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The New Awesome Bloss’ems Smell Like Real Flowers!

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Plant a seed, toss in some fairy soil, and watch your Awesome Blossems surprise doll actually grow right before your very eyes!

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If this all sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone.  The trend of ‘growing’ your surprise doll to see who you’ll get continues on this holiday season.  Introducing the new Awesome Bloss’ems from SpinMaster (the geniuses behind Hatchimals).  Here’s everything you need to know about these tiny little cuties.

What Exactly Are Awesome Blossems?

While they’re similar in features to the super popular Blume Dolls, Aweseome Blossems are unique in their very own little way.  First off there are 26 different surprise dolls you can grow and the growing process really is the most fun part!  Here’s what you’ll have to do to grow you very own Aweseom Blossem.

  1. Plant the seed inside the bottom of the pretty flower pot.
  2. Cover the seed with the magical fairy soil.
  3. Add five leaf-spoons of water into the soil.
  4. Wait to see your surprise doll start to sprout up from the colorful soil!

What's Inside Awesome Blossems 2024

What’s really cool about these is that each of them will smell super sweet, like a flower, and will each have their very own unique floral theme.  You can even use the glittery dome that comes with the flower pot as a terrarium and display your new friend.  Pro Tip:  Use the spoon leaf as a comfy little bed for your Awesome Blossem!

What the kiddos are the most excited about is finding out if they scored the Ultra Rare Diamond Doll, which actually comes with a real diamond right in the middle of her magical tiara.  Good luck buying a million of these to find the diamond!  Ah, kids!

What’s This Going to Cost You?

You’re going to love this!  These collectibles are super cheap.  The suggested retail price is just $6.99  Not only can you grab a bunch of these without breaking the bank, but they also make really fun kids stocking stuffers too!

When is the Release Date?

These are officially being released on September 1, 2019.

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