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23 “TikTok Made Me Buy It” Products That Aren’t Complete Garbage

Beauty and Cleaning and gadgets, oh my!

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Best TIKTOK Made Me Buy It Products May 2024



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I know something you don’t.  I know something you’ll never know.  Ok, well, fine.  I’ll let you know.  These are some of the best ~ TikTok Made Me Buy It ~ products that have been getting zillions of views and purchases.  Read on to see my faves.

We’re all spending, what, like 12 hours a day on TikTok?  I’m pushing a good 10 for sure.  I mean, do you know how many times I got sidetracked writing this article?  It’s for research purposes at least.  Oh, and I totally get hooked into  their new BookTok book club recommendations.   Eh, at least they’re getting me to read.

Outside of videos that legit make me laugh, there are some really cool products that the TikTok crew are buying and testing out on the regular to see if they’re worth it or not.  It definitely makes things much easier for me so I don’t have to buy them all.  There have been so many products floating around the platform that there’s now a   #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag  that has millions of videos.  The items can be anything from beauty, kitchen hacks, home decor essentials – you name it.

However, while more and  more sites are covering this,  not everything that’s on there is worth it.  So, I’ve combed through hundreds and hundreds (again, for research purposes) and narrowed it down to the best-of-the-best and ones that you may actually want.  Some I’ve actually purchased (I’ll note those below) and others are on my list to buy.

So without further ado…go little rockstar.


The HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker

HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker

+1.6 Billion Video Views

Being an iced coffee aficionado, I highly recommend the HyperChiller which really does make your homemade iced coffee so chilly and delicious in a matter of seconds. Fill the chiller with water, toss it in your freezer, and then when you make your hot coffee just pour it into the lid and it’ll make your beverage icy cold injust 60 seconds. It really does work. I own two of them! IYKYK.


The Manifestation Journal

Manifestation Journals tiktok

+50 Billion Video Views

While people have been successfully manifesting what they want into their lives by a daily practice for years and years, now it’s blowing up TikTok with more than 50 billion video views, which is insane.

If you’re not sure how to start manifesting, this 6-prompt daily trendy hardcover journal actually makes it really easy to do.  It breaks down the journaling into morning and evening and has you fill out important things to help bring your manifestations to life like:

  • Setting Your Daily Intention
  • Listing 3 Things You’re Grateful For
  • Writing Down 2 Things You Want to Manifest
  • Listing Out 2 Things You Want to Let Go Of
  • Adding 1 Thing You’d Do-Over If You Could
  • Listing 1 Person You Want to Try and Forgive Today

Inside the Manifestation Journal

The combination of these quick daily prompts along with the short daily manifestation reflection will all help to unblock what’s blocking your manifestations and helping to bring what you want in life into your own life.

These make a great gift idea too for the teens, women, men or even kiddos on your list.  Heck, pick one up for yourself and your manifesting bestie.

mj 23

Journal For Women

journal for teens

Journal For Teens

journal for love

Journal For Love


Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops

Isle Of Paradise Tanning Drops

+80 Million Video Views

If you grew up in the 90s or early 2000s you know how terrible self-tanners were. No matter what you ended up looking orange, streaky, and just overall like a lunatic. What’s really cool about Isle of Paradise self tanning drops is that you simply add a few drops into the moisturizer you already use and you’ll end up with a natural looking glow.

We actually tried these after seeing them all over TikTok and we can attest that they do work, you won’t look orange at all, and it doesn’t leave streaks. You can use them on your face or entire body. If you want a darker look, just add a few more drops and between 4- 6 hours you’ll see your tan develop. Oh, and did we mention your sheets, clothes, and furniture won’t get stained either? A total win.


The Pineapple Corer

Tik Tok Pineapple Corer

+4.2 Billion Video Views

I always buy my pineapple already sliced because, well, a whole pineapple scares me.  But this cheap pineapple corer is making it super easy to get perfect rings each and every time.  

All you have to do is cut the top of the pineapple off, insert the corer tool and start twisting while you push down.  When you get to the bottom of the pineapple, simply pull the corer out and – BAM – perfect pineapple rings with hardly any waste.  


The CrunchCup Cereal Cup

The CrunchCup

+34 Million Video Views

If you’re still eating your cereal like an absolute animal, perhaps you need the viral CrunchCup.  Now you can bring your cereal with you everywhere you go even if you don’t have a spoon.

This portable cup comes with two components – one that stores the cereal and the other that stores the milk.  They don’t mix until you’re just about to “drink” it and then the magic happens.  What a time to be alive!


