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Pretty Funny White Elephant Gifts, All Under $25, That’ll Even Work at Your Yankee Swap Party!

Gift ideas so good, you're going to actually want to keep the gift you brought. Let the games begin!

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Funny White Elephant & Yankee Swap Gifts 2024

Whether you’re heading out to a White Elephant party or traditional Yankee Swap – we got some really fun gift ideas that won’t break the bank and will still get a laugh!



Believe it or not, White Elephant Parties and Yankee Swaps are basically the same type of holiday gift exchanges, but just different names.  Yankee Swap parties are more common in the Northeast of the United States, while just about everywhere else in the country calls it “White Elephant.”  Either way, the goals are typically the same – bring a funny wrapped gift that doesn’t cost a lot and will result in everyone “fighting” over. For us, the more ridiculous the better.


Here’s the thing, there are endless ways to take part in a White Elephant party.  And most of the rules can be changed around based on the vibe of your party.  However, here’s a set of rules that we usually abide by to keep things light, fun, and full of laughter.  Feel free to change any of these around so they make the most sense for you.

  • The Type of Gift:  In a White Elephant Party, friends and family usually bring wrapped gifts, that are usually funny, quirky, or even nerdy rather than serious gifts or anything that is expensive.

  • Amount to Spend:  For sure the amount to spend on your gift can fluctuate but, again, typically these parties are on the cheaper side.   Anything under $50 is totally acceptable and we prefer to try and still to $30 and under, with $25 being the sweet spot.

  • Provide Number Tags:   Randomly assign a number to each person taking part in the gift exchange and give them a number tag. This step is important as it determines the order of gift selection.

  • Starting the Game: The person with number “1” goes first. They choose a gift from the pile and open it, showing it to everyone.

  • Subsequent Turns: The person with number “2” goes next. They can either choose a wrapped gift from the pile or steal the gift from the first person. If someone’s gift is stolen, they can then choose a new gift from the pile.

  • Stealing Rules: A gift can only be stolen a certain number of times (usually 2 or 3) before it’s considered “frozen.” A frozen gift can’t be stolen again.

  • Continuing the Turns: Everyone will continue taking turns based on their numbers. They can either choose a new gift or steal from someone with an un-frozen gift until all the gifts are officially unwrapped and selected.


We’ve come up with some pretty fun and, at times, oddly practical gift ideas you can bring to the party and, even better, they won’t break the bank with most of these gifts under $30.  In fact, some of these gifts you may actually not want to part with at all.  Let’s dive right in!


The "My White Elphant Gift" Tee

My White Elephant Gift Tee 2024

The perfect option when you’re heading to a White Elephant party (not great when it’s a Yankee Swap) and need a little something funny to wear or it totally makes a great present idea. If this t-shirt was an emoji it would 100% be the eye-roll. This one also comes in other colors like black, light blue, heather grey, and pink.  There are a bunch of size options for men, women, and even kids.


The Official Richard Simmons Chia Pet

Richard Simmons Chia Pet for Yankee Swap 2024

Combining our two favorite retro heroes from the 80s (Richard Simmons and a Chia Pet) will really bring your White Elephant gift exchange to life.  In fact, we predict this will be the most sought-after present.  

Inside this awesome gift, you’ll find a one-of-a-kind terra cotta pottery planter, a handy plastic drip tray, and not one, not two, but three packs of chia seeds for your planting adventures. And here’s the exciting part – your Richard Simmons Chia Head will sprout into a full-blown wonder in just 1-2 weeks!  Yep, we’re talking about that famous “hair” on top of his head AND his equally famous chest hair.


The People of Walmart Coloring Book For Adults

People of Walmart Coloring Book

Check out this totally awesome adult coloring book that’s on a whole new level! The “People of Walmart” is packed with 37 super funny drawings (76 pages in total), and get this – each one is on its own page, so no colors will bleed through. These drawings are all original and seriously intricate, and guess what? They’re based on those funny images you’ve probably seen online already! 


The Original Toilet Mug

Toilet Mug Gift

Why should your dog be the only one who gets to drink out of the toilet?  Now you can too.  Hooray!  This funny and usable toilet mug from Big Mouth hold up to 12 ounces of your favorite drink, but you can even fill it with little snacks, cereal – you name it.  Your White Elephant friends will love that you can put it in the microwave, but they may not love that it has to be washed by hand.  But, then again, so does your actual toilet!


The "Last Place Yankee Swap" Tee

Last Place Yankee Swap Gift Tee

If you’re invited to a Yankee Swap themed party, get ready to see this t-shirt make the rounds over and over again. Whoever wins will wear it like a badge of honor. Finally, last place is the only place you’ll want to be!

This comfy tee comes in other colors like holiday red, navy blue, black, heather grey, and heather blue.  And don’t worry about sizes, there are plenty to choose from; from extra small to 3XL.  There are youth sizes available too, just incase the entire family wants to dress up this Christmas!


The Pickle Flavored Candy Canes

Pickle Flavored Candy Canes

Because they haven’t stopped telling you about all things Pickleball since last summer, so why not send a funny passive aggressive message with this yummy 6-pack of pickle flavored candy canes?  Who needs boring peppermint flavor anyway.  Plus, this gift idea is a must for those on a budget (aka cheaping out this year).


