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16 Costumes For Girls That are All-Inclusive Because Labels are Lame

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Tired of swiping through sites where all the “girl costumes” are basically just princesses and glitter bombs?  We checked the labels at the door to provide you with totally all-inclusive ideas for any type of girl this Halloween.

Halloween Costumes for Girls 2024

True story.  We received some hate-mail last year because in our famous Halloween Costume Guide we had mentioned that a girl could wear a particular traditional “boy” costume.  So, instead of taking it down, we decided to double-down and dedicate an entire article just for girls who want to wear anything they damn well please.  If you’re against that (that’s ok!), but please don’t visit us here any longer.  We’re totally 100% ok with that.

Now, we have an entire guide dedicated to costumes for tweens and teens, so this one is more for girls who range anywhere from toddler ages all the way up to around 12 years old.  And, look. If you have a boy in your life who likes any of these costumes…great!  This one is for him too!

After the year we’ve all experienced we’re already seeing a bit of a change in trends.  Now, the real heroes are doctors, nurses, fire fighters, etc.  Don’t worry, we still have some traditional super hero picks too (because that’s always just plain old fun).  But the one thing that hasn’t really changed this year?  The prices.  Why are costumes always so expensive?!

We’ve researched so many online retailers and some prices were so high we feel like it should be illegal.  So, while you can (of course) shop anywhere you’d like, most of our recommendations below are going to come from tried-and-true Halloween retailers we love, have bought from, and feel like their prices are the most competitive in our experience:

And this year our editorially chosen picks have an average price of:  $37.50

We hope you love what we’ve chosen and it bring a smile to your little ones face.  Let them be them.  It’s really just a costume after all, but it can help make them feel loved, accepted and most importantly, themselves.

Check out some of the best girls Halloween costumes (so far) in 2024.



Fluffy Llama

Fluffy Llama


Buy at

We called it!  This year it’s all about the llama.  It’s llama everything this season!  It’s fuzzy, cozy, and a total must-have for having the best night of trick-or-treating ever!  Learn more here!


JoJo Siwa “Save the Drama”
JoJo Siwa

Jojo Siwa Save the Drama


Buy at

They’re totally still obsessed with JoJo Siwa and probably own more than a dozen of her oversized signature hair bows.  Ugh.  If they must be her for Halloween, this is the one to get.  Learn more here!


LEGO Batman
LEGO Movie

Batman Costume


Buy at

It’s everyones favorite…Batman!  Even better?  It’s LEGO Batman!  Now your kids can become their favorite little LEGO figure and even have those iconic ‘hands.’  Learn more here!

This One Comes With:

  • The tunic to wear.
  • The Batman cape that’s detachable.
  • The face mask.
  • The pants.
  • The iconic pair of LEGO hands.


Buzz Lightyear
Toy Story 4

Buzz Lightyear for Girls


Buy at

It’s about time there was a girls option for a Buzz Lightyear costume this year.  We don’t love that the costume includes a tutu but, alas, at least we’re making a little bit of progress. Learn more here!

This One Comes With:

  • The puffy layered tutu skirt.
  • The detachable hero wings.
  • The flared armor wrist cuffs.


Papa Smurf
New Smurfs

Papa Smurf


Buy at

Everything old is new again!  We love a nostalgic throwback costume with a modern twist.  If they’re going to dress up as a Smurf they might as well pick Papa Smurf! Learn more here!

This One Comes With:

  • The one-piece blue and red standard outfit.
  • The red hat and white beard combo must-have.


Minecraft Classic Armor

Girls Minecraft


Buy at

Yep, Minecraft is still a thing.  We don’t totally get it, but your kiddos do!  Now they can be their favorite pixilated character from the award-winning game. Learn more here!


The Classic Mermaid


Buy at Spirit

A super whimsical and wheelchair-approved costume.  It comes with the beautiful adaptive mermaid blanket, the pretty headband, and even the shell accessory.  Learn more here.


12 Legged Caterpillar



Buy at

Seriously how cute is this one!  It’s the official 12 armed/legged caterpillar!  Just think of all the high (and low) fives they’re going to get. Learn more here!

This One Comes With:

  • The one-piece foam hooded bodysuit.


New Princess Jasmine
Aladdin Movie


Buy at

It really is a whole new world this year thanks to the new Princess Jasmine outfit from Aladdin! Learn more here!


Funny Cheese Ball

Cheese Ball Costume


Buy at

The perfect pick for the total cheeseball in your life – especially one with a sense of humor.  This one comes with the cheeseball tunic – you just gotta pick up the zany orange wig of your choice, which you can find here too.  Learn more here!


Old Lady Granny

Old Lady Costume


Buy at

Because dressing up like the elderly is always a fun idea.  It’s like a peek into their future.  “Grammy Gertie” comes with the sweater, the dress, the wig, and the glasses!  They even have an option for an inflatable walker which, come on, is awesome.  Learn more here!


Sarah Sanderson Costume
Hocus Pocus


Buy at Spirit

You really can never go wrong with anything from the cult classic Hocus Pocus movie – especially with a new one in the works. And, Sarah Sanderson is usually one of the most popular.   Learn more here.


Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman Girls


Buy at

Fresh off the success of the recent movie Harriet, this option is the best to help continue to spread the positive message, strength, and courage of Harriet Tubman.  Learn more here.


Poopsies Unicorn Surprise


Buy at

They probably already had one of the Poopsie toys and now they can dress up as it!  A sassy colorful unicorn?  Check! Learn more here!


The Doctor Hero

Doctor Costume for Girls


Buy at

Sure a superhero is always cool, but you know what’s always cooler?  Anyone in the medical field!  Continue to honor the real life heroes with this official doctor costume.  It comes with the shirt, the pants and, of course, the lab coat. Learn more here.


Winifred Sanderson
Hocus Pocus Movie


Buy at Spirit

Our personal favorite character from the Hocus Pocus movie, Winifred Sanderson.  This one has been really hard to get so grab it while you can!  Learn more here.

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