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Hurry Up, the Slow Motion Race Game from Hasbro is Likely to Sell Out!

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If you’re sick and tired of your kiddos running around the house, slap these headbands on them and let them have at it!  The Slow Motion Race Game is as fun as it is funny.

Where to Buy The Slow Motion Race Game by Hasbro 2024 - Release Date, Pre Order, and Price

Hasbro Games

Hasbro says this game is for kids, but we have to admit that, as adults, we’re ready to play it too!  And toss in some beers or wine and, well, we have one of the most fun game-nights we can think of.  Either way, one of the most anticipated toys of the year, is the new ‘Slow Motion Race Game’ in which, you guessed it, the slowest person in the race wins.  Here’s what we know so far:

How Do You Play?

The game comes with two somewhat high-tech headbands that have buttons, monitor your speed, play music and more!  Each person will sport their own headband, sync up the timer, and then see who makes it across the living room to the prized trophy (that comes with the game) first.  The goal is to go slow and, well, if you go too fast you’ll likely hear the buzz from the headband instructing you to stop what you’re doing and wait it out for a certain period of time.  This gives the other person ample time to either catch up or keep ‘racing’ towards that trophy!  Who ever makes it to the trophy first, wins!  It’s just as fun to be a spectator watching them try to move so slowly as it is to play.  Of course, hijinks will ensue!

The Slow Motion Game Headbands for Kids 2024

When is the Release Date?

Sit tight for a little bit because the release date is schedule for August 1, 2024.  The good news is that you’ll still have plenty of time to grab it (hopefully) before the holidays because it’ll likely be one of the top requests to Santa this year.

Can You Pre-Order It?

Rumor has it that you’ll be able to pre order it on Amazon as early as June 1, 2024.  Check back here because we’ll be updating this article as more information becomes available.  Check here for in-stock updates too!

What’s the Cost?

The price actually isn’t too bad at all!  In fact, we were a little surprised how inexpensive it is!  The suggested retail price is just $19.99.  It’s totally worth the price!

The Slow Motion Race Game by Hasbro – Pre Order Coming Soon

Pre Order Slow Motion Game on Amazon 2024

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