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35 Gifts Under $25 That Don’t Look Cheap (But Totally Are!)

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You don’t have to break the bank when trying to find the perfect gift.  We’ve rounded up some of the best ideas for everyone on your list and all are currently under $25.  Many are even under $10!  You’re welcome!

Cheap Gifts Under $25 for Christmas 2024 - Inexpensive Xmas Presents for Everyone 2024

You know what’s pretty much worst part of shopping for gifts during the holidays (besides finding a place to park at the mall)?  It’s when everything you like is, legit, so expensive.  Of course there are going to be those gifts that you’ll be paying off until mid-2024 (and that’s ok), but not every one of them needs to put you into dept.  There are a ton of great options out there that are cheap and, well, under $25.00.  And guess what?  We’ve found them.  The tricky part if finding the right selection so that you’ll be able to cover just about anyone on your list.  We’ve picked some of our favorites that will work for your kids, your wife, your husband, those co-worker who demand to exchange presents, the techies, and so many more.  Check out some of the best ‘cheap’ gifts, all of which are priced under $25 and many are even under $15 and $10.  Happy shopping!

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The ‘Donut Hole’ Mug – Buy It Here

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Sure it’s a novelty gift, but it’s totally usable too!  This funny Donut Hole ceramic coffee mug holds up to 16-ounces of your favorite beverage (hello coffee!) and even has a space to hold your donut all at the same time!  Perhaps it’ll warm it up too!  It’s really the only way to have breakfast. Learn more here!

The Crockpot Slow Cooker in Black & White – Buy It Here

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Yes, we’re shocked this slow cooker us actually currently priced less than $25!  It’s a 4.5 quart Crockpot and will serve anywhere between 4-5 people.  It’s also the perfect size if you’re just cooking for only 1 or 2, but also works for a family too. Learn more here!

The Bad Girls Throughout History Book – Buy It Here

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It’s the hardcover book that everyone has been buzzing about lately.  ‘Bad Girls Throughout History’ looks at 100 bad-ass women who totally changed the world we live in.  It’s really perfect for any age (not just adults). Learn more here!

The Hockey Mug/Bowl – Buy It Here

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The perfect cheapo gift for all the hockey fans in your house.  This hockey mug with net is perfect for your favorite drinks like hot chocolate (with marshmallows!), regular coffee, or even a small snack of cereal or soup! Learn more here!

The ‘Weekends, Coffee, and Dogs’ T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Funny Dog Shirt for Dog Lovers gifts 2018 - 2024

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If we’re being honest, what’s better than the weekend, coffee and, of course, your dog!?  Pretty much nothing.  This super soft t-shirt has a broken-in retro vibe and comes in a bunch of different color choices too.  Pick one up for yourself while you’re at it.  Learn more here!

The PodSkinz Protective AirPods Cover – Buy It Here

Best Stocking Stuffers 2024: AirPod Case

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Keep your AirPods safe and looking super sharp and unique all at the same time.  These come in a ton of different colors and are super cheap!  Learn more here!

The Tile Phone and ‘Whatever’ Finder – Buy It Here

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This super small little tile attaches to things like your keys, your phone, your purse, wallet and, well, whatever.  If you lose anything it’s attached to all you have to do is use the app and it’ll alert you to where your prized possession is hiding. Learn more here!

The LifeAroundAngels Bath Bomb Gift Set – Buy It Here
Christmas Gifts For Her 2024: Best Selling Bath Bomb 2024

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She’s going to totally zen out with these really amazing bath bombs.  They’re actually one of the top-sellers on Amazon, currently have 4.9 out of 5 stars, and over 5,000 reviews.  So don’t just take our word for it!  This comes as a set of 12, are handcrafted, are individually wrapped, and are even made in the United  States.  Learn more here!

The NFL Unisex Knit Winter Hat (Choose Your Favorite Team) – Buy It Here

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Now you can score your very own favorite NFL team winter hat.  Plus, who doesn’t love the pom-pom on the top of this super comfy, cozy, and 100% cotton hat?!  If the Patriots aren’t your jam (we know, we know) simply click through and choose your favorite team from the dropdown menu.  See all other teams here!

The Famous Whiskey Wedge + Glass – Buy It Here

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Because you want your whiskey somewhat cold, but not watered down.  This whiskey ice wedge/glass is exactly what any serious whiskey drinker needs in their life. Learn more here!

