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So, FUNBOY Has Way More Than Just Pool Floats and Now Our Summer is Set!

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Funboy Review 2024 - Best FUNBOY Pool Floats

As you know by now from our oddly successful series Trendy AF, we usually only cover products that are trending.  We’re bending our own rules a bit because a brand we love is really blowing up lately and we wanted to let you know more about them.  We, of course, are talking about the luxury pool float company FUNBOY.  They’re actually so much more than just pool floats, but even if that’s all they carried we’d still be ok with that.

Summer is pretty much always on our mind – especially living in the northeast.  We get about 4 months of really nice weather and then the rest of the year is terrible.  So, for us, summer entertaining is a top priority and anything we can do to make it look better – well – all the better!

We all had to deal with the pandemic over the past year(s) and like the toilet paper shortage, finding above ground pools or basically any pool floats was nearly impossible.  There was a major shortage and we are not entering into this summer ill-prepared this time!

For us, pool floats always break.  Maybe it’s because our friends are animals, down about eight White Claws and then jump into the pool (over and over again) like they’re body-slamming someone WWF-style.

The floats we purchased two years ago from FUNBOY are still going strong.  And – to be completely honest – they’re actually pretty affordable.  Now, they’re not the $6.99 ones you’d get from Walgreens (you know, the ones you can’t even fit on), but pretty chic tube floats can run you around $39.  Sure, the ones that are shaped like planes (like their new Malibu Barbie Private Jet) can run you just under $100 – but let’s be real…they’re going to look awesome in your pool and just think of how your Insta feed is going to look!

But here’s the thing.  While we’re clearly oddly obsessed with floats they have a bunch of other summer essentials for just about everyone in the fam like:

It’s funny because we’d never really consider pool stuff as trendy, but these all truly are.  They’re nothing like what we all grew up with and we feel like FUNBOY has been a total game-changer.  Especially after being socially distanced for so long and everyone finally getting vaccinated…we have a lot of parties to catch up on.

Ok so, for real, we love everything about FUNBOY so we’re definitely going to say, do it!  Everything they have is so colorful, so vibrant and so on-trend.  It brings such a sense of fun and zen to our backyard and we really need it.

If you’re looking to give this a go, check out our picks for some of our favorites from FUNBOY (so far) in 2024.


The Tropical Palm Pool


Buy Here


The Tropical Cabana Lounger


Buy Here


The FUNBOY + Malibu Barbie Dream Kiddie Pool


Buy Here


The Rainbow Floating Pool Bar


Buy Here


The Retro Lawn Chair


Buy Here


The Tropical Palm Drink Cooler

Buy Here

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