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So, What’s the Deal With the Book Depository Student Discount?

Whether you need books for school or just for, you know, sport there are plenty of amazing options at super low prices from Book Depository.  And while the prices are pretty low and shipping is free, we wanted to look into their student and teacher discount situation.  Does it exist or is it just a myth?  Let’s see!

Book Depository Student Discount Code May 2024

Book Depository Official Discount Here

We’ve covered so many book clubs around here from Oprah, Read With Jenna, Reese’s Book Club and a ton more.  Most of those come from Amazon, but did you know Book Depository has more than 20 million books, most at discount prices, and all ship for free world-wide.  No catch either.

So when it comes to finding prices even lower, so many people out there are looking to see if they have a student discount and even a teacher discount code.  We researched this a bit so we could better understand what Book Depository has to offer (if anything at all), so we’ve compiled a list of the possible discounts for a variety of groups to see what their deal is.  We’re starting with student discounts since that’s the most common ask.


StudentsYes or No?

Trying to find a student discount at Book Depository and if they actually have one?  Click the next tab to get it answered!

YES!  And here’s who eligible:

• Students who are currently enrolled.

You have to be currently enrolled in school (aka “active”) and can prove it!  Book Depository teamed up with Student Beans to offer an extra 10% off your purchase.  Get the official student discount here.

TeachersYes or No?

Looking to see if there is a current teacher discount?  Click the next tab to get the official answer!

NO!  Sadly, they’re not currently offering teacher discounts – even through Student Beans, which is a total bummer.  You can still get 10% off a wide variety of top picks and free shipping worldwide.

First Responders/HealthcareYes or No?

Want to see if they have a healthcare worker discount code?  Click the next tab to get the official answer!

NO!  Another bummer, but at this time there isn’t a first responder discount or one for healthcare workers.  If this changes, we’ll be sure to update this page with all the deets.


…like many others they’ve teamed up with Student Beans to give an extra 10% off.  Check that out right here!

Before you can use the 10% discount code, you’re going to have to confirm you’re a student with some basic info.  It doesn’t take long and as long as you’re actually a currently enrolled student getting an extra 10% off your books should be a breeze.  The only thing is that no all books are eligible.

There are more than 100 top sellers you can use your 10% discount code on.  All eligible books can be found here.

One of the coolest features, we think, is their student academic books that are also 10% off.  We all know how expensive school books can be, so any discount is always appreciated.  From basic algebra and biology to dental books and student nursing handbooks (and everything in between) there are plenty that are 10% off.  You can find all the eligible academic books here.

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