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CurliGirls Let You Style Their Hair In So Many Different Curly Ways!

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CurliGirls Dolls 2024 -Where to Buy, Pre Order & Release Date

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One of the hottest new toys of the year is slated to be these super cute CurliGirls dolls!  They recently debuted at the NYC Toy Fair and were the buzz of the event.  Your kiddos are about to become obsessed!

What are CurliGirls All About Anyway?!

CurliGirls are the cute new collectible dolls in all sorts of colors and personalities from the Basic Fun company.  If your kiddos love their collectible dolls that they can not only collect, but play with in a variety of fun ways, these are the ones for them.  What’s really cool about them is that they each have super colorful hair that when you pull it the hair will automagically curl.  In fact, the longer you pull the colorful hair the tighter the curl will be, so there’s a variety of different ways to style their hair.

What most kids loved the most is that when you want to get rid of their curls and start over, all you have to do is dip their hair in warm-ish water and it’ll straighten back to the way it was when you got them.  You can even curl their hair with your finger or use some fun little styling tools if your kids want to feel like they’re professional stylists.

There are currently four different CurliGirls to collect in Series 1:

✔︎  Charli
✔︎  Hayli
✔︎  Kelli
✔︎  Bayli

All 4 CurliGirls to Collect Series 1

What’s the Cost of These Cuties?

This is what parents love the most!  The suggested retail price is slated to only be $9.99.  You definitely can’t go wrong with that!

When is the Official Release Date?

Since it’s still a bit early, all we know at this point is that CurliGirls will be released in the Fall of 2024.  You should be able to pre-order them as early as May 2024, but we’ll keep you posted with new information as it’s released.

The CurliGirls Dolls – Available Soon

Pre Order CurliGirls 2024

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