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Seesaw to Jungle Gyms: Exactly How to Play With Your Fingerlings Monkey

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Where to Buy Fingerlings Monkey Seesaw, Jungle Gym, Monkey Bars Playground Playset 2017 - 2018 Online

So you finally  got your Fingerlings Monkey…or should we say Monkeys.  Let’s be real, you bought as many Fingerlings Monkeys as you possibly could because, well, there’s nothing worse than not getting the exact thing you want for Christmas. Outside of how cute these little guys and gals are there’s one question that everyone has been asking; “How do you play with Fingerlings Monkeys?”  There’s a terrible joke in there somewhere, but we digress.

Of course you can play with them by letting them hang from your finger, pencil, coffee mug, and also blow them kisses, rock them to sleep as they cuddle in the palm of your hand and so much more!  But you already knew all of that.  You’re not a Fingerlings rookie!  It’s time to get those cute baby monkeys out into the world to play just like little kids would. Yes, we’re talking about playgrounds, jungle gyms, playsets, and seesaws!  It’s a super fun way to let all the monkeys play with each other or just have cool places for them to hang around…outside of your hand!

Here’s some cool playsets you can currently buy for your favorite Fingerlings Monkey friends!

1.  Fingerlings Monkey Bars & Swing Playground Playset – Buy It Here

Where to Buy Fingerlings Monkey Bar & Swing Playground Playset 2017 - 2018

Buy Now

Super fun!  Your favorite Fingerling (including the Fingerlings Unicorn and Fingerlings Sloth!!) can have a blast at this jungle gym.  They can hang upside down on the monkey bars, hang on to the side, or even sit in the swing until they fall asleep.  This one comes with the blue baby monkey, Liv, but you can find other playgrounds here and here.

2.  Fingerlings See-Saw Teeter Totter – Here at Amazon

Fingerlings SeeSaw Teeter Totter 2017 - Where to Buy Online 2018

Buy on Amazon

Ugh this one is as stinkin’ cute as it is almost impossible to find online.  We’ve provided the link where you can currently actually find it online, but shop around and see if you can find it elsewhere. Once you get it, your Fingerlings will be able to play together and seesaw up and down all day long!

3.  Fingerlings Monkey Jungle Gym – Buy It Here

Where to Buy Fingerlings Jungle Gym Online 2017 - 2018

Buy Now

The Fingerlings jungle gym will keep your monkeys busy with fun activities all day and night!  They can hold on to the side, hang upside down, and interact with your entire collection of monkeys!

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And Check Out These New Fingerlings Friends Too!

1.  The Fingerlings Unicorn Gigi – Learn All About Her & Where to Buy Her Here

Where to Buy Fingerlings Unicorn Gigi Toy By Wowwee Online 2018 On Sale Amazon Toys R US Review

2.  The Fingerlings Sloth Kingsley – Learn All About Him and Where to Buy Him Here

Buy Fingerlings Sloth Kingsley Toy 2017 - Get Sloth Fingerling Toy On Sale Online Amazon & Toys r Us 2018

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