The Mr. Rogers Figurine – Buy It Here

Best Stocking Stuffers 2024: Mr Rogers Toy 2024

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Because it really is a beautiful day in the neighborhood!  Everyone should have a little Mr. Rogers in their life.  So cute.  Learn more here!

The Progressive Microwavable S’Mores Maker – Buy It Here

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Now you don’t have to fire up the fire pit in your backyard to make some of your favorite dessert treats.  This S’Mores maker allows you to make them in 30-seconds or less.  Done and done.  Enjoy!  Learn more here!

The Cheap Shock:  Set of 6 Turkish Cotton Bathroom Towels For Under $25 – Buy It Here

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Yes, you read that right!  This comfy set of 6 bath towels are currently priced under $25.00!  Can you believe that?!  Even better, they currently have 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon and have over 3,500 reviews!  These 100% Turkish towels come in a bunch of colors like grey, white, navy blue, teal, pink, purple, beige and so many more.  See more color options here!

The Rapid X5 Car Phone Charger (with 5 Ports!) – Buy It Here

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Now he can charge pretty much all of his devices while in the car!  This car charger comes with 5 different connection ports (fine, you can charge your stuff too), so it’ll work for the whole fam.  Plus, it’ll detect the type of device and surge the appropriate power to charge it as fast as possible.  Choose from a variety of different colors too.  See color options here!

The Funny Set of 4 Stemless Wine Glasses – Buy It Here

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What better way to let your guests know how drunk they’re getting by the animal-inspired stemless wine glass you give them.  This comes as a set of four and has labels like: buzzes, intoxicated, skunked, and slothed.  So funny and cute! Learn more here!

The Trendy Felt Letter Board – Buy It Here

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This is a super fun way to display some messages throughout your home, office, classroom, or wherever!  Everyone is using felt letter boards these days is this one is, not only, pretty cheap, but also comes with over 300 letters, emojis, and punctuation. Choose from a ton of different colors and patterns too.  Learn more here!

The Cards Against Humanity Party Game – Buy It Here

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Because there are always people who haven’t played this game and it really is life-changing.  This pack is the updated version with over 150 new hysterical cards.  This one will never disappoint.  Learn more here!

The Home Perspective Large Slate Cheeseboard with Chalk – Buy It Here

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Now you display all your favorite meats and cheeses and make them totally Instagram-worthy.  This large slate board comes with chalk, a stainless steel cutlery set which contains 4 knives, and will really up your hosting game! Learn more here!

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The 2024 Bubble Wrap Wall Calendar – Buy It Here

Buy Now

We couldn’t love popping bubble wrap any more than we do!  Now you can pop the bubbles, literally, every single day of the week all year round.  This calendar easily hangs on your wall (or door) and comes 48-inches by 16-inches.  We’re obsessed!  Learn more here!

The Anker PowerCore Phone & Device Charger on the Go – Buy It Here

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Now you can charge your favorite device when you’re on the go and don’t have the time to plug it in or, you know, can’t seem to find a place to plug it in.  This is one of the best sellers and comes in a variety of colors like blue, black, red, and white.  See color options here!

The Secura Premium Wine Aerator/Pourer – Buy It Here

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Perfect for all the wine lovers out there!  Now you can aerate and ‘let breathe’ your very own glass of wine thanks to the aeration system that infuses the wine with the optimal amount of air possible.  It’s smell better, taste better, and hopefully help cut down on those perky hangover headaches. Learn more here!

The ‘Letters to My Future Self’ – Buy It Here

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This is such a great way to jot down your dreams, intentions, and goals for your ‘future self.’  It works almost like a time capsule where you open these up years down the road to see what you’ve accomplished and what you were thinking years before. Learn more here!

The Set of 2 Moscow Mule Copper Mugs – Buy It Here

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This is one of the best ‘cheap’ Moscow Mule mug sets we’ve found that are actually made of copper!  They’re also currently the #1 best seller on Amazon and even come with two copper straws and the copper jigger.  What’s better than that?  Ugh, if only the vodka came with it! Learn more here!

