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So, Is the EyeVac Touchless Vacuum Really Worth It?

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Can we all officially toss our dustpan out the window?  The EyeVac Home Touchless Vacuum claims to suck up all your dust, dirt, pet hair – you name it – without having to really do anything except push your broom towards it.  I decided to give the EyeVac a whirl to see if it really is worth it…and worth the price.  My verdict may surprise you!

EyeVac Review 2024

Ready for another episode of, “Is It Worth It…Let Me Work It” where we look at one particular product that’s getting some buzz, we buy it, try it, and let you know if we think it’s actually worth it.  Not everything is going to be worth it!

I recently purchased my first home and my first puppy all in the same year.  Needless to say, it can be tough to keep up with cleaning up around my house and after my pup (Toby!).  So when I saw all the buzz around the EyeVac on TikTok recently (the EyeVac hashtag had more than 24 million video views alone!) I knew I had to test this one out myself.

In case you weren’t aware (or aren’t scrolling through TikTok on the regular like I am), the EyeVac is a really powerful and convenient tool for vacuuming up debris, dust, pet hair, crumbs, and more.  It boasts a high-powered motor and a detachable dustbin, which is supposed to make it easy to keep your home or office clean.

What really intrigued me is that you can just sweep your dust, dirt, debris, etc near the EyeVac and as long as you keep it on, it will sense you’re getting close and just start sucking everything up into its bagless canister.  Some of their selling points and benefits include:

  • The EyeVac’s powerful motor can quickly and easily vacuum up debris from floors, carpets, hardwood, tile and other surfaces.
  • The detachable dustbin means that you can quickly and easily empty the EyeVac when it’s full.
  • Its bagless, meaning you don’t have to purchase replacement bags ever.
  • When it starts sucking up the debris, its dual filter will return clean air to your home and allowing you to breathe easily.

The EyeVac is easy to use – simply place it on the floor and turn it on. The built-in sensors will automatically detect when there is debris to be vacuumed up, and the vacuum will start working automatically.  How can you go wrong?!

As far as me testing the EyeVac, here’s what my criteria was – just so we’re all on the same page.

  • I purchased this myself and was not given this product in exchange for a review.
  • I used it daily for one month.
  • I placed it in my kitchen, which has hardwood floors (dark stain) that leads into my living room (which has hardwood floors – dark stain).
  • I purchased the home version and not the pro version.

Since my floors are all hardwood and dark stained they typically show lots of dust (and sometimes crumbs) especially when the sun hits it a certain way during the day.  Plus, since I recently got a puppy, while he doesn’t shed, the floors seem to be a bit dirtier than normal so I used to sweep every day (at the end of the day) and then would take out my dust-buster to suck everything up (a two-step process).

I purchased the silver EyeVac (you can also get it in white, black, matte black, and even rose gold) and their home version (not the pro version).   I set it up in my kitchen where there’s a lower plug available and turn the setting on to “auto mode” so that it’s basically always on and read to suck things up when I’m near it with the broom.

I still need to sweep, of course, but all I had to do is sweep everything up near my EyeVac and it would just suck everything up.  The dirt and dust sucked up super fast.  There were some crumbs (a couple of kibble in the mix) and that got it as well pretty easily.  It kind of made me want to sweep more, which sounds weird but is true!  Oddly enough there were a couple of beads that were on the floor (my nieces make bracelets) and the EyeVac had a bit of a tougher time sucking up those beads but, clearly, beads on the floor isn’t the norm.

Like with every product out there, there are pros and cons.  I like to be transparent to let you know what real deal is so you can make more of an informed decision.

Here are some overall pros and cons of the EyeVac Touchless Home Vacuum.


• It really does suck just about everything up so easily and quickly.

• It senses when your broom and debris is near it and automatically kicks on and sucks things up.

• It filters out the air helping to remove some allergens and particles in the air.

• Even using it daily, I really only needed to empty the bagless canister once per week, but they also let you know when it’s full so you can always wait until you see that light turn on! 

Let’s not forget about the cons:


• You do have to plug it in and keep it plugged in in order to use it on “auto” mode.  If you don’t have low outlets you may find it annoying seeing the plug wire.  The good news is that the cord is 6-feet long.

• It can be a bit on the louder side.  My pup doesn’t scare easily (go figure) so it didn’t bother him but it could startle some.

• You can’t really make your normal “dirt piles” throughout your home because everything needs to be swept over to the EyeVac. You could always buy multiple EyeVacs for multiples rooms in your home, but that could get pricey.

Ok, so this is it.  When all is said and done, is the EyeVac really worth it?

Again, I used this daily for one month on the main floor in my home (kitchen into living room, hallway, and mudroom) and even though it’s a little on the expensive side (around $130), I actually do think it’s worth it and worth the price!

It really made cleaning up my highest trafficked areas super easy and I loved not having to take out a dustpan (which never really gets everything up – you know “the dust line”) or my dust-buster (which I always forgot to charge).

Personally, I don’t love having to plug things in (I kind of wish they had a rechargeable battery option) and I don’t sweep all my other rooms into the kitchen area because, well, that would take forever and be pointless so the only way around that is to have additional EyeVacs in multiple rooms if you wanted to solve that problem.

But overall, I really like it.  It almost makes sweeping fun.  Almost.

If you’re intrigued, you may want to give this a go.  If so, here’s where you can get it.

The EyeVac Home Touchless Vacuum

EyeVac Home


$129 | Amazon

The EyeVac Pro

EyeVac Pro


$159 | Amazon

The EyeVac Pet

EyeVac Pet


$159 | Amazon

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