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That’s Right, Speak & Spell is Back Baby!

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2024 is off to a great start and, per usual, everything old is new again.  And, yes, we’re talking about the brand new Speak & Spell from Basic Fun!  Here’s what we know.

Where to Buy New Speak & Spell 2024 by Basic Fun Toy Company

Who didn’t have a Speak & Spell when they were little?  Heck, it was the 80s!  Truth be told, we’re pretty sure we pronounced it “Speak-n-Spell.”  You can’t really blame us since the old one had that robotic voice and, well, we couldn’t always understand what in the holy heck it was saying.  We just loved pressing the “J” button over and over again so we could hear it say “Jaaay, Jaaaaay, Jaaaay.”  Just us?

According to recent reports, major toy brand, Basic Fun! has now officially relaunched the Speak & Spell and are trying their best to keep it as true to the original.  While the voice isn’t truly robotic like the one in the past, they have used voice recordings to try and keep the voice as close to the original as possible.  You’ll also be able to play spelling games, get clues, have it say things and so much more.  We love that the keyboard is just in alphabetical order as opposed to how computer keyboards are set up, which really may throw your kids for a loop but, let’s be honest, will keep them on their toes.

The new Speak & Spell is slated to be released to the public in the fall of 2024 and we’re being told that the suggested retail price will set you back $25.  Not bad!  We’ve seen originals on eBay being sold for up to $99!

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