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6 Safe Body Groomers to Keep Your Manscaping On Point

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There’s not shame in your game if you’re a total manscaper.  But did you know you should actually be using specialized grooming tools for different areas of your body (hello balls!).  These tools will do the trick without the nick.

Best Manscaping Groomer Tools For Body 2024

We’re all adults here right?  And as men there’s one thing that most of us have in common.  We’re nasty hairy beasts.  You shave your beard regularly, but what about all the other areas of your body covered in hair – especially if it’s unruly?  Don’t sweat it, this is where proper (and easy) manscaping comes into play.


The folks over at Men’s Health Magazine report that 62% of men shave their pubic areas (including your balls), 72% shave their chest, and 78% shave their back.  Clearly, you’re not alone in this.  So when it comes to finding the proper tools for this, I recommend that you don’t go with your regular beard shaver and focus on some additional products that are actually for your body and its delicate areas.  Trust me, there’s a difference.

Similar to your face, there are a few things you’re going to want to do beforehand to make your trimming experience that much better, and reduce nicks, cuts, and scrapes.


Don’t worry, this isn’t really that complicated.  But there are a couple of things you should do before you start trimming and grooming your body – whether it’s your chest, back, legs, or pubes.

  • Shower First:  Clean skin is always better and the warm water will help to open your pores, which will help prevent ingrown hairs. It also makes it just that much easier to shave and get at those trickier hairs.
  • Exfoliate:  Yes, exfoliate.  You’ll want to scrub away as much dead and dry skin as you can.
  • Dry Off:  You’ll want to dry off completely and give yourself about 10 minutes of additional air drying before you start.  Even with some tools being waterproof, it’ll just be easier if you’re totally dry.


There really are a ton of tools out there that you can use, but I’m focusing on some of the best-of-the-best that are currently top sellers, highly reviewed and rated, are ones that I’ve actually used (some, not all), and are for different areas of your body since – for some guys – manscaping may just mean your chest, where for other guys they may only want to focus below the belt, etc.

Each of my recommendations also take into account different budget levels, so hopefully there’s something for everyone out there.  You don’t have to break the bank to get a quality tool.

Check out my picks for the best manscaping groomers (so far) in 2024.


1. The Lawn Mower 4.0

Manscape Groin Trimmer

$90 | Amazon

$89 | Macys

Body Areas:  Groin, Chest, Under Arms, Pubic Hair
Waterproof:  Yes

This is not only my pick for one of the best manscaping tools, especially for your groin/pubic region but it’s also gone viral on TikTok with more than 176 Million video views.  Insane!

From the geniuses at Manscaped, the Lawn Mower 4.0 is their latest version that has a powerful 7,000 RPM motor, has safe and replaceable ceramic blades, and comes with 1-4 sized guards if you decide you want to keep a little length to your hair.  Plus, it’s waterproof and rechargeable so you can use it in and out of the shower.  Make sure to rub in your favorite moisturizer after you’re done to help prevent ingrown hairs.


2. The Showerproof Body Groom Series 7000

Philips Norelco Dual Sides Body Shaver

$60 | Amazon

$70 |

Body Areas:  Chest, Pubic Hair, Legs, Arms, Under Arms, Abs
Waterproof:  Yes

I personally love this one because of it’s dual features, ease of use, and ability to use in the shower.  From Philips Norelco (the folks behind some of the top selling electric razors ever), this one has 5 adjustable lengths so you can use it all over your body and keep your hair at different lengths if you decide to.

The battery life is pretty decent too.  Once you have it fully charged, you’ll get about 80 minutes of use before it’s time to charge it again. But the best feature is that you don’t have to put on and take off attachments, making it easy and quick to use.  If you want to get a close shave you simply use that side.  If you want to trim at different lengths, just use the other side.  It’s also ball friendly if you were wondering.  And I know you were.


3. The Panasonic Body Groomer

Panasonic Body Groomer

$80 | Amazon

$70 | Walmart

Body Areas:  Chest, Arms, Legs, Groin
Waterproof:  Yes

Into sharing?  From Panasonic, this groomer is totally unisex.  It’s sleep v-shaped head allows you to get into all those places you really need reach and it’s even decent for those of us with sensitive skin.  It comes with two additional attachments that help with precision, like the skin-guard that will help protect those extra sensitive areas.  You know the ones.

Another wet/dry option, once it’s full charged you’ll get about 50 minutes of use out of it before it’s time to recharge.


4. Mangroomer Electric Back Shaver


$60 | Amazon

$32 | Walmart

Body Areas:  Back
Waterproof:  No

Got some back hair problems and are tired of asking someone else to shave your back for you?  The folks at Mangroomer have come out with a new and improved electric back shaver that has an extra wide shaver-head (50% wider than ever before), allows you to choose the length you’d like (or just shave it off completely), opens up to 135-degrees of flexibility so it can reach pretty much everywhere on your back, and it even contours to all the different areas of your back.

Another cool feature is the “power burst” button that gives extra power for those extra thick and hairy areas that could use a little more attention.


5. The Below-the-Belt Trimmer

Below the Belt Trimmer

$74 | Amazon

$72 |

Body Areas:  Balls, Pubic Hair
Waterproof:  Yes

Sure you can use this one elsewhere, but most use this for shaving or trimming their balls because it’s actually designed to help keep them protected during the grooming process.  It’s smooth, helps prevent nicks and snags, and even features hygienic replaceable rust-resistant ceramic blades.

Out of all the ones I’ve reviewed, this one has the best battery-life too.  Once it’s fully charged, you’ll get 90 minutes of use out of it.


6. Philips One-Blade Hybrid Trimmer/Shaver

Philips Face + Body Shaver

$50 | Amazon

$42 | Walmart

Body Areas:  Face and Body
Waterproof:  Yes

Don’t have time or the money to spend on two different grooming tools?  Go with this 2-in-1 face and body shaver from Philips.  The OneBlade comes with two blades, one for your face and one for your body.  It also comes with 4 stubble combs for your face so you can keep the proper length of stubble you’d prefer.  Plus, it comes with a must-use skin-guard for your body to help with preventing nicks and snags.

On a full charge, you’ll get about 60 minutes of use out of it before it’s time to charge it again.

Hopefully you found this list helpful, short, concise, and not too overwhelming.  If you liked it, I also created similar best of’s for other grooming and skincare solutions like some of my favorite men’s eye creams and serums, top body wash brands for dry skin, all the most popular cologne brands this season, and a wide variety of shaving kits that make great gifts.