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The 8 Most Popular Bluey Toys Your Toddler is Going to Love Playing With

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If you have a toddler in your home, it’s likely that Bluey is playing on a loop on your TV and tablet.  Possibly at the same time.  If they love their little energetic cartoon character, they’re going to have a blast playing with any one of these toys.

Best new Bluey Toys For Toddlers 2024

Right now there are two things going on simultaneously across American households right now.  (1) Everyone in your home is either listening to Encanto or watching it and (2) “Bluey” is mesmerizing your toddler and even the adults too.  Debuting Australia back in 2018, it’s now taken Disney+ and America by storm.  And how can we argue with Bluey, who has such a wild imagination, a ton of energy, so much curiosity, and the desire to help the family.

Speaking of the family, outside of Bluey everyone is loving the rest of the Heeler family including Bingo (the younger sister), Bandit (the dad) and Chilli  (the mom).  But believe it or not, it’s not just kids who have fallen in love with Bluey.  There’s an entire Reddit thread dedicated to the shock of Bluey being a girl.  And, not to mention, Bluey has completely gone viral on TikTok, racking up more than 203 million video views.

It only makes sense that your kids (and even some tweens and adults) are looking for all the latest and great toys for anyone and everyone in the Heeler family.  There are a lot out there and as they get more popular it’s important to make sure you’re purchasing them from reputable and trusted retailers so that you know you’re getting real and officially licensed toys and game.  That’s why for my roundup, I’m only referring you to retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target.  Fun Fact:  Some of these are already named as some of Amazon’s Hot New Toys for May 2024.

Check out some of the best (and new) toys, stuffed animals, and overall gift ideas from Bluey (so far) in 2024.

1. The Bluey Toy Garbage Truck

Bluey Garbage Truck

$27 | Amazon

$27 | Walmart

Perfect For Ages:  3 – 15

Whether your toddler wants to play with them or your tweens want to collect them, everyone is loving this fun toy garbage truck that really celebrates Bin Night! It comes with Bluey and the Bin Man figures along with the truck to help collect the rubbish bins and emptying them (via the level) right into the truck.

Sometimes if you buy this at Walmart they’ll have a 10% promo code to use at checkout.  Always worth a shot!

2. The Bluey Talking Plush Stuffed Animal

Bluet Talking Stuffed Animal

$19 | Amazon

$20 | Walmart

Perfect For Ages:  3+

Who doesn’t want to squeeze, snuggle, and play with this 13-inch talking plushie of Bluey.  When your little ones press her belly she’ll say phrases popular from the TV series.  You can even sing along with her while she belts out the theme song.  You know you’re going to be singing that over and over (and over) again.

3. Bingo’s Bingo Card Game

Bluey Bingo

$9 | Amazon

$9 | Walmart

Perfect For Ages:  3+

It’s never too early to get them hooked on Bingo, especially when Bingo is involved. This fun matching game comes with 4 double-sided Bingo cards, 48 Bingo chips, 12 scoring chips, and 36 calling cards.  Perfect for kids as young as 3 (maybe with a little extra help), if you get three-in-a-row you win!

4. The Heeler Family House Play Set

$29 | Amazon

$30 | Walmart

Perfect For Ages:  3+

If your toddler ever wanted to know what it’s like to actually live with the Heeler family, this is their chance!  This super cute play set is inspired by the Heeler home, has four different rooms they can use their imagination in, and even comes with their own Bluey figurine.  The furniture is even removable to they can redesign the rooms as much as they’d like.

5. The Heller Family Figurine Set (4 Pack)

Heeler Family Figurines

$24 | Amazon

Perfect For Ages:  3+

If they want to play with them or just collect them and display them in their room, this fun family four-pack comes with each member of the Heeler family:  Bluey, Bingo, Chilli, and Bandit.  All four of these toys have been updated and now have new facial expressions, are totally posable, and are the perfect size for your pre-schoolers hands to play with.

6. The Scavenger Hunt Game

$15 | Amazon

$28 | Walmart

Perfect For Ages:  3+

A fun game for the whole fam to play together (2 – 4 players) this scavenger hunt board game is perfect for those 3 years and slightly older where they have to make it through the board, collecting tokens, and making it to the finish line.  Whomever gets the most tokens and makes it to the finish line first, wins!

7. The Bluey + Bingo Plush Bundle

$16 | Amazon

Perfect For Ages:  3+

Standing at just 7-inches and 8-inches tall, your pre-schooler is going to love bringing these soft and cuddly stuffed animals with them wherever they go.  These two cuties (Blue and Bingo) come as a set and are at a truly great price right now!

8. The 4WD Family Vehicle

$20 | Amazon

Perfect For Ages:  3+

Get ready for quite the adventure with this 4WD toy vehicle.  It even comes with two surfboards and Bandit who can drive the family around on their little excursions.  And the top pops right off so you can fit the rest of the family too!