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7 Viral TikTok “CleanTok” Cleaning Products That are the Real Deal

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As if you don’t spend enough time on TikTok, now we’ve all fallen into their #CleanTok cleaning products rabbit hole and are ready to clean every inch of our home from top to bottom.  But are they all really worth it?

CleanTok - Best TikTok Cleaning Products List 2024

I’m pretty sure that TikTok is supposed to be for lip-syncing movie quotes and doing dances but, somehow, there’s an entire sub-community getting hundreds of million (and more) of views called “CleanTok.”  In fact, the CleanTok hashtag currently has more than  32 billion (billion!!) views.  I’m assuming everyones house has got to be spotless by now.

However, with 32 billion views and hundreds of thousands of individual cleaning videos and hacks, how we are really supposed to know which cleaning products are actually worth it?  Our goal around here is to keep it simple and not overwhelm with a zillion options.  Recently we’ve chosen some of our favorites from:

There, we didn’t just regurgitate a list of hundreds of products.  Too much.  So, similar to those, I’m narrowing my list down to something that’s manageable, cleaning items we’ve mostly all used around here, and ones that we feel are actually worth it and worth the money.

I’ll update this list as new cleaning essentials go viral that I think you should really know about.  Below, I’ll list out each item, where you can get it, how much it is, and where you can even watch the videos on TikTok so you can see them all in action.

Now, let’s start cleaning…everything.

1.  The ColorCoral Cleaning Gel

ColorCoral Cleaning Gel

$9.99 | Amazon

$9.09 | Walmart

Video Views:  +580K
Watch It: Right Here

At first I thought this was basically just like Silly Putty we used to have when we were little but, quite honestly, it’s a great little cleaning lifesaver.  All you have to do is take some of the gel, roll it into a ball (ish) and then place it onto/into things like the vents in your car, your nasty keyboard, your bluetooth speakers, earbuds – you name it.  It’ll help to get out all the dust and little bits of dirt and grime.  Personally, I use it and keep it in my car’s glove compartment so I can keep my vents, dashboard, and cupholders as clean as can be.

2.  The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste

The Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste

$10 | Amazon

$7.50 | Walmart

Video Views:  +619 Million
Watch It: Right Here

Professional cleaners in the industry have been using it for years and swear by it.  The brand has been around since 1938 and can be used to help clean just about anything from cooktops to stoves, tires to outdoor furniture, tubs to tiles – you name it.  It’s actually kind of crazy how well this one works and how cheap it really is.  Plus, it’s just kind of fun to work with

3.  The Bissell Little Green Cleaning Machine

$180 | Amazon

$134 | Kohl′s

Video Views:  +20 Million
Watch It: Right Here

Sure it’s just a carpet cleaner, but it works insanely well, is portable, gets up and out stains like almost no other machine, and can also be used to really deep clean the inside of your car.  Once you start running it over your upholstery (or rugs) you’re going to be shocked to see all the gunk that’s being sucked up.  You’ll never really sit on a couch or the floor the same way again.

4.  The 3-Piece Power Drill Scrub Brush

Drill Scrub Brush

$15 | Amazon

Video Views:  +25 Million
Watch It: Right Here

I’m never cleaning my bathroom tiles by hand ever again.  Well, sort of.  This drill brush has more than 20 million views, is so cheap, and saves you a ton of time cleaning.  You can use this miracle power scrubber in your bathroom, kitchen floor tiles, wooden floors – you name it.  Basically anything you usually scrub by hand can use this power treatment.

5.  The Sprayway Glass/Window Cleaner

Spray Way Window Cleaner

$4.70 | Amazon

$4.74 | Walmart

Video Views:  +7.5 Million
Watch It: Right Here

At first I was thinking, “why would glass cleaner go viral?!” but now I’m all like, “Can I come over to wash your windows?”  Why I’ve been using Windex my whole life is beyond me.  Sprayway comes out as an easy to wipe/remove white foam and does not leave streaks.  I’m telling you.  It doesn’t happen.  It’s the only way I’m even able to clean my windshield myself.  I use it on my windows, my iPhone, microwave and oven glass fronts, laptop screen, and even granite counters.  It looks old-timey, but works like a true miracle.

6.  The Scrub Daddy Sponge Set

Scrub Daddy TikTok

$10 | Amazon

Video Views:  +1 Billion
Watch It: Right Here

I actually was surprised to see Scrub Daddy going viral, only because it’s been a best seller thanks to Shark Tank for years now.  Alas, that must just be my age showing.  Either way, what’s really cool about these sponges (besides their smiling faces) is that they can easily fit into glasses when you use warm water.  If you need to really give what you’re washing a good scrub (pots and pans) just add cold water, it’ll harden up, and then you can easily use it to scrub everything away.  Even cooler?  It’ll remain odor free for at least 8 weeks!

7.  The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Mr Clean Magic Eraser

$5 | Amazon

$3 | Walmart

Video Views:  +6.5 Million
Watch It: Right Here

Personally I’ve been using Mr. Clean’s Magic Sponge for some years now.  I pretty much use it to clean everything from oven doors, to marks on my walls, top of my stove, marks and stains on my sneakers, scuff marks on my baseboards, fingerprints on my light switches – and just about everything in between.  It works shockingly well.  My only gripe is that it does tend to fall apart after a little while, so it’s good to have a few backup ones just in case.