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Heard of the latest obsession over infuser machines lately?  Well, the best of the best comes from the geniuses at LEVO.  Not only do they work great, but they look great too – and you’ll want to proudly display yours.  I’ve covered them extensively, will fill you in on their latest and greatest machines and accessories, and what the deal is with their sales events and even coupons.



Truly the most wonderful time of the year, LEVO is having a pretty amazing Black Friday sale that’ll go right on through to Cyber Monday.  Here are the details on all the deals:

The best part?  You don’t even need a coupon code to get these deals.  Ho ho ho!


Infusion machines is totally where it’s at this year!  Of course they’ve been around for a little while now, but like everything else in life, it’s now totally on trend and everyone is infusing everything.  If you’re new to the game (as were we) the best option to start with comes from LEVO.  Their a leader in the herbal infuser industry, have some of the highest quality (and affordable) machines and, even cooler, they come in such cool eye-catching colors you’ll be proud to display them out on your counter.  They’re perfectly priced (lower than ever before) and even offer a coupon from time to time.  We’ll go over their coupon policy in a bit.

Get 10% Off

LEVO OIL is Giving an Extra 10% Coupon Today

Snag an extra 10% off your online order when you subscribe to their text messages.  Don't sweat it, it's free! Enter in your phone number and they'll text you your official 10% discount code to use when you checkout.  Plus, you'll get genius recipe ideas, future promotions, new arrivals, and more. Totally worth it.

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One of the best features of infusing stuff is that you know what the ingredients are, so you can keep things totally healthier than most store-bought options, and you can try to create so many different foods, drinks, and even some CBD-related products.  You do you!

If you’re new to them, don’t sweat it because we were too.  We first heard about LEVO Oil after a review we read from the folks over at Engadget.  Yes, we’re total dorks and proud of it.  Anyway, while many people use infusing machines for things like weed butter (yes, it’s a thing) and we don’t judge that, you’re actually supposed to use it for food and drinks.  But hey, do whatever you need to do these days as we’re basically fresh off the pandemic and still suffering from collective PTSD.

The brand is actually going viral on TikTok right now in a major way.  TikTok’ers are pretty obsessed with LEVO and have created so many viral videos to the tune of more than 23 million video views!

Outside of infusing butter and oil, you can make some really cool things.  Our personal fave is all things gummies, but check out some cool ideas you can concoct like:

  • Oils
  • Butters
  • Gummies
  • Dressings
  • Smoothies
  • Lip balms
  • Scrubs
  • CBD Hot Chocolate
  • So. Much. More.

Sky really is the limit with what you can drum up.  LEVO actually has a really help section of their site where you can sift through some of their most popular recipes and ideas (including how-to’s).  Our personal favorite is the cinnamon maple butter french toast recipe.  I mean.  Check out all their recipe ideas here!

Outside of us basically infusing everything we can think of, we’re really impressed with the company itself.  It was founded and run by Chrissy Bellman, who was smart, scrappy and determined to get this off the ground years ago.  We love supporting female owned businesses so all of this was really right up our alley.

So whether you’re looking to give this a whirl yourself or are looking for the ultimate gift idea for someone else, we highly recommend going with LEVO.  Totally worth it and, quite honestly, a game-changer for your kitchen and your life.


Everyone always wants a deal and we are totally the same.  When it comes to things like sales and even promo codes, there’s a lot of misinformation out there so we wanted to clarify all their policies for you in order to make shopping that much easier and even more efficient.

If you’re looking for a coupon, your best bet is to shop direct at LEVO because they have exclusive offers there and are pretty transparent about it.  For example, you can get an extra 5% code just for signing up by email for their newsletter or even an extra 10% off by signing up for their text message.  Check that all out here.

You can also save up to almost $80 with some of their “subscribe and save” bundles too, which really comes in handy if you’re in this for the long-haul!

Finally, they have a $25 reward for referring a friend.  Like we always say, check their site because they’ll legit give you everything you need and at least you’ll know all promo offers are active and will actually work!

For major sales events, LEVO has had some great offers during Black Friday and into Cyber Monday.  In the past they were offering an extra $140 off with a Black Friday discount code (they provided it) that was posted right on their Facebook page.  We always recommend following your favorite brands on social media because that’s a great way to stay in the loop on future sales, discounts, exclusives, and more.

Check out some of the best of LEVO, including new arrivals, best sellers, and even a coupon or two (so far) in May 2024!


NEW: LEVO New Arrivals, Sales & Coupons (10%)

Infusion machines are where it's at this year and there really is no one better than LEVO for all your oil and butter (and more) infusion needs.  For real, it's amazing.  Check out their current best sellers (in really pretty color options), current deals, and their official coupon sitch, like getting either 5% or 10% off your order!

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Get 10% Off

LEVO OIL is Giving an Extra 10% Coupon Today

Snag an extra 10% off your online order when you subscribe to their text messages.  Don't sweat it, it's free! Enter in your phone number and they'll text you your official 10% discount code to use when you checkout.  Plus, you'll get genius recipe ideas, future promotions, new arrivals, and more. Totally worth it.

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5% Off

Take an Extra 5% Off Direct From LEVO

If you're looking to save a little online, go for their 5% coupon when you signup for their emails with your own email address (10% if you sign up for text messages).  They'll inbox you a 5% promo code you can use online direct on their site.

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Less Than $300

Get the New LEVO-II For Less than $300!

Get their latest must-have model now under $300!  And choose from some really cool colors like jet black, robin blue, cayenne red, alpine white, or meyer yellow.

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$50 Off

Get Up to $50 Off Select Infusion Machines!

Take up to $50 off select infusion machines!  Check out the "I" and the "II" to see which suits your needs best.  Their color choices are totally on trend too!

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See LEVO’s 14K Gold Limited Edition Infuser for $5,000!

There's definitely no deal here, but you must see this insane 14K gold limited edition infuser machine.  It's crazy! These are made-to-order and you can't use a discount code on this one, but if you're rich...go for it!

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Get $25

Give 10% Off + Get a $25 Gift Card!

Having friends finally pays off!  Refer a friend and not only will they get 10% off towards their purchase, but you'll get a $25 Amazon gift card as a thank you once they make a purchase.  Get all their official deets here!

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Are you as obsessed with LEVO as we are?  If so, take a look at some of the other brands we’re totally digging – many that currently have some helpful coupon codes like Ardent Cannabis (10% code), iHerb (20% coupon), Magical Butter (10% promo code), Almond Cow (10% coupon), and even Binoid (extra 20% discount).  There is some overlap with some of these brands as far as infusers go, but most are having some really great sales right now too!