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The Windmill Watermelon Slicer is the Official National Treasure of Summer 2024!

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But does it actually work?  Here’s exactly what we found out 🍉🧐

Where to Buy Windmill Watermelon Slice Cutter 2024

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If you’re like us and head out to the market, especially in the summer, you end up forfeiting your rent check because you want to buy your watermelon already cut up into perfect little delicious cubes.  Sure we see the full *uncut* watermelons sitting there for half the price, but (1) we’re lazy and (2) we’d end up cutting our entire hand off while trying to slice it. Yes, we have absolutely no idea the right way to cut a watermelon.  Enter, the Windmill Watermelon Slicer.  Our lives haven’t been the same since.

So here’s the real deal with this watermelon cutter (aka our PCC ‘Perfect Cube Cutter’) and, yes, it officially works!  And, to be honest, it actually works pretty well.  Truth be told it took us a little bit to get used to, but once we tried one or two rows of windmill magic, we became pros.  The hardest part was deciding the depth, but once we did we were slicing our way to freedom in less than one minute!  Here’s how it works:

  • First you’ll have to cut your full watermelon in half (or in quarters if you like) with a regular knife.
  • Next, use the windmill slicer to determine the thickness you want it to be (there’s a little ruler on it to make it even easier)
  • Then simply push it into the watermelon itself and just start to push!
  • That’s pretty much it!

Once you start rolling and pushing the watermelon ends up entering the grooves, sitting on the tray, and then you can easily just dump them into a bowl or your favorite serving tray.  It was basically mess free.  At least it was way less messy then when we try to butcher it to death with a knife!

Even better, you can grab one of these stainless steel for just $12.95 (and sometimes even less!).  There are a bunch of knockoffs out there, but this one is our favorite.

The Windmill Watermelon Cutter – Buy It Here

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