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Yes, Myla the Magical Unicorn Will Sing Along With Your Kiddos Too!

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You know what’s cooler than a regular magical unicorn?  How about Myla the Magical Unicorn from V-Tech that’ll light up, talk, sing, and more!  Get ready to add it to your Christmas list this year!

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In a world where just about every single one of our new toys are either interactive or robotic (or both) it only makes sense that our friends at VTech would introduce their latest and greatest robot, Myla the Magical Unicorn.  There are a ton of really fun (and sweet) things she can do.  Here’s what we know so far!

So What Does Myla Actually Do?

Get ready to have some fun!  Not only can she do some really cool things, but you can do some really fun things with her too!

  • She’ll light up and glitter with magical lights when she talks and sings (did we mention, yes, she talks and sings!?)
  • Your kiddos can use her whimsical wand, touch it to the pretty butterfly palette, and then choose which color you want her to light up.
  • Use that wand and touch it to her pretty eyes, cute wings, and magical horn and you’ll be able to decorate her with a bunch of different beautiful colors.
  • Braid her mane, brush her tail, and don’t forget to add the crown and hair clips to her hair too!
  • You can even sing with Myla thanks to the microphone.  If your kiddo wants to sing a solo, simply move the mic away from Myla and she’ll just play music while your child sings their favorite tunes.
  • Each and every day, she’ll even provide your kiddo with a positive and inspiring message.  What a great way to start the day!

Myla the Magical Unicorn Accessories, Microphone, Butterfly

When is the Official Release Date?

Right now if you want to go to the actual store, she’s been released exclusively to Walmart on May 1, 2024.  However, if you want to order her online everywhere else (hello Amazon), she’s being released in the fall of 2024.  Right now you can check out Amazon, because some third-party sellers have her for sale.  Consider that more of a pre-order!

What’s the Price?

The suggested retail price is slated to be $59.99.  We’ve seen her at Walmart (currently) for as low as $58.82 and on Amazon for as low as $43.23.  Please note these prices were active at the time this article was originally written and can be subject to change.  As always, you can check out eBay because we’ve seen her here for $55.19.

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