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So, Apparently We Need Blue Light Screen Protectors on Everything!

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Best Blue Light Screen Protectors 2024

This latest trend was right up our alley because we are basically staring at our screen(s) morning, noon, and night (and in the middle of the night when we wake up).  The newest way to help protect your eyes from a variety of things?  You gotta go with a blue light screen protector.  Don’t worry, it’s not as intrusive as you’d think.

These specific screen protectors will help filter out that pesky blue light that just about all of your devices emit (laptop, smartphone, tablet, TV – etc).  In fact, according to the experts, 50% of us suffer from eye-strain from these devices and that miserable blue light can mess with us in other ways like:

  • Dry Eyes
  • Blurred Vision
  • Irritated Eyes
  • May Be Linked to Poor Sleep

For us, we know we’re terrible sleepers.  And, honestly, for sure our eyes are always dry and irritated after working all day.  Anything we can do to help decrease those symptoms and, well, anything that may help us sleep better we always welcome.

If you’re one of the 50% of us who suffer from digital eye strain or you want to try to prevent yourself from joining that group, it may be a good idea to try our a blue light screen protector.  Most of the top brands can be found right on Amazon (if you don’t feel like heading out to the mall) and will typically range anywhere from around $11.99 – $19.99.  Of course, if you need one for a large TV screen or oversized computer monitor, the price can certainly go up from there.

While we have picked up a few options and tested them out ourselves, full disclosure…we have the blue light filter option on our eyeglasses so we’re pretty much protecting ourselves at every turn.  However, we don’t always wear our eyeglasses so having one on our laptop just makes us feel better.  Our personal favorite is the ones that are magnetic and can easily and quickly be taken on and off so you really don’t have to use it all the time if you don’t want to!

For us, again, this is a tough one because of our eyeglasses, but if you don’t have those special specs we think a blue light screen protector is a total must-have.  So, we say do it!  Overall they’re pretty cheap, easy to add to your laptop, smartphone, etc and while we haven’t really noticed a major difference in our sleep pattern, we did notice that our eyes feel less strained, less dry, and less gritty overall.

If you’re looking to give this a go, check out our picks for some of the best blue light screen protectors (so far) in 2024.


Blue Light + Anti Glare Screen Protector
Amazon Ratings: +5,200


Buy at Amazon

For Your Laptop

This is one of the highest rated and best selling right now for your laptop.  It comes as a 2-pack and while it’ll help protect your eyes, it also has an anti-glare feature which is pretty great too, especially for those of us who like to work outside when we can. Learn more here!


Universal Blue Light Screen Panel
Amazon Ratings: +360


Buy at Amazon

For Your Monitor

This easy to set up peel-and-stick panel is perfect for those who work in an office with a traditional desktop computer.  It’ll even help keep out some harmless UV lighting as well.  Just double check the size of your screen, but don’t worry they have a few different size options that typically match standard monitor size. Learn more here!


The Anti Blue Light iPhone Screen Protector
Amazon Ratings: +1,020


Buy at Amazon

For Your iPhone

We’re pretty much on our phone more than anything else, especially when it comes to at night and the weekends.  This one comes as a 3-pack so you can replace it once in a while especially if you end up scratching it, it gets too dirty, etc.  Be sure to find the right size based on which iPhone you currently own.  Learn more here!


The Magnetic Panel For MacBook
Amazon Ratings: +350

$15.99 (27% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

For Your MacBook

This is the one that we own and use regularly.  We love it because it’s magnetic so you don’t have to worry about peel-and-stick and, well, messing it up.  Simply place it up near the top of your MacBook and it’ll magnetize right onto it and leave a space for your cam.  Make sure to choose the right size based on which MacBook you have.  Learn more here!


Anti Blue-Light + Anti-Scratch
Amazon Ratings: +670


Buy at Amazon

For  Your iPad

Believe it or not this one is pretty easy to put on yourself.  It’s self-adhesive and it claims you won’t get those annoying bubbles that can sometimes creep up.  The best part?  Anti-scratch, which is always a must-have when you’re talking about a tablet.  Find the correct size based on which iPad you have.  Learn more here!


TV Blue Light Screen Protector
Amazon Ratings: +25


Buy at Amazon

For  Your Television

Honestly, placing these on one of our TVs is not really for us, but if you’re seriously about protecting your eyes this is the option for you.  Find the right size for your specific TV.  Learn more here!

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