The ATM Bank For Adults

ATM Bank for Adults - TikTok 2024

+50 Million Video Views

Yep, it’s the personal ATM for adults because, you know, we could all use some extra help actually saving some money and staying accountable. Sure we could put it in the actual bank, but this one is really perfect for some “mad money” and an emergency fund like you owe you friend $1,000 for Adele tickets. Er, just a guess.

This one comes with a “fake” but workable plastic ATM card, 4 digit pin, and accepts dollars and even change. Honestly, I don’t care if it’s also geared towards kids. I need this for my house. I may even chain in to the furnace in my basement in case someone breaks in. They’re not getting my $12.95!


The Shampoo / Scalp Brush

Shampoo Brush

+2 Billion Video Views

Ok, so this is one I own (I got the black one). This shampoo brush/scalp massager currently has more than 2 billon views (yes, billion). First of all, it just feels amazing on your scalp. I use it just to basically rub my head when I’m watching TV because I’m creepy like that. But you can also use it to massage in your shampoo in the shower. They claim to help improve blood circulation on your scalp and even help get rid of pesky dandruff. I just think it feels great. Plus, it’s super cheap. It even make  TikTok’s beauty product recommendations via SkinTok!


The Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste

The Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste

+668 Million Video Views

So this cleaning paste may be new to us – but for pros in the industry they’ve been using it for years and swear by it. The brand has been around since 1938 and can be used to help clean just about anything from cooktops to stoves, tires to outdoor furniture, tubs to tiles – you name it. It’s actually pretty amazing how well it works. And while the paste is what’s the most trending right now, you can now by sprays for just about any room inside and outside your house. Go best friend! We’ve recently named this as  one of the best of TikTok’s Cleaning Products,  too, this year.


The Portable Blender

Portable Blender

+71 Million Video Views

I actually reviewed portable blenders for my  Trendy AF section  a while back and personally own one.  I’ve had mine for well over a year now  so can speak to it personally. It’s really great to make quick drinks, protein shakes, cocktails, and more and – even better –on the go. This personal blender is rechargeable so you really can bring it almost anywhere and works within about 45 seconds to a minute. Once it’s fully charged it can last up to 3 hours before you have to charge it again, so your beach day or tailgating session just got a whole lot more fun.


The Rechargeable Lighter

Rechargeable Lighter Tik Tok

+89 Million Video Views

Apparently matches are getting too expensive (??) so we’re all turning to rechargeable lighters now. Ok, so these actually are pretty cool. These are actually electric lighters that recharge via USB so you can easily and safely (ish) light all your candles over and over again. But it doesn’t just stop there. This can work with most BBQs, candles, bonfires – you name it. It’s windproof too so no need to worry about it going out over and over again like those miserable basic other lighters you have.


The Smart Coffee Table

Smart Coffee Table TikTok

+542 Million Video Views

Ok so I definitely don’t own this one (mainly due to the high price) but for those on TikTok they are obsessed. This smart coffee table has everything you to bring your work day directly to your own happy hour. It includes two bluetooth speakers, LED lighting (underneath) to totally set the vibe, a USB charging station, a fridge and cooler drawers. Yes, really. It’s like your living room just made you way cooler than you were just minutes ago. If you can do it, do it.


The Waterproof Shower Phone Holder

Shower Phone Holder

+119 Million Video Views

Apparently this brand wants you to be able to watch Ellen in the shower. I guess it’s better than the other way around? Either way, with more than 119 million views everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of using this waterproof case with fog/steam-proof touchscreen that just sticks right to your shower wall, kitchen wall, you name it. Personally I think this comes in handy during Hangover Sunday when there’s a Housewives marathon on and you’re stuck on the shower floor. Anyone else?


The Hotel Collection Diffuser

Hotel Collection Diffuser TikTok

+22 Million Video Views

Here’s another I decided to invest in. The Hotel Collection diffuser is one of the best additions to my house since I got my puppy! You don’t need to add water and mix in drops either! Simply choose the fragrances you’re into, add the bottle the diffuser andwithin seconds your room/home will start smelling like a 5-star hotel. Legit. Via the remote you can choose the strength of the scent, how long you want it to stay on for, etc. It’s def on the more expensive side but, for me, was totally worth it. There has yet to be someone who walked into my house that hasn’t commented on how amazing it smells.


