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Recover in Style: OOFOS Footwear Sale, Discount, & New Arrivals

OOFOS Promo Codes & Coupons May 2024

Stop everything you’re doing because your feet (and entire body) is about to feel a whole lot better.  Introducing OOFOS, the recovery footwear that feels great, looks great, and really can help with tired and sore feet.  I’m covering what they’re all about, some best sellers, a few pretty amazing sales, and even the deal with their coupon policy.



I was a big fan of Crocs, when it came to comfort.  I’d bum around my house with them, but was never particularly into how they looked.  No judgement, but you know what I mean.  I then came across OOFOS and came to the realization that you can have have extremely comfortable and supportive footwear and  have it look pretty stylish too.  But don’t worry, if you still love that clog look, they have those too.


For the first time ever you can now score an extra 15% coupon on your OOFOS order (online only) this month. Get all your official details here. Reveal more here!

OOFOS has some pretty amazing technology and their proprietary OOfoam that actually absorbs almost 40% more impact than other traditional foam footwear.  It even helps reduce energy exertion in your ankles by almost 50%.  They basically help with your joints, muscles, and cradles all those pain points to help your feet (and you!) just feel more energized.  And they do this all at a pretty decent price-point – even if you don’t have a coupon.  I’ll get to the deal with that in a minute.

By now you know I basically spend endless hours scrolling through TikTok and I even found that they have a pretty impressive cult following there with almost 300,000 video views talking about the brand.  So many of those TikTok’ers (are they even called that?!) love how it makes their feet feel, especially those who are on their feet all day like many in the healthcare space, restaurant workers – you name it.

As a runner (not a great one) I read a lot from some running experts and some med professionals about how OOFOS are great to slide into right after a run.  While some can be on the pricier side, most feel like they are worth the money, helped with injury prevention, and loved the comfort and support they provided them.

I picked up a pair for myself – I got their recovery slides in black (now they have them in lavender and I’m so mad I bought mine before the lavender options came out!) and I have to say, while they did take a little time to get used to they really do help my feet (and even my shins and up my legs) feel better after a run.  I even wear them around the house (I work from home so it’s allowed!).  Even better, I was able to get an extra $5 off coupon my order.  I think they’re definitely worth giving them a shot.


One complaint that some have when it comes to OOFOS is their price.  Personally, I don’t feel like they’re overly expensive especially when compared to their competitors.  While they don’t have an abundance of promo codes, they do have some ways to save with coupon-like offers.

For example, I was able to get a $5 off coupon just by signing up for the OOFOS Rewards Program.  It’s free to sign up and when you do, they’ll give you an extra $5 off your order.  But outside of that $5, their Rewards Program is totally worth it because you’ll continue to save the more you spend.  You can even get up to $50 off your order with a certain amount of points.  Get all the details from their site here.

Another generous offer they have is their referral program.  When you refer a friend to OOFOS and they make a purchase, they’ll get 15% off and you’ll get a $15 coupon to use on your own future order.

Outside of things like coupon codes and the like, they’re actually having a really great sale right now where you can get up to 20% off a wide variety of their recovery footwear.  I’ve seen up to 20% off things like their best selling sandals, slides, and even clogs for both women and men!

I’ve rounded up some really interesting things OOFOS has going on from new arrivals to best sellers and even some really amazing sales.


Probably the most comfortable slides I’ve ever slipped my feet into after a fun, OOFOS has a wide variety of recovery footwear for both women and men. Take a look at their new arrivals, most popular options, sales for up to 20% off, and their $5 – $50 coupon via their rewards program. Reveal more here!


For the first time ever you can now score an extra 15% coupon on your OOFOS order (online only) this month. Get all your official details here. Reveal more here!

$5 OFF

Get an extra $5 off your OOFOS online order just by signing up for their famous rewards program. It’s free to sign up and you’ll get an initial $5 off. You can eventually even get up to $50 off! Reveal more here!

$15 OFF

If you’re looking to save a bit more, just take part in their friend referral program, where when you refer a friend to OOFOS and they make a purchase you’ll get $15 to put towards your next order. Your friend is even going to get an extra 15% off theirs, so everyone wins! Reveal more here!

20% OFF

If you’re looking for their amazing sale – this is it! Right now you can get up to 20% off some of their best selling recovery footwear like sandals, slides, tongs, and more for both women and men. And find out how to get that extra $5 off too!! Reveal more here!


It’s officially time to test drive their sandals, especially since some of their best seller are now priced as low as just $40 and going up from there. Take a look at their slides, tongs, and other popular sandals. Reveal more here!


There are a ton of great options for men too. Take a look at some of their most popular slides, sandals, and sneakers for men – many of which are now priced under $60. Learn how to take an extra $5 off just by signing up for their free rewards program. Reveal more here!


Take up to 20% off some of their best selling clogs that come in a wide variety of colors and patterns – perfect for work, home, or wherever. The best part? You don’t even need a promo code to take part in the up to 20% off deal. Check out their limited edition colors too. Reveal more here!

If you like the above deals from OOFOS, perhaps you’ll like some coupon codes we’ve covered from Zappos, Shoe Mall, Nike, New Balance, Soludos, and Cariuma.  They’re roughly in the same space and also offer some nice deals with and without coupons.  All are really worth checking out, especially if you love a deal or two!


While OOFOS does offer a wide variety of discount for certain groups, at this time they do not offer a discount to students.  If this changes, I’ll update y’all.  You can get their $5 new customer discount with email signup.  Learn more here.


OOFOS has partnered with Id.Me to provide a really generous 20% discount to a variety of those in and out of the military.  Here’s the current list I was able to find of those who are eligible:

  • Active Duty
  • Veterans
  • Reserves
  • Retirees
  • Military Spouses & Immediate Family


Another discount they currently provide for an additional 20% off, free shipping, and free returns is for nurse and other healthcare professionals.  Again, they’ve partnered with Id.Me for this 20% discount code.  Those included, once verified, include nurses:

  • ARNP
  • RN
  • PN/LPN
  • APRN
  • CRNA
  • CNS
  • CNA
  • Certified Midwife
  • Certified Nurse Practitioner


Current teachers can get an additional 20% discount code, free shipping, and even free returns direct from OOFOS.  Teachers eligible include:

  • Certified Teachers
  • Certified Teacher Aide
  • Certified Teaching Assistant
  • Certified Educational Assistant
  • College/University Professors
  • Speech Pathologists
  • School Administration