A 6-Pack of Wine Condoms (Yes, Really)

The Wine Condom

Get ready for some seriously fun and practical wine wizardry – introducing Wine Condoms! Yep, you read that right. These quirky little things are 99% effective at preventing unplanned wine spillage. No more wine tragedies, folks!

So, you know that feeling when you’re debating whether open another bottle, but aren’t sure if you’re going to drink the entire thing? Well, these genius contraptions are like magical shields for your vino. They seal up your wine bottle like a superhero cape, keeping oxygen out and your wine perfectly delicious.

These wine condoms are not only effective, but they’re also incredibly easy and portable. Just like regular condoms, you can slip them into your pocket or purse and take them anywhere! Whether you’re at a restaurant, a party, or just chilling at home, these hilarious wine stoppers have got your back.


Funny Slang Flashcard Set

Slang Flash Cards Gift

How about a gift that folks just might just start using while they’re still at the Yankee Swap? Get ready to upgrade your vocab with a hilarious twist and a classic educational vibe. These flashcards are like your secret weapon against sounding basic ever again. Embrace the humor and get hip to the tricky lingo that’s poppin’ off nowadays.  Did that last sentence make us sound old?  


The Golden Girls Shot Glass Gift Set

Golden Girls Shot Glasses

Drink up with your favorite girls;  Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and, of course, Sophia! Not only does each glass have their faces on it, but this is also a drinking game with instructions on the back of each shot glass – like “Drink When Blanche says ‘Big Daddy.'” See y’all at Shady Pines!


The Prosecco Pong Game

Prosecco Pong Game

Another gift that everyone at the White Elephant party will want to start playing STAT.  With this trendy Prosecco Pong game all you have to do is set up the game with the 6 Prosecco glasses on each end of the table, split into two teams. Get ready to show off your ball-bouncing skills, because it’s your turn to aim for the opposing team’s glasses. Land that ball in their glass, and guess what? They’re taking a sip – or a chug.  Your call.  Once that glass is empty it’s removed from the table.  The first team with at least one glass left, wins!


The Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster

Hot Dog Toaster

Here’s a gift that we wouldn’t be mad at getting.  Introducing the Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster (in yellow!). 

No more kitchen dramas, just deliciousness with a side of ease. This bad boy can handle two regular-size or those extra-plump hot dogs, all in one go.  And you can even toast your buns in the toaster all at the same time. Perfect for a quick snack or a meal for 2!

But wait, there’s more! Get ready to become the hot dog maestro as you take control of the heat settings. Crispy? Juicy? You call the shots, my friend! Toast those wieners to perfection and savor every mouthful.


The Prank Gift: Tidy Tips Finger Toilet Brushes

Tidy Tips Toilet Cleaner Box

Don’t worry, it’s only a joke box. You can pack whatever your ‘real’ gift is inside. This is one of our favorite white elephant gifts because no one will really want it, but the joke is on them when you hide a gift card inside.


Bear Claws Oven Mitts

Bear Claws Oven Mitts

They’ll be ready to yell “ROAR!” over and over (and over and over and over) again each time they go to take something out of the oven.  These “Bear Hands” oven mitts come as a set of two and are made of both cotton and silicon, so you won’t burn your “real’ hands.  If you’re not into regular bear hands, check out their polar bear mitts too.


Christmas Stocking Hidden Flask

Christmas Stocking Drink Pourer

It’s really the only stocking stuffer anyone at the White Elephant party would actually want.  This cute and useful Christmas stocking flask will get the party flowing with zero spills and all the thrills! Just pick your poison, pour it in, and let the good times roll. It actually holds up to 3 bottles of wine!  With a wide mouth for quick filling and a drip-free spout, you won’t miss a drop of the action. Plus, they’re reusable and easy to clean – just give ’em a soap-and-water bath! 


The Official Dolly Parton FunkoPop

Dolly Parton FunkoPop

This adorable 5-inch tall Dolly Parton figurine from FunkoPop really puts the Yankee in Yankee Swap!  One of the latest Dolly versions this is totally the gift that everyone will be fighting to keep since just about everyone out there loves Dolly!


The Classic "Poop Joke" Mug

Funny Coffee Mug For White Elephant Party

You know we love mugs and poop jokes around here at Trendsicle, so it only makes sense that we’re choosing this funny “This Is Going To Make Me Poop” mug that’s perfect for anyone out there that drinks their coffee first thing in the morning so they can get things internally moving and grooving.  This ceramic mug can hold up to 11 ounces of your favorite beverage and is both microwave and dishwasher safe.  


The Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag

Desk Punching Bag

If you’re back to working in the office you can bug any one of your co-workers with punching this all the live-long-day.  It’s perfect to get some stress out and make a little laugh all at the same time.  Setting it up is as easy as setting your Out of Office. They’ve even thrown in an air pump, so you can pump up the fun without breaking a sweat. No screws, no hassle – just pop it onto your desk or countertop with the super suction power of its base. Get ready to unleash your inner champ! 

In Conclusion

Welp, there you have it –  a wild ride through some seriously cool and quirky gifts that are bound to bring some good chuckles during your White Elephant party. From toilet mugs that redefine sipping style to epic coloring books that turn stress into art, and even Prosecco Pong for your next party adventure – these unique finds are here to spice up your day and keep boredom at bay. Embrace the fun, enjoy the absurd, and let your inner Yankee rejoice in the awesomeness that these gifts bring to the table!