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Meet the Hatchicorn, the New Magical Unicorn From Hatchimals!

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Remember Hatchimals?  Well….they’re back!  And this time around they’re releasing the Hatchicorn, a magical unicorn from Rainbow-Cation that’s about to take over the holidays this year!

New Hatchicorn From Hatchimals


I’m not going to lie, when Hatchimals first debuted some years back they basically broke the internet and then, like so many other toys, they eventually fell kind of flat.  Such is life.  But this year, the folks from Spinmaster are debuting a brand new Hatchimal called “Hatchicorn.”  A total magical unicorn, your kids are likely to be adding this to their list to Santa this year.

For the last two years, the Hatchimal Pixie Flyers made just about every must have toy list, but this year it’s all about Hatchicorn.  Details are still being released, but from what I was able to learn so far, the Hatchicorn doesn’t necessarily hatch itself, but it does hatch the two exclusive babies that it comes with.  What will this cute unicorn hatch?  That’s part of the surprise.  Maybe a boy, maybe a girl – who knows!

Release Date of Hatchicorn

Living in the magical world of Rainbow-Cation, the Hatchicorn itself has over 60 different sounds, pretty lights, and whimsical interactions.  All you have to do is press the button and wait for all the fun to begin.

When you place one of the two exclusive eggs on the unicorns back, it’ll light up, give reactions, and even some magical surprises until those little eggs hatch.  But here’s what’s even cooler.  While it does come with two exclusive eggs, you can even put some of your older Hatchimals CollEGGtibles on its back for some magical interactions too.  That really pays off when you don’t want to have to buy a ton of them.  It’s like toy recycling!  Well, sort of.  Maybe more like up-cycling.  Eh, either way.


Right now I hear that Hatchicorn will be priced at $40.00 and is scheduled to be released in the fall of ’22.  Most likely it’ll hit store shelves and online in October/November.  I’ll update this as more details are released and a more firm date is announced.  The same goes with pre order.  Usually you can pre-order around 4 weeks prior to official release date.  Stay tuned!

The Hatchimals Hatchicorn Unicorn

Pre Order Hatchicorn

$40 | Coming Soon on Amazon

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I always recommend to follow the brand on social media when you want to stay in the loop of new releases, pre order opportunities, and even potential sales and deals.  In this case, I recommend following Spinmaster on their Facebook page, over on their Instagram page.  It’s one f the best ways to totally be in the know.

I’ll continue to update this article as more details are released, along with other retailers you’ll eventually be able to purchase online like Amazon, Walmart, and Target.