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So, Chickpea Snacks are the Only Way to Snack This Year!

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Best Chickpea Snacks 2024 - Crunchy Store Bought Chickpea Snack Brand Review

We love to snack just as much as the next person.  And by “as much” we of course mean “more than.”  Let’s just make that clear.  Since the beginning of the year we’ve been trying to eat healthier, but sometimes still need a little crunch in between meals and while we lay in bed from the hours of 9pm – 11pm.  Just us?  We found the latest trend in snacking!  Yep, we’re talking about chickpea snacks.  Get ready!

You know we love a trend, especially when it comes to food.  This year it’s all about the chickpea.  In fact, Whole Foods named the chickpea as the “new cauliflower” of the year and since we’re over cauliflower pizza (for real), we were ready to give it a go.

Interesting to note that food products containing chickpeas that launched in the United States has actually grown by 74%, according to a recent study.  For this latest trend, we’re really focusing on snacks (and maybe even a fun side-treat or two).  But before we dive right in, there are some health benefits to adding chickpeas into your diet.  According to the geniuses over at Harvard, some benefits may include helping with areas surrounding:

  • Diabetes
  • Gut Flora
  • Heart Disease
  • Obesity

We’re here for it all, really.  Anything that can help, we’ll try.

Some of the bigger players in the snacking game around this new trend include brands like Hippeas, Biena, and The Good Bean.  The good news?  You can find many of them in your local grocery store – but if you’d rather just shop them online you can find them at places like Amazon and over at Whole Foods.  We’ll list out where to get them and the current price below.

So after trying a few of these (listed below) we’re going to be honest.  Are they the best ever when it comes to snacking?  For us, no.  We’d rather eat Oreos.  But if you’re looking for something healthier then, yes, these really are the best ever.  And the good news is that you can get so many of them in all different flavors like white cheddar, nacho, BBQ, and more.  Heck, put a little sriracha on some cardboard and we’d eat that too.

Overall, yeah, we dig them.  And we don’t feel gross and stuffed when we’re done.  And there’s that no guilt factor, which we always appreciate.  So, do we recommend chickpea snacks?  We say, do it!  It really can be a decent way to get a little extra protein and fiber into your diet and most of them taste really good too!

If you’re looking to give this a go, check out our picks for some of the best chickpea snacks (so far) in 2024.


Hippeas Organic White Cheddar Chickpea Snacks
Amazon Ratings: +2,000

Best Chickpea Snack: Hippeas


Buy at Amazon

For the Vegan

They’re one of the most popular brands and a top rated snack on Amazon right now.  Don’t let the price throw you off, these come as a pack of 12!  These really do kind of taste like the classic cheese puffs (our favorite are the white cheddar) and are organic, vegan, and contain 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber, so it’ll help fill you up faster.  They also come in other popular flavors like bbq and sriracha! Learn more here!


Biena Sea-Salt Chickpeas
Amazon Ratings: +600

Biena Sea Salt Chickpea Snack

$13.96 (19% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

For the Fan of “The Crunch”

This one was our runner up to the puffs above.  We love a crunch and you definitely get that with these.  The sea salt option is our favorite, but they come in a few different flavors to choose from like honey roasted, ranch, bbq, chocolate, and more. And we love how these contained plant-based protein (5 to 6 grams) and fiber (5 to 6 grams).  Most of their options are dairy free, but just double check before you buy in case you’re staying away from dairy like we are. Learn more here!


The Good Bean Variety Pack
The Good Bean
Amazon Ratings: +980

The Good Bean Chili Lime Chickpeas


Buy at Amazon

For the Total Flavor Fans

Not sure where to start?  You can’t really go wrong with this amazing variety pack from The Good Bean. Their crunch-tastic four flavor variety pack includes:  Chili Lime, Sea Salt, Sweet Sriracha, and Classic Hummus. All of these are packed with 6 grams of protein per serving as well.  They have a great crunch to them without being too crunchy and a total pain for your teeth!  Learn more here!


Lebby Dark Chocolate Chickpea Snack
Amazon Ratings: +140

Lebby Chocolate Chickpea Snacks

Buy at Amazon

For the Chocoholic

We’ll pretty much never turn down chocolate of any kind.  And if we can convince ourselves of some healthier options, well, all the better!  These yummy dark chocolate options are vegan, gluten free, non-gmo, kosher and they pack 10 grams of protein which is always such an added bonus.  And they have other fun flavors too like milk chocolate, mocha, and sesame honey.  Learn more here!


Field Trip Chickpea Butter
Field Trip
Amazon Ratings: +70

Chickpea Butter Spread Peanut Free


Buy at Amazon

For the Nut Butter Lover With No Nuts!

We love (love, love, love) peanut butter and this is as close as we can find without it actually being peanut butter! You can spread it on a sandwich for a quick snack, add it to your protein shake, or just eat it right out of the jar like an animal (as we do!).  They also have an amazing chocolate spread and cinnamon churro spread.  All to die for.  Learn more here!

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