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If you’re as in love with subscription boxes as we are, you’re going to love one of the trendiest options around – Bokksu!  They’ll send you some of the coolest Japanese snacks of all time.  Read on!

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Our Take:

We’re sometimes late to the game when it comes to new trends.  But this time, we feel like we’re right on track and are excited to share with you our new favorite subscription box company; Bokksu.  Totally unique, they provide some of the most sought-after Japanese snacks and deliver them right to your door.  Finally a subscription box we actually want to get each and every month.  But they’re actually so much more!

Get $5 Off

Take an Extra $5 Off at Bokksu (Online Only)

Every little bit helps! Get an extra $5 off your online purchase when you subscribe to their must-read newsletter.  Don't worry, it's free and fun! Just add in your email address and you'll receive your own promo code for $5 off.

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A friend of ours recently turned us on to some really fun Japanese snacks.  We’re not always daring eaters, but even we couldn’t argue with how amazing some of these treats really were.  Like, where have they been all our lives?!  While some definitely can be considered more adventurous, there really are some yummy snacks and treats for just about any taste and preference.  We tried out their Halloween Japanese Kit-Kat a few months back and our only regret is that we didn’t buy 100 of these!  While that’s on the more standard side of snacking they have really amazing treats like:

  • Puku Puku Tai Chocolate
  • Uni Rice Crackers
  • Handmade Sakura Candy
  • Seaweed Citrus Tempura
  • Takoyaki Tai Puffs
  • Candied Yuzu Peels
  • So. Much. More.

What’s really great about them is that you can sign up for a subscription box (or gift it to someone) or you can buy specific snacks and treats individually right from their site.  We were gifted a subscription box, but once we found the snacks we liked the best we ended up just buying them (in bulk) right from their site.  Honestly, it’s pretty life changing and it’s fun/important to learn about another culture.

Outside of their snack, we’re actually really in love with the Bokksu company itself.  They take pride in everything they do (from sourcing from major market and local shops/workers) to running their own social media outlets and do all the marketing (in-house) themselves.  And they do it all with a nimble and scrappy staff of around 10 people.  We really respect their hustle and can relate to their business practices in so many ways.  That’s why we’re honored to support them in any way we can and continue to spread the word!

So if you haven’t heard of Bokksu yet, we definitely recommend giving them a try.  They’re currently preferred to most other companies that offer similar items.  We think you’ll be as hooked as we are and, quite honestly, you’re going to look so much cooler and knowledgable than most of your friends who’ve yet to know any of this exists!

The Deal With the Deals:

While the prices are pretty decent when you’re buying individual snacks, there actually are some sales going on from time to time. Different offers they have are scattered throughout their site, but they have an entire section of items that are currently on sale.  On average it looks like you can save anywhere between 10% – 20% off their original pricing.  Check out all their official sales and deals here!

To Gift or Not to Gift:

Clearly you already know our answer to this.  Yes!  Definitely give them a go when you’re looking for something truly unique to gift to those special someones on your list.  It’s really perfect for when they already have everything.  Here’s a quick gift guide we put together with some fun ideas for who you can gift:

There really is something for everyone, but make sure to gift yourself while you’re at it!

The Deal With Promo Codes:

Always a popular question and we totally understand why.  Here’s the real deal.  Bokksu does not send out coupons or promo codes to other websites (we don’t have them here either).  If you see them on other sites they could def be questionable.  The good news, however, is that from time to time they do have their own exclusive discount code offers for new or exiting customers – but you have to shop directly on their site.

In the past we’ve seen ways to get $5 off with email subscription and even a pretty generous $10 off when you refer a friend.  When they have coupons they actually list them directly on their site right here!

Check out some of the best of Bokksu, including new arrivals, best sellers, and any promo offer happening (so far) in June 2024!

Low as $3

Best Sellers Starting as Low as Just $3!

Select best selling snacks are now priced as low as just $3 (yes, really!).  And check out some popular and tasty picks like handmade sakura candy, seaweed tempura, funwari mochi puffs, puku puki tai chocolates, and more!

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10% Off

10% Off During Their Yummy Online Sale!

Get up to 10% off during their online sale today!  You can even buy individual snacks, teas, and more.  Check out candies, chocolates, matcha, and more!

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Get $10 Off

Get an Extra $10 Off!

Get an extra $10 when you take part in their referral program.  Simply refer a friend and not only will they get $10 off their order, but you'll earn $10 you can use on your future order(s).

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Get $5 Off

Take an Extra $5 Off at Bokksu (Online Only)

Every little bit helps! Get an extra $5 off your online purchase when you subscribe to their must-read newsletter.  Don't worry, it's free and fun! Just add in your email address and you'll receive your own promo code for $5 off.

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New 🏷

Bokksu June 2024 Promo Offer + Best Selling Snacks

One of the buzziest subscription box companies (and our new personal fave) is Bokksu! They have the most unique and sought after Japanese snacks and treats that can be delivered right to your front door.  We're hooked! Check out their best sellers, new arrivals, and even any promo code offers or coupons they may have today!

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