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20 Well-Deserved Gifts For Graduation Because They’ve Really Had a Year

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It’s officially graduation season and, well, you’re already out of gift ideas.  Take a look below and we’ll solve your grad gift dilemma in under 2 minutes.

Best Graduation Gifts 2024 - Unique High School & College Gift Ideas for Graduation

We can all probably agree that, um, school has been a lot different this year.  Most students (if not all) were either tasked with learning from home full-time or part of the hybrid model.  They mastered Zoom video calls, worked a lot by themselves, missed seeing their friends every day, had so many of their sports canceled/postponed/rescheduled and took more Covid-19 tests than they can count.  But you know what?  They made it.  They really did it.  And we applaud them for it.

If there was ever a year to really find them an amazing graduation gift, well, this is the year.  And whether they’re graduating from high school or college there’s one thing that they all have in common.  They’ve survived and they thrived.  Oh, and let’s face it, they already have everything so it can still be tough on figuring out what to gift them for making it through it all

As always, we take our cues from Oprah (who’s basically the Queen of Presents), researched the depths of the internet, and even polled the real-life grads in our life.  These are the main themes we’re seeing this year:

  • Thoughtful + Nostalgic:  Think inspirational journals, necklaces, and books.

  • Calm + Collective:  Think essential oils, weighted blankets, and comfy robes.

  • Tech + Gadgets:  Think noise-cancelling headphones, fitness trackers, and portable speakers.

We’ve broken down some of the top ideas that really are applicable for both guys and gals (why label?) and focused on things they can bring with them when moving out or ways to make their current home life way better.  Most of these, we actually own ourselves or have gifted them to someone special on our list over the past few months.

So check out our picks for some of the best graduation gifts and ideas (so far) in 2024.


“The Path’ Necklace
Uncommon Goods

Graduation Necklace


Buy at Uncommon Goods

For Inspirational Graduate

Because it’s great way for them to stay inspired even after graduation.  This sterling silver necklace is symbolic of the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote “Do not go where the path my lead.  Go instead where there is not path and leave a trail.”  Important words to live by. Learn more here!


The ‘Homesick’ State Candle
Amazon Ratings: +6,800

Homesick Candle by State


Buy at Amazon

For the Going Away Grad

Because whether it’s their high school graduation and they’re heading off to college or they’re just moving out, the odds are that they’re going to be homesick.  This ‘homesick’ candle smells great and you can choose the state you want placed on the candle itself.  It’ll help keep them calm and remind them of you and their home. Learn more here!


The Temperature Control Coffee Mug
Amazon Ratings: +1,000

Ember Temp Control Mug


Buy at Amazon

For the Coffee Lover

Because, yes, they’re going to need a ton of coffee and, well at all hours of the day and night!  This is the smartest coffee mug we’ve ever seen! It has temperature control that they can choose to control remotely and even choose their own LED color!  This one was designed to keep your beverages hot (hello coffee or tea!) from about an hour.  You can even have different temperatures pre-set so different drinks can stay hot (or warm) at different temperatures.  Learn more here!


The Must-Have Packing Cubes
Schake Pack
Amazon Ratings: +12,000

Packing Cubes


Buy at Amazon

For the Traveler

You may not be hurrying to pack them up and ship them out, but let’s honest.  You kind of are.  Save a ton of space with these game-changer packing cubes.  These come as a set of 5 and even include a laundry bag, you know, so they can easily bring it home for you to do it.  Check them out in 8 different color options too.  Learn more here!


The New Apple AirPods Max

AirPods Max

$449.00 (18% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

For the Trendy

Over-the-ear headphones are making a big comeback and these are the latest best sellers from Apple.  They’re called the AirPods Max and are super comfy, noise-cancelling, and sound amazing.  Check them out in a bunch of different colors too.  Learn more here!


The Five Minute Journal
Intelligent Change
Amazon Ratings: +5,800

5 Minute Journal

$24.99 (17% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

For the Intention Setter

Change your life in only five minutes a day.  Not only do we have this one and use it daily, but we’ve gifted it a ton. It only take five minutes (hence the name) and you’ll jot down things you’re grateful for, positive affirmations about yourself, intention setting statements, and more.  Super important.  Learn more here!


The Weighted Blanket for Anxiety
Amazon Ratings: +36,000

YM Weighted Blanket


Buy at Amazon

For the Always Anxious

Yes, life can be totally stressful and sometimes we all need a little help with our anxiety levels, especially after we’re done with school! Everyone has been buzzing about the power of weighted blankets helping to reduce anxiety and, well, this is one of the best sellers of the year!  It currently has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and over 36,000 customer reviews.  You can even choose the weight of the blanket (anywhere from 7-pounds to 20-pounds).  It also comes in a bunch of different colors and prints too.  Learn more here!