The PhoneSoap UV Phone Sanitizer

Phonesoap Sanitizer

+294 Million Video Views

Ok, so here’s another one I’ve owned for at least 3 years (even pre-pandemic!) – but now it’s all over TikTok so I wanted to give it my stamp of approval.  I’ve personally reviewed this brand  and even gifted it to just about everyone in my family. Phonesoap uses UV-C safe technology to get rid of more than 99.9% of germs and bacteria that’s all over your phone, keys, etc. Did you know there’s more nasty germs on your phone than your toilet seat? Gross. All you have to do it plug it in, place your phone inside, close the cover, wait a few minutes and – BAM – it’s germ free.


The LEVO Infuser Machine

tiktok weed infuser

+19 Million Video Views

Here’s another one  I personally reviewed last year,  but it’s been buzzing again on TikTok. It’s an oil infuser machine were you can infuse just about anything to make delicious butters, oils, gummies, cookies, cakes, you name it. TBH, it’s really pretty viral because most people are using it as a weed infuser for weed butter, oil, brownies – everything. It’s always selling out so snag it while you can.


The Rechargeable Sound Control Rhythm Lights

rhythm lights tik tok

+1.9 Billion Video Views

Most likely your kids (tweens, included) have rhythm lights around their room – you know – the ones where you see a constant hot pink or neon green glow coming out their bedroom room that you can see from 14 streets away? Well now it’s all about the rechargeable sound-control lights. These have multiple modes that sync up to music and other sounds, which makes them a must-have for gamers, to add to the inside of your car – you name it. There are actually 16 million different colors, 8 rhythm modes, speed adjustments and more.


Time-Marker Motivational Water Bottles

motivation water bottles tiktok

+22 Million Video Views

Yes, even TikTok wants you to remember to increase your water intake.  I actually already reviewed  the motivational water bottle trend, but these newbies have time-markers on them so that you know what time you should drink your next intake and keep you motivated all at the same time with phrases like: keeping chugging, feeling awesome, don’t give up, etc. It’s a great way to get your 64 ounces per day.


Rosemary Oil For New Hair Growth

Rosemary Oil For Hair Trend

+171 Million Video Views

Here’s one  we reviewed, covered, and actually use.  Studies show that using rosemary essential oil on your scalp can help (eventually) regrow hair, prevent some future hair loss, help with getting rid of dandruff, improving circulation, and give your hair a nice clean shine. Definitely worth a shot!


Bissell “Little Green” Portable Cleaner

Bissell Little Green Cleaner

+34 Million Video Views

It’s actually so satisfying seeing all the dirt and grime come right up pretty much wherever you use this portable cleaner. You can use it in your car, on pet messes, upholstery, carpets – you name it! You’re going to be kind of shocked what you see, especially when you think what you’re cleaning is already kinda, well, clean. Get ready for some really fun before and after photos!


Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds


+105 Million Video Views

Say goodbye to small boring square ice cubes and go with these super on-trend and fun sphere shaped ice cubes. These take longer to melt so it reduces the “water down” impact of your drinks. They’re also perfect for your favorite adult beverage. This top seller from Tovolo comes as a set of 2 and you can even choose additional options like golf balls, roses, footballs, etc.


Bartesian Cocktail Maker


+104 Million Video Views

It’s like a Keurig coffee maker but for your favorite adult beverages. You don’t really need to know the recipe or how to make cocktails because it basically does it for you. Just pop in the pod, select the appropriate liquor and you’ll instantly be able to enjoy a professionally made cocktail! You can even choose options like negroni, margarita, old fashioned, martini, and so many more. We’ve done and in-depth review on them and  the official Bartesian coupon policy  to help you save a bit too.


Mighty Patch "Pimple" Patch

Mighty Patch Pimple Patch

+99 Million Video Views

Remember when you were a teen and were embarrassed to get pimples?  Now, thanks to the Mighty Patch you can easily cover your blemishes while they quickly disappear (within reason).

These spot-stickers come 36 to a box and many on TikTok (like, millions) claim that they notice an improvement on their zits in as little as 6-8 hours.    I mean, can almost 100 million people be wrong?!


The Pizza Pack Pizza Storage Container

Pizza Pack Pizza Container tik tok

+49 Billion Video Views

Pack you pizza in style and save room in your refrigerator with the Pizza Pack.  It’s an adjustable container that’s microwave safe and can store up to 5 slices of pizza so you don’t have to jam the entire box inside your fridge.

It even comes with 5 divider trays so that each slice doesn’t stick to each other which, as you know, usually results in the cheese being torn off one slice and smashed into the crust and bottom of the top slice.  It’s basically a whole pizza mess, but the Pizza Pack solves all those pesky dilemmas.  Plus – more than 48 billion views?  Insane.