order now because they may be tough to find once they’re released.


Check out the latest young-adult fiction / teen book picks.  I’ve started with the most recent picks (first) and then heading towards the oldest.


Who doesn’t love a brilliant fiction pick?  Check out the newest ones and work your way down the list towards the oldest.


Romance lovers unite!  These are the latest romance picks starting with the most recent month and working our way back.


Out of all the genres, these are the current top selling books (so far) this year.

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