The ‘My Life Story So Far’ Journal
Uncommon Goods

My Life Story


Buy at Uncommon Goods

For the Story Teller

Because they may still seem young to you, but they’ve already lived quite the life and should really start documenting it.  They’ll love looking back years down road and seeing just how far they’ve come. Learn more here!


The ‘She Believed She Could, So She Did’ Framed Wall Art
Uncommon Goods

Minted Grad Print


Buy at UncommonGoods

For Her

Because she still needs that motivating kick every now and then.  This block wall art will look prefect in her new dorm room, apartment, or anywhere really.  Learn more here!


The Online Masterclass Gift



Buy at Masterclass

For the Online Learner

This idea is so cool. These are classes they’ll actually want to take online!  Now they  can take an online ‘Master Class’ with an actual expert!  Even better, you can quickly and easily gift them this!  Choose from over 45 different classes (and experts) based on her interests.  Check out a cooking course from Gordon Ramsay, James Patterson teaches writing, Steve Martin teaches comedy, and so much more.  Learn more here!


The Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace
Uncommon Goods

Glass Ceiling Necklace


Buy at UncommonGoods

For the Ceiling Breaker

Because everyone should want to shatter that glass ceiling this year once and for all.  It’s a great reminder to keep at it, work hard, and strive for total equality. Learn more here!


The Super Cozy Classic White Bathrobe
Snowe Home

Snowe Robe


Buy at Snowe Home

For the Comfort Lover

Yes, this is the bathrobe is seems like everyone on the InterWebs has been freaking out over all year.  And now we understand why.  First off, it’s super comfy.  Like, for real, really comfortable.  It’s made of 100%  long-staple cotton, is really plush, and has a super comfy shawl collar. Check out the color options here.


The Portable Wireless Shower Speaker
Amazon Ratings: +21,200

VictSing Shower Speaker

Buy at Amazon

For the Shower Singer

Now you can hit all the notes in the shower (or bathtub) thanks to this waterproof wireless speaker! It even has a built-in mic so thanks to bluetooth you can take calls from just about anywhere (luckily there’s not a camera built in!).  Learn more here!


The Microwave Popcorn Popper
Amazon Ratings: +21,000

Microwave Popcorn Popper


Buy at Amazon

For the Snacker

Because they can now pop their own popcorn right in their microwave any time they want, which makes it somewhat healthy.  Score!  However, if they’re throwing health out the window (good for them!) this one also comes with an optional butter melter right on top.  Mmmm butter!  Learn more here!


The ‘UrPower’ Essential Oil Diffuser
Amazon Ratings: +67,000

Essential Oil Diffuser


Buy at Amazon

For the Zen Master

Whether they’ve recently graduated high school or college, they could use a little zen time in their life.  This year it’s all about the essential oil diffusers to help stay calm and, hopefully, anxiety free.  This one is, not only, one of the best-sellers on Amazon, but it currently has over 30,000 customer reviews and has been rated 4.4 out of 4 stars! See more color options here!


The Apple Watch Series 6
Amazon Ratings: +20,000

Apple Watch Series 6


Buy at Amazon

For the Tech Geek

Upgrade their old smartwatch with this latest must-have from Apple (series 6).  It’s basically a fitness tracker, virtual assistant, heart rate monitor, GPS helper, and sleep guide all in one.  Oh, and you can take and make calls right from your wrist (including text messages).  Check it out in over 10 different colors.  Learn more here!


The Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger Box



Buy at UncommonGoods

For the Friendly Reminder

Now this is the coolest thing ever!  All you do is simply gift someone this small ‘lovebox’ and whenever you use the app to send them a message the heart on the box will spin (alerting them that there’s a new message) and all they have to do is open the box to see the message you’ve just sent them!  It’s the perfect way to let that special someone know you’ve been thinking of them.  It’s like a new take on that famous ‘long distance touch lamp‘ that basically broke the internet last year!  Learn more here!


The Fire TV Stick 4K Streaming Media Player
Amazon Ratings: +520,000

Fire TV 4K

Buy at Amazon

For the Binge Watcher

Because now they can binge watch all those shows they’ve been talking to you about instead of, you know, actually heading to class.  Fine, on the weekends.  This is the latest and greatest and, yes, it’s the 4K version with Alexa voice remote!  Learn more here!


The Dyson Pure Hot/Cool Air Purifier
Amazon Ratings: +900

Dyson Air


Buy at Amazon

For Allergy Sufferer

We love this one because, uh, Dyson!  But also because it helps to purify your air all year round.  It keeps your room cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and even works with Amazon Alexa.  Of course!  Plus, it helps to remove 99.97% of all the allergens in the air. Learn more here!


The Apple AirPods Pro
Amazon Ratings: +150,000

AirPods Pro


Buy at Amazon

For the Runner/Gym Goer

Because your recent graduate will love that the latest from Apple with their truly wireless and noise-cancelling AirPods.  Plus, they can use them to talk on the phone, listen to music, books, and more!  Learn more here!

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