– Our Cheap Picks for Kids –

The Treasure X Aliens with Slime – Buy It Here

Best New Toys 2024: Treasure X Aliens 2024

Buy Now

If they love surprises, collectibles, and slime they’re going to totally be down with the Treasure X Aliens where they have to save the Treasure Hunter from the alien who ate him! They’ll cut open the alien’s belly that’s filled with gooey slime to rescue the surprise Treasure Hunter and even find a real space gem, a mystery weapon, and more right inside him. Learn more here!

The Blume Dolls  – Buy It Here

What's Inside the Blume Doll Flower Pot 2024 - 2024

Buy Now

This year one of the hottest toys is slated to be these new Blume Dolls.  They come in a flower pot and when you water them they start to actually sprout up! It’s a total surprise on which Blume Doll you’ll get and there are over 20 different potential dolls to collect.  Learn more here!

The ‘Choose Kindness’ PopSocket – Buy It Here

Choose Kindness PopSocket 2018

Buy Now

This cute PopSocket has the message ‘Choose Kindness’ on the top with a cartoon-like rainbow.  In a world that could use some gentle reminders, we think this is the friendly thought our kids could see each and every day and hopefully always remember to choose kindness. Learn more here!

The ‘Color Your Own Map’ Pillowcase – Buy It Here

Buy Now

It certainly beats them coloring on the walls!  And if they love coloring in their own pillowcases, they’ll totally love coloring in their own matching duvet too!

The New Baby Shark Fingerling – Buy It Here
Best White Elephant Gift 2024: Baby Shark Fingerling 2024
Buy Now

We like to call this the “get back at them” gift.  That’s right, it’s that Baby Shark that sings that song (you know it) and now it’s an official Fingerling that lives on your finger, is totally interactive, lights up, kisses you and, of course, sings the Baby Shark song.  Horrible!  Learn more here!

The Hatchimals Pixies – Buy It Here

Best New Toys 2024: Hatchimals Pixies 2024

Buy Now

Hatchimals is back and this time they’re here with the cutest little Hatchimals Pixies that actually hatch out of a small egg.  Which pixie you’ll get is a complete surprise! You’ll be able to pose them, move their heads, play with them, and more. Learn more here!

The New Hairdorables Series 3 – Buy It Here

New Toys For Girls 2024: Hairdorables Series 3

Buy Now

The fun is that your kiddo won’t know which doll they’re getting.  Once they pull the mystery tab they’ll find out!  Plus, they’ll get 11 more surprises in total. Super cute, fun and, well, cheaperoo! Learn more here!

The ‘Pizza Fridays’ T-Shirt (Choose Your Favorite Color) – Buy It Here

Pizza Fridays Tee

Buy Now

Because they totally love ‘Pizza Fridays’ at school and, well, you love it too! See more colors here!

The ‘Not Parent Approved’ Game for Kids – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Everyone is obsessed over this one!  It’s like ‘Cards Against Humanity’ but for children and 100% family friendly. Learn more here!

The “Don’t Step In It” Game – Buy It Here
New Toys of 2018: Don't Step in It Poop Game 2024
Buy Now

One of the most popular new games of the year, simply set up the poop mat, place the various clay poops in different place, blindfold the kiddos and have them see how far they can make it without “stepping in it.”  Who wouldn’t love this?! Learn more here!

The Large Colorful Jenga-Like Blocks – Buy It Here
Best Kid Gift Ideas 2018: Colorful Jenga-Like Blocks


Buy Now

The kiddos will have a blast trying to carefully take out each of these colorful blocks without toppling the entire thing over! It includes 48-pieces, the dice, and tons of fun. Learn more here!

The Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Neon Glow-in-the-Dark 12-Pack Eggs – Buy It Here
Buy Now

They’re going to totally love that these little Hatchimal eggs glow in the dark!  Plus, they’ll still be able to hatch all of them and see who’s inside. Learn more here!

The ‘Finish This Book’ Mystery – Buy It Here

Buy Now

They’ll love finishing this book themselves by solving a mystery and becoming totally involved. Learn more here!

The New Pomsies Lumies  – Buy It Here

New Pomsies Lumies Light Up & Color Changing 2024 -2020

Buy Now

These new super cute Lumies are different color-charged Pom Pom Pets that interact with color in really cool ways! Simply tap them they  can match any color and even turn colors into musical beats-up to 1,000 possible mixes!  Learn more here.

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