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The New LOL Surprise Clubhouse is the Perfect Lil Playset!

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You may think of it as a mini dollhouse, but the LOL Surprise Clubhouse is the coolest playset that’s been released yet!  And here’s everything we know (so far).

LOL Surprise Remix Clubhouse Playset 2024

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As if your kiddos didn’t have enough LOL playsets, there’s a brand new one that’s being released and it’s just in time for the Christmas holiday!  You’re going to want to grab this one when you can because, as always, these will be tough to come by and you don’t want to have to find them on eBay and pay way more.  Womp womp.

What’s the LOL Surprise Clubhouse All About?!

You’ll have to, unfortunately, push your OMG dolls to the side, because the latest Remix Clubhouse is just for the little dolls.  That’s right, now they officially have a place to hang out, play, and get into all sorts of hijinks (we assume).  There are 3 colorful levels to hang around in and each floor has different fun things for your LOL to do.  Oh, and there’s even some outdoor fun as well.  Here’s what’s in the different levels:

Floor 1:
✔︎  Sitting Room/Lounge (with swivel chairs, a retro table, and a bar in the background)
✔︎  Official Arcade/Game Room (with pinball and standup arcade game)

Floor 2:
✔︎  The Bedroom (with cool remix bed, pillow, and blanket)
✔︎  The Bonus Room (with game lounge chair and a tiny beanbag chair)

Floor 3/The Roof:
✔︎  Colorful Hammock to Relax In
✔︎  Telescope to Check Out the Sky

Outdoor Fun:
✔︎  The Skateboard Ramp
✔︎  Portable Foosball Game Table
✔︎  Ladder to Take Your to the 2nd Floor

What’s really cool about the Clubhouse overall is that two of the floors can be moved so you can have more space, fit more dolls, and have more fun!  And your kids will be psyched because this playset comes with 2 brand new dolls they haven’t seen before.  Yes, they’re exclusive!  And, don’t worry, there are a bunch of really cool surprises and accessories that come with the Clubhouse too.  Unboxing them is, of course, half the fun.  We think you’ll want to add it to your holiday list for the season!

What’s the Price Going to Be?

The good news is that it won’t be as expensive as the original dollhouses. Phew!  The suggested retail price is going to be $49.99.

When is the Release Date & Pre Order?

This one is being released on July 20th and you can actually pre-order it here now!

The LOL Surprise Remix Clubhouse Playset – Buy It Here

Pre Order LOL Clubhouse Play Set 2024 - Release Date, Where to Buy

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