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Super Cute Kid-Approved Balance Bike Sales Happening this Amazon Prime Day!

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If your kiddos are almost ready to learn how to ride a bike, you can get them started a bit earlier than normal with an effective balance bike.  We found some really great kid-approved balance bikes on sale this Amazon Prime Day 2024!

Balance Bikes on Sale Amazon Prime Day 2024!


Balance bikes are a type of bike designed to help kids learn how to ride without the use of stabilizers. They have no pedals, and instead, kids push themselves along with their feet. This helps them to develop a feel for balancing on two wheels and can really help get them ready for the “real deal” in the near future.  Typically kids won’t end up using balance bikes for too long, so we hate to pay full price for them.  The good news is that right now we’re seeing some helpful deals on a wide variety of balance bikes for kids during the Prime Day sale event!  Some are even upwards of 50% off or more!

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So, why are balance bikes beneficial?  There are several benefits that come with using a balance bike instead of stabilizers. For one, it helps kids to develop a sense of balance much quicker. Additionally, it gives them a feel for the road and how to steer before they start pedaling. This can make the transition to a pedal bike much smoother and actually pretty fun!

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing a balance bike for your child. First, consider the size of the bike. It should be proportional to your child’s height, so they can comfortably reach the ground with their feet. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the bike has a good weight limit. Heavier bikes are often more difficult for kids to maneuver. Finally, take a look at the tires. Air-filled tires tend to be more comfortable and offer better traction than solid ones.

The average price of a proper balance bike is $100-$200. However, you can find cheaper or more expensive options depending on the features you’re looking for, but more importantly we found some of the best selling balance bikes currently on sale this Amazon Prime Day 2024!

We’re not going to separate the sales out by bikes for boys vs. girls since any one can suit and of your kids needs.

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