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So, LED Shower Heads are Turning Your Bathroom Into ‘Da Club’

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Best LED Shower Heads 2024 - Color Changing Shower Lights

You know how you’ve always dreamed that you could turn your bathroom into ‘da club?’  Well, good news.  Now you can!  Enter the magical LED shower heads that light up, change colors, and can even warn you of temperature changes.  So is it just a trend or here to stay?  Let’s dive in.

As you know by now, we’re all for a trend.  In fact, we’re here for all the trends.  And we’ll do them all at once.  But seriously, if you have a tween or teen in your home you probably noticed that their entire room is lit up and glowing in either a solid color or multi-colors thanks to all those LED light strips.

It was only a matter of time that this colorful light-up trend would hit your bathroom because, well, why wouldn’t it?  Thanks to the fine folks over at TikTok, their LED Light Displays now have over 138 million views.  Oh you read that correctly.  138 million.  So, of course, it’s hitting your shower and it’s hitting it quickly!

However, if you’re thinking this just a fad (like we did) we’re pretty much all wrong.  Experts are claiming that the decorative light market will increase to more than $42 billion by 2025.  And, yes, that said billion.  So, while this is a new trend for us, are we totally late to the game?!

Ok, since we’re working on not being old curmudgeons, we’ll keep an open mind.  What actually is pretty cool about these LED shower heads is that it definitely brightens up your bathroom.  In fact, some are bright enough that you may not even need to turn your overhead light on at all.  And, most of these are water powered so no additional electricity is needed.  Score!

Outside of the cool factor, there are a bunch of brands out there where the different colors symbolize different temperature ranges.  So it’s helpful for some with medical conditions, the elderly, and other folks who could use a little help when figuring out the right temp so they don’t burn themselves.

Overall, as of now, there are basically two different models you can choose from.  The fixed shower head that will entirely replace your older version.  Or, the portable handheld option that allows you to remove it from the stand and use all over your body – great for people who need a little extra help in that department.  Plus, it makes singing in the shower way more fun!

So, what’s our verdict on this?

Honestly, for us – we say screw it!  But that’s only because we don’t really needed extra lighting in the bathroom.  We get in, get out, and move on.  However, we also know we’re not really the target demo for this and, well, TikTok made that abundantly clear.

So, if you have a teenage girl or even a teen boy in your family – chances are they’ve already asked about this and you had no clue what they really were talking about.  Well, now you do!  And, if that’s the case, we say do it!  It can be really fun for them and, hey, anything that entices them to shower more is always a plus.  Ok, and fine, the blue light water stream really is kind of magical.

If you’re looking to give this a go, check out our picks for some of the best LED shower heads (so far) in 2024.


LED Shower Head / 7 Color Chages
Amazon Ratings: +3,300


Buy at Amazon

A current top seller on Amazon and pretty affordable, this hand-held option has 7 light colors that can change automatically.  Even better?  The lights are powered by running water so no batteries are needed.  Learn more here!


The Temperature Controlled Color Changer
Amazon Ratings: +3,000


Buy at Amazon

This is one of the ones we were telling you about that changes colors based on the temp range. It has 5 different LED light colors to choose from and 5 different water power setting depending on your mood.  Learn more here!


The Rainfall Round Head
Amazon Ratings: +760

$24.99 (23% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

We love a rainfall shower experience!  It makes us feel like we’re always away on vacation. This 8-inch round option has 7 amazing colors, is totally rust resistant, and can actually be setup in minutes, without any pro help required.  Always a plus! Learn more here!


Handheld LED Shower Light
Amazon Ratings: +1,100

$42.99 (28% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

Another fun handled option, this one also changes color with the water temp, has its own filtration system – helping to eliminate up to 99% of harmful stuff in your water – and has great water pressure too.   Learn more here!


Temp Controlled Chrome Shower
Amazon Ratings: +1,300


Buy at Amazon

Another fun colorful rainfall-like experience!  Again, temp control is where it’s at in three different colors to alert you if the water is too cold, too hot, or just right.  Total Goldilocks vibes. Learn more here!


Rain/Massage Color Changer
Power Spa
Amazon Ratings: +650


Buy at Amazon

This one changes colors automatically ever few seconds, really bringing the party right to your bathroom! It even has a jet turbo pressure booster to help make you feel like you’re getting a much-deserved massage.  Learn more here!

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