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The 7 Best Eye Cream Brands For Men to Help Reduce Fine Lines and Puffiness

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Give your girlfriend back her mystical eye creams.  We got the best under eye creams for men right this way!

Best Men's Eye Creams 2024

These days anything goes and, well, I love that.  If you’re a guy who cares about his appearance and wants to perhaps look a little more youthful you don’t have to hang your head in shame.  You also don’t have to sneak your borrow your girl’s beauty products any more either.

Some of the best beauty brands in the world have come out with products that are specifically for us guys.  One of the best places to start is the eyes.  If your eyes are looking tired it’s going to make you look a bit older.  If your eyes are puffy it’ll make you look like you’re hungover (perhaps you are – I am).  And if your eyes have those annoying dark circles or fine lines, well, it just may be time to start taking care of the area around them.

The skin under and around your eyes is typically really thin, which can really highlight those fine lines, wrinkles, crows-feet – you name it.  But does using eye creams actually work anyway?  I consulted with some medical pros at WebMD (duh!) and Dr. Mohiba Tareen does claim that use of them can actually help reduce the appearance, especially with treatments that are formulated to address those specific delicate areas.

I want to be clear that, for the most part, none of these products are going to 100% get rid of wrinkles and lines.  However, these will definitely help address a lot of your eye issues and reduce the appearance of them.

You’ve started using your trusty face moisturizer and have invested in some really nice moisturizing body wash, so it’s now officially time to add a help eye cream and/or serum to your daily routine.  I’ve come up with some great options for different skin-types and at all sorts of budget levels.  Hopefully there’s something for everyone.

Check out my picks for some of the best eye creams and under eye treatments for men (so far) in 2024.  Deuces lines!

1. Baxter of California Under Eye Complex Cream

Baxter of California Under Eye Cream for men 2024

$29 | Macys

Helps With:  Puffiness, Dark Under Eye Circles
When to Use:  Twice Daily (Morning and Night)

If you’re looking to get help tone down the puffiness under your eyes (hello hangover face!) and minimize the dark circles, give this eye cream a go.  It was designed for men, a great addition to your anti-aging regime, and  it just helps to smooth the thinner skin around your eyes.

The top ingredients include caffeine (wake up, eyes!), vitamin E, seaweed, and hyaluronic acid (which helps to firm, hydrate and lessen those pesky fine lines that are forming).  You can feel free to use this eye cream morning and at night.

2. Jack Black Protein Booster Eye Cream

Jack Black Eye Cream

$40 | Amazon

Helps With:  Crows Feet, Fine Lines
When to Use: Twice Daily (Morning and Night)

I hate the term “anti-aging” but this is the one time I’ll be ok with it.  This eye treatment from Jack Black is perfect for men (not that women couldn’t use it) who are looking to reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines near their eyes.  Plus, it’ll help firm up your skin, lesses the puffiness and help tone down those dark circles that have been forming even when you do get that good night sleep.

I also loved how it’s fragrance free, alcohol free, and it’s even organic and vegan!  I have super sensitive skin and was totally fine using it so hopefully you will be too.  The only downside (for me) was that it’s recommended you use it twice per day, morning and night.  The morning is the easy part.  Remembering to use it before bed was a little more of a challenge.

3.  ELEMIS Pro Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment Drops

Elemis Eye Drops

$68 | Amazon

Helps With:  All Fine Lines
When to Use: Twice Daily (Morning and Night)

This definitely is more of an expensive eye cream out there, but its advanced formula helps to give you a more youthful look.  It’s not a miracle and doesn’t claim to be, but certainly helped me and I’ll take every little boost I can.  It helps with fine lines around the eyes and even reduced the soft wrinkles too.

The advanced formula also helps to keep that delicate area around your eyes (which can sometimes totally dry out) stay super moisturized.  It’s easy to apply.  All you have to do is put one or two drops of the serum onto your finger and lightly dab around the contours of your eyes.

4.  MenScience Eye Rescue Formula


$39 | Amazon

Helps With:  Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Puffiness, Firmness
When to Use: Once Daily

This killer eye cream is perfect for all skin types so don’t worry if you have dry skin, super oily skin, or a combo of both.  The ingredients are dermatological grade so that’s a bonus if you don’t want to head to the actual dermatologist.

Overall, this little eye-saver will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines near your eyes and will also help to improve the firmness of the skin.  It’s super light so won’t feel like you’re caking it on.  All you have to do is use a little under your eyes and right above.  Done and done!

5.  Disco Anti-Aging Eye Stick

Disco Eye Stick

$36 | Amazon

Helps With:  Dark Circles, Puffy Eye Bags
When to Use: Once Daily

The Disco company has been getting a ton of buzz lately, especially on TikTok.  I put this one to the test and it does help a bit with dark circles and even helping to reduce some puff under your eye, especially when you had a late night or drank a little too much the night before.

The caffeine helps to reduce the puffiness, pine tree antioxidant helps with the dark circles, and the Vitamin B3 helps with those stubborn and annoying crows feet.   It even helps to even out your skin-tone.  Super easy to use, all you have to do is pop the cap off and roll it directly under your eyes.  It takes 5 seconds.  Couldn’t be easier.

6.  Creamy Avocado Nourishing Eye Cream

Kiehl's Nourishing Eye Cream with Avocado

$34 | Nordstrom

Helps With:  Entire Under-Eye Area
When to Use: Once Daily

I’m personally a big fan of just about any skincare treatment that Kiehl’s comes up with.  This nourishing cream contains avocado (also my favorite) and actually feels good while you’re putting it on.  It’s going to help hydrate, especially dry and dull skin, help to even out your skin tone, and works as a good base if you’re going to use additional creams on your face.

7.  The Ordinary Caffeine Drops

$8 | Amazon

Helps With:  Dark Spots, Redness, Puffiness
When to Use: Once Daily

If you’re looking for an alternative to a thicker cream, check out this affordable option from The Ordinary.  This liquid caffeine solution can help with your appearance of pigmentation, redness, puffiness, and dark spots.  It’s really a very light formula, but does actually have 5% concentration of caffeine, so you don’t need a lot and shouldn’t go overboard with this one.