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11 Outdoor Shed Sales Perfect For Storage this Memorial Day!

Outdoor sheds have comes a long way over the years and some look nice enough to live in!  While they're aesthetic has increased, their overall prices have decreased, especially with all these shed sales this Memorial Day 2024!

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If you’re still dealing with the rundown shed that came with your house like we are, it may be time to replace it.  Fear not, this doesn’t have to be a huge deal and it doesn’t really have to cost an arm and a leg.  Maybe just an arm.  While some wooden sheds that companies can make to look like your actual house can run tens of thousands of dollars, your regular “everyday” shed can be a fraction of that cost and most likely will hold up longer than some of the most expensive options. Right now is a great time to invest in a new outdoor storage shed because the prices have come way down thanks to all the sale going on during the Memorial Day sale event!   Finding one right now that’s up to an additional 20% off certainly isn’t unheard of this season.

Editor-Approved Deals
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Again, most of the deals we’re finding on sheds are typically of the resin, plastic, or Rubbermaid kind.  There are some wooden options, which usually are the priciest, but there are still some deals on those as well.  When it comes to the best rated sheds, editors at Bob Vila and HGTV have ranked brands like Suncast, Rubbermaid, E-Z Fit, and Keter as some of the  best.  Keep in mind some are more for storage (think:  pool supplies and floats or gardening equipment), while others are much larger and can hold so much more (think:  your lawnmower, grill in the winter, snow blower, and more). While not all those brands are currently on sale, many actually are this Memorial Day 2024!  We found a lot that range anywhere from an additional 10% off all the way up to 20% or even a bit more.  The deals will only last for a bit so jump on them while they’re